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This Awful Condition Might Be Prevented By Eating A Compound Found In Fruits

This Awful Condition Might Be Prevented By Eating A Compound Found In Fruits

If you know anyone with age-related memory loss, then you know just how awful this condition is.

Nothing's worse than speaking to someone you love dearly only to realize they have no clue who you are.

While we're still unclear about the underlying causes of Alzheimer's, that doesn't mean we don't have good ideas about what might help prevent it.

A recent study shows a powerful plant-based compound could lend hope to families who have a strong history of Alzheimer's disease.

Discover How Resveratrol Might Help Prevent Age-related memory loss

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center found when patients with age-related memory loss were given supplemental resveratrol, it increased their mental ability and cognitive function (compared to those who didn't supplement with the compound).

Millions of people are familiar with resveratrol; they know it as the "miracle compound" found in red wine and grape juice, which helped to create the "French health paradox."

A powerful antioxidant in its own right, resveratrol is believed to improve health in a myriad of ways. So far, researchers have indicated resveratrol likely helps with cardiovascular issues, helps  boost the immune system, improves insulin sensitivity, fights inflammation, and much more.  

And in this instance, researchers discovered something new about resveratrol

According to them, resveratrol helps protect the brain in a very specific and powerful way they didn't know about before.

After observing their patients, they realized resveratrol boosted the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. Once this happened, it prevented the introduction of harmful molecules secreted by the immune system to gain access to brain tissue.

Once they discovered this effect, they noted it resulted in a corresponding reduction in neuronal inflammation.

Because of this, they observed an evident slowing of cognitive decline for patients - a decline which wasn't replicated in a group of matching patients who were using a placebo

Researchers believe resveratrol's anti-inflammatory properties are what spurred the bolstering of the blood-brain barrier.

One of the researchers wrote: 

"These new findings are exciting because they increase our understanding of how resveratrol may be clinically beneficial to individuals with age-related memory loss. In particular, they point to the important role of inflammation in the disease and the potent anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol."

It's pretty exciting to think about, right?

Now there's a caveat to this I wanted to mention.

As I stated earlier, most people associate resveratrol with red wine.

And while physicians and researchers say it's OK to have a glass of red wine every day for health purposes, I want you to know there are other ways to get resveratrol.

If you prefer to get it from dietary additions, then consider eating grapes, raspberries, blueberries, currants, and dark chocolate to get what you need.

If you want to supplement with resveratrol, there are tons of options out there.

Though it's on the pricier side, its numerous benefits will certainly improve health.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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