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If These Are Floating in Your Body, Get Em Out!

If These Are Floating in Your Body, Get Em Out!

Do you want to be healthier?

Would you like to avoid feeling some of the more severe health complications that I see in my office on a daily basis?

Would you like to get rid of all the nasty stuff our environment leaves inside of your body?

I’m hoping you said yes.

And if you didn’t, then maybe after reading this you’ll change your mind.

The truth is, part of what makes Americans sicker than we used to be is the build up of heavy metals inside of our body.

Heavy Metals Are Slowly Making People Across America Quite Sick

I’d insert an AC/DC joke here, but I’d age myself a bit if I did. Plus, this is a serious subject.

Heavy metals are not a style of music, but are in fact actual metals that end up accumulating in our body.

It’s OK for some heavy metals to make their way into our body. We need metals like copper, iron, zinc and manganese to perform basic bodily functions.

But too much of them can be toxic.

Plus, there’s an entire other group of heavy metals that make it into our body that should never be there.  They invade your tissue because they’re in the water, the air, and even our food. And once inside our bodies they can wreak havoc.

These metals include lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and more.

A build up of heavy metals, essential and nonessential, may lead to some catastrophic health effects.

Typically, symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dehydration and diarrhea (the hallmark symptoms with most cases of acute metal ingestion).

Heart abnormalities such as cardiomyopathy or abnormal heart beat (dysrhythmia) Nervous system symptoms (e.g. numbness, tingling of hands and feet, and weakness)

If left untreated, heavy metal toxicity can lead to mental decline, impaired cardiovascular function, organ failure and much more.

As I said, the way they get there in the first place is because they’re all around us. And we’re exposed to them almost every single day. Especially as Americans where industrial applications of these metals cause them to make their way into food, water, and air.

Now there’s some good news and some bad news about all these heavy metals floating around out there.

The good news is our bodies are naturally equipped with stellar detoxification systems. Our liver, kidneys, and skin all work together to expel heavy metals from our organs and tissue.

The bad news?

Because there are so many more heavy metals in our environment, more than ever before, it’s hard for our bodies to keep pace with the detoxification demands.

Thus, many of us (I’d say most of us) accumulate heavy metals faster than we can expel them.

And while that may seem like a nightmare (and it is, if left untreated) there’s actually a little more good news in all of this.

Discover Which Therapies Are Best For Banishing Heavy Metals From Your Body

Chances are you suffer from some form of heavy metal toxicity.

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible not to.

And while you may not have a very severe case of heavy metal poisoning, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple treatments to help you get rid of the toxic buildup of metals inside your body.

Oftentimes, when a person has an extreme case of heavy metal toxicity,  some extreme treatments are used.

In less extreme cases physicians will prescribe diuretics like mannitol (Aridol, Osmitrol), to help flush the metals out.

If you’ve ingested heavy metals then physicians will suction your stomach to make sure the heavy metals are removed.

And if it’s so bad your kidneys fail, then a doctor will prescribe Hemodialysis to filter out your blood (since your kidneys can’t do it any longer.)

But those are all very severe cases of heavy metal poisoning.

For you, the average person who’s carrying a low-level of heavy metals in your body, the best treatment is chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy is generally achieved with all-natural ingredients and works synergistically with your body to help remove these heavy metals.

Why Chelation Therapy Is My #1 Recommended Heavy Metal Detoxification Plan

Chelation therapy is something the medical world is only now beginning to focus on.

Dr. Axe writes this about chelation.

“Chelation therapy involves a chemical solution called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), which is administered into the body — usually directly injected into the bloodstream — so it can bind with excess minerals. Once bound to “toxins” in the body, EDTA helps detox the body of heavy metals by removing them before imbalances and illnesses have the chance to develop.

First developed and used in the 1950s for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning, chelation therapy using EDTA is now performed to remove common heavy metals, including lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum and calcium.”

Now if the whole idea of injecting a solution into your body seems scary, don’t worry. There are oral forms of EDTA that you can take to help with the chelation process.

But before I show you what I give my patients, I should show you a bit more about this exciting therapy.

When you take EDTA, this solution binds salts and minerals to molecules floating around in your bloodstream.

Before that happens, those salts and minerals were floating around in your bloodstream, just looking for a place to go.

Often times they end up where they’re not supposed to go (like your brain organs).

Once EDTA is introduced and binds to the minerals and salts, it pushes them towards your kidneys (remember, your kidneys are the organ that filter your blood).

Because these minerals and salts are now bound to the EDTA, your kidney can filter the blood and then expel the EDTA/salt/mineral compound out through your urine.

The reason EDTA is so effective at neutralizing these dangerous compounds is because they have specific properties that allow them to bond to organic molecules and metals. So as the EDTA moves through your body and comes into contact with salts and metals it “sucks” them right out of your body.

Chelation Therapy May Help With...

Heavy metal toxicity is tied to a number of ailments.

This is why chelation therapy may help improve the following aspects of your health:

  1. May improve heart health: EDTA in particular is especially helpful at eliminating excessive calcium in the blood which may lead to heart issues.
  2. May improve brain health: There are numerous studies linking cognitive decline, impaired memory, and impaired cognitive function to the build up of metals in your brain. EDTA chelation therapy may help to reduce the build up of these minerals which could help improve cognitive function.
  3. Could help relieve pain in the body: Because the presence of heavy metals induces an inflammatory response in the body, the elimination of these metals may lead to a reduction in pain and swelling. EDTA treatment could be what helps you get up and get down pain free.
  4. Acts as an antioxidant: One of the best ways to protect your health is by increasing antioxidant activity in your body. Antioxidants are bodyguards for your cells, and EDTA has antioxidant activity as it helps to neutralize free radicals as well as lowering the inflammatory response your body produces when exposed to toxic metals.

And that’s just scraping the surface.

More and more research is being conducted on EDTA research all the time and showing a lot of promise.

My Personal Recommendation on EDTA Chelation

While I believe intravenous EDTA is one of the best ways to get rid of toxic metals, by no means do I think it’s the only way.

Many of my patients have had great success with an oral version of EDTA.

Arizona Naturals has a supplement you can take that’ll give you the same results as a far more expensive (and painful) injection.

Taking 2-3 capsules a day for 10 days is about the same as 1 injection.

It’s extremely affordable too. Just $19 for 100 capsules.

To see how to use it and to get a bottle today, click here now.

If you like what you see, I suggest you get it now.

This always sells out, and I’m not sure how much more we have on the shelves (or when the next shipment gets here.

Click here on or the image below to get yours now!



Talk Soon,

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