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  • The Healing Power of Burdock Root
    July 17, 2024 Wiggy Saunders

    The Healing Power of Burdock Root

    If you’re looking to detoxify your body (or, should I say, support your body’s natural detox systems) and specifically improve the quality of your skin’s appearance, then burdock root might be just what you’re looking for.  Burdock root has a...

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  • The Problems With Salt
    July 10, 2024 Wiggy Saunders

    The Problems With Salt

    Salt is something that you simply cannot live without.The sodium in salt is of vital importance for maintaining electrolyte balance, and as I’ve been telling you for a few years now, if you want to have a healthy heart, and...

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  • How To Easily Get MORE Protein in Your Diet
    July 3, 2024 Wiggy Saunders

    How To Easily Get MORE Protein in Your Diet

    Protein is something that I really don’t think you can get enough of.For a few reasons.One, it’s one of the healthiest macronutrients you can ingest. As I’ve written about in recent articles related to amino acids, protein is the building...

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