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Chocolate + Protein + = ??

Chocolate + Protein + = ??

Chocolate is known to be an incredible food.

It’s revered for its antioxidant qualities, the healthy fat that it contains as well as the healthy caffeine it delivers.

Plus, who can deny that chocolate is delicious? No one.

There’s a reason chocolate is one of the most popular ingredients in desserts. And honestly, it’s not the health benefits… it’s the taste.

The problem is most people who enjoy chocolate do so when it’s mixed with potentially harmful ingredients. We say potentially harmful because the ingredients themselves aren’t harmful when ingested in low amounts.

But, when they’re added to chocolate in exorbitant amounts they can cause health problems in the future.

In particular we’re referring to sugar and dairy.

The vast majority of chocolate consumed in America is loaded with those 2 ingredients, which means that the vast majority of people are not consuming healthy food when they eat chocolate.

Fortunately, we’ve combined dutch chocolate with a few other ingredients (like pea protein and brown rice protein) to make one of the most healthy chocolate treats you could ever eat.

It’s the Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shake…

Why Protein and Chocolate Combined Together Just Make Sense

Chocolate is one of those health foods that people can’t believe is a healthy food. Especially as so many of them have been conditioned to believe it’s got to be all sugary to be enjoyed.

But the more people begin to enjoy chocolate without the sugar and the dairy, the more they realize that the pure taste of chocolate is satisfying in its own right.

That’s why we’ve provided you with pure, Dutch cocoa in Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shake…

This is an artisan formulation of chocolate that bakers have used for years to deliver the highest-quality taste.

In addition to that, we’ve cooked it up with two kinds of vegetable-based protein that give the chocolate some body and creaminess. These attributes mean that every sip of your Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shake…satisfies your taste buds.

However, this formula doesn’t just make your tongue happy…

Drinking Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shakecan also help you reach health goals. The way it works is through 2 different mechanisms.

First is how the protein blend helps control appetite. We used a blend of pea protein and brown rice protein to help curb cravings. As Dr. Wiggy has written about, protein is known to have an effect on the body called “satiation”.

Satiation is little more than the body’s natural response to food and the subsequent feeling of your appetite being satisfied. Some foods like sugar and salt do the opposite of making you feel satisfied and may actually spark your appetite to become a raging inferno.

That’s why it’s so easy to eat candy, ice-cream and chips (the fat also helps).

But eat enough protein and it blunts hunger hormones and makes you full and happy.

The other way Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shake will support your health comes from the blend of antioxidants we include.

In every serving you get a blend of some of nature’s top antioxidants. These include (Acai Berry, Acerola, Amia, Jabuticaba, Cranberry, Goji, Mangosteen, Maqui Berry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Organic Schisandra).

When you include these in your diet you help form a protective shield around the sensitive membrane of your cells so that they can operate more efficiently.

And then of course, chocolate, specifically cacao, which is what chocolate is made of, is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants too. So every sip is piling benefits on top of benefits.

These reasons alone are why this is one of our best-selling meal replacements… and soon-to-be best-selling candy replacement too ;)

Enjoy Every Day

It’s not just moms who should try and make Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Shake a part of their daily routine.

Everyone can.

Simple, healthy, and guaranteed to make you happy for a while.

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Talk soon,

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