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Taking Oak Trees For Energy?

Taking Oak Trees For Energy?

I know I write about some pretty zany topics, as it’s related to health.

And to be honest with you, when I started medical school back in the beginning of the 21st century I don’t think you could have told me that I’d have written on as many weird (and natural) ways to improve heath as I have.

From telling people to eat bacteria riddled foods (fermented foods like kimchi, natto, etc), to informing people of how untreated mold infestations are the cause for so many health concerns…

I feel like I’ve covered significant ground on a variety of topics.

And today may feel weird to the average reader, but not to me.

Yes, I’m about to tell you to take an oak tree for energy. But I’m not suggesting you go outside and shake a squirrel off a branch and start gnawing on acorns to get the benefits.

Although, in today’s day and age that might not be the strangest thing you’d read…

Instead, I’m going to offer information and evidence on how the extract of the French Oak Tree offered in Life Extension Energy Renew could give you some serious pep in your step.

When it comes to reinvigorating yourself and accessing clean stores of energy I have a variety of options on hand.

Diet, sleep, and hormone therapy are a few places you could start.

But, sometimes, there are other ways to help fix an energy-level issue.

And I think that based on the available research, taking Life Extension Energy Renew  with French oak extract could be one of those things that you benefit from.

I’ll take some time to show you why this incredible food (it really is a food) could be a game changer in how you manage energy levels from here on out.

Why French Oak Extract Revives Falling Energy Levels

There are a number of things that can affect your energy levels and cause them to lag.

From metabolism, to circulation, to immune system reactions, to infections, the list of what could be causing you to feel like a sluggard is endless.

The good news is many times whatever is making you feel tired can be overcome.

Things like caffeine provide a stimulant effect to bring your energy levels up. And other things like switching over from glucose metabolism to ketone metabolism (in the ketogenic diet) help too.

What’s fascinating is French oak extract has a way of improving energy levels that is novel and pretty interesting to follow. 

First off let’s talk about what exactly French oak extract is. While it sounds straightforward there is nuance in how this is made and you ought to know there’s a patent around this ingredient.

As you are likely used to hearing about natural treatments, French oak extract isn’t new to the scene. People have been using it for hundreds of years for its astringent qualities.

The official name of French oak extract as filed in trademark case is Robuvit®.

Robuvit® comes from a species of oak tree called Quercus Robur. These trees as you may have guessed hail from France, and are actually relegated to a small forested area in the "Massif Central" region in France. For those of you who are interested, the recruitment of trees to make Robuvit® is performed under some pretty serious  sustainability rules Which means that generations to come will get to enjoy these gifts from God.

As far as how they make Robuvit® - well I’m not sure as that gives away part of the process that is trademarked. What I do know is they extract it using the safest extraction medium : water. No solvent, no pesticide, no herbicide are used, and CO2 emission is maintained as low as possible.

So it’s done with purity and safety in mind.

None of this information was available to generations ahead of us, and the people who used it in the past had no idea how it worked. What we know now is that Robuvit® can absolutely recharge your battery and that has everything to do with how it helps support mitochondrial health.

By supporting the health of the mitochondria your body is provided with a superior form of energy production. By recharging these stations of energy, fatigue begins to melt away and alertness if easily maintained. And best of all is you can take it without the fear that it will create side effects (like too much caffeine is known to do).

Here’s What the Science Says about Robuvit®

None of what I’m saying here could be said with confidence if it weren’t for the fact that multiple studies support the use of Robuvit® to enhance energy levels.

What we know about Robuvit® is that it helps to take aged mitochondria and reform them into high-function mitochondria capable of kicking out serious energy.

Here’s why this matters.

As mitochondria in cells get older they do an ever-worsening job of converting fats and carbohydrates into component parts to form into ATP. This means your body can’t produce as much ATP as it needs (remember, ATP is the most basic form of fuel for your body) which leaves you feeling like you’re lagging in everything you do.

Additionally, as mitochondria age they also accumulate cellular debris which leads to oxidative stress and actually causes them to die…

Robuvit® stimulates a process known as mitophagy.

During mitophagy the body takes dysfunctional mitochondria and uses a bath of enzymes and acids inside of cell compartments called lysosomes to “unfold” the mitochondria so they can be cleared of all debris.

From here, new mitochondria are assembled and put right back to work in the body so that you can tap into new stores of energy on demand.

Studies show that as Robuvit® stimulates mitophagy the process can help people work out longer and have more energy compared to those who don’t take Robuvit®.

Check out the results of studies conducted by the makers of Robuvit® below.

A study with sixty-one recreational athletes, men and women in their early thirties, showed that daily supplementation of Robuvit® can improve training effects compared to an untreated control group [Vinciguerra et al., 2015].

“Athlete's running performance was marginally better in the control group at baseline. However, after two weeks during which one group was supplemented daily with Robuvit®, this group completed the five km running distance significantly faster than the untreated control group.

The time required for cycling a 20 km distance was likewise faster at baseline in the untreated control group. Following consumption of Robuvit® for two weeks, this group of cyclists completed the 20 km significantly faster at 34:03 minutes, while the control group required almost two minutes longer.”

If Robuvit® can do that for people who are performing one of the most physically demanding things a person can do, imagine how it can help you in your day to day.

As of today, this form of French oak extract is one of the most well-tested energy-improvement supplements on the market.

Researchers have subjected it to 25 clinical studies and more than 600+ people have shown that Robuvit®'s efficacy can help support healthy energy levels inside of conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, while also helping people to maintain balanced, blood glucose levels, and other energy-and detox-related benefits.

You Can’t Get Robuvit® Just Anywhere…

Robuvit® isn’t available just anywhere. You can only get it from supplement manufactures who’ve been given permission to incorporate it into their formulations.

Life Extension Energy Renew  is one of the few products on the planet that you’re able to get and use Robuvit® for better energy.

If you want it - follow this link now or click on the image below.


Talk soon,

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