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Another Amazing Use For Pregnenolone Revealed

Another Amazing Use For Pregnenolone Revealed


Want to know how it helps with bone health?

Great, I’ll tell you.

But before I do let me tell you what pregnenolone is, because it’s an incredibly important ingredient for bone health (and total health) only 1 in 10,000 people know about.

Pregnenolone is a hormone manufactured in your body.

You make pregnenolone from the food you eat all through your life. However, as you age, your body becomes less efficient at converting the nutrients that make pregnenolone which eventually results in a deficiency.

Estimates are by the age of 75 you’ve got 60% less pregnenolone in your body than when you were 35.

Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Well it’s actually worse than it sounds because pregnenolone is a master hormone that’s responsible for making many of your body’s other hormones. These hormones include DHEA, progesterone cortisol, aldosterone, androstenedione, estrogen, and testosterone.

If you’re familiar with bone health then you may realize in the list of hormones I wrote about above there are a few hormones in particular that are responsible for the formation of strong bones.

They’re progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.

And yes, this is true even for males. That’s right guys, you need progesterone and estrogen to help build strong bones.

Fortunately if you restore pregnenolone levels it may help to improve your bone health.

Let me show you how all this works.

Pregnenolone Deficiency Is Related To Failing Bone Health

I’m sure you’ve noticed a common theme in most of the emails I’ve sent regarding bone health. This theme isn’t just true for bone health, but health in general.

That theme is that many health problems stem from deficiencies in elements needed for optimal body function.

In the case of bone health, the nutritional deficiencies most people deal with come from insufficient dietary input and age.

Good news is you can change your diet to resolve dietary issues…

Bad news is you can’t fix your age.

Fortunately, age doesn’t have to be a defining factor leading to permanent deficiencies in essential nutrients for better health.

This is especially true of pregnenolone.

First you should see why age affects pregnenolone levels.

Doctor Joseph Collins says this about pregnenolone deficiencies.

“Pregnenolone is primarily synthesized from cholesterol in the mitochondria of the adrenal glands.

Pregnenolone is also made to a lesser extent in the brain, liver, skin, testes and ovaries.

As with many hormones, pregnenolone production declines with age. It is estimated that pregnenolone production is about 60% less at age 75 than at age 35.

Pregnenolone levels may also decline under various conditions of physiological stress, such as acute and chronic infections and trauma.”

Essentially pregnenolone levels decline as we age because your body doesn’t transform the compounds needed for pregnenolone production as easily as they once did.

It’s just a fault of biology associated with age.

Once you’re deficient in pregnenolone you have 3 options. You can refuse to treat the deficiency… you can take synthetic hormones to increase levels, or you can try bioidentical hormones to restore levels.

I help treat patients with option #3, bioidentical hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is an all natural, drug-free treatment regimen for increasing falling hormone levels.

Unlike prescription-based treatments for hormone deficiency that rely on non-identical, synthetic hormone replicants to help boost hormone levels, bioidentical hormone therapy boosts levels with the exact hormones found in your body.

Not only is bioidentical hormone therapy a much safer way to boost hormone levels than the prescription based alternatives… it’s far more effective and efficient too.

And perhaps best of all is bioidentical hormone therapy can be done on your own with simple, safe supplements.

This is why I recommend bioidentical pregnenolone supplementation for my patients for general health...

And especially for patients who need to strengthen their bones.

There’s strong evidence when people with weak bones are treated with hormone therapy it helps to improve bone health.

Here’s What the Science Says On Hormone Therapy And Increased Bone Health

Studies show the hormone treatment with sex-hormones like estrogen and testosterone help to support improved bone health.

And remember, pregnenolone is directly responsible for the formation of both of these hormones.

Authors of a comprehensive meta-analysis on hormone treatment and bone health concluded both estrogen and testosterone helped improve bone health.

They wrote:

“A large number of cases, many complicated by fractures, have been treated with estrogens alone and in combination with testosterone compounds during the past 5 years.

As a group, these patients have responded very satisfactorily. Within weeks to months, the pain in the spine and other bones usually has been considerably or completely eliminated.

There has frequently been an increase in weight, apparently an increase in the thickness of the skin and an improvement in the general well-being.”

And researchers at the University of Buffalo came to a similar conclusion.

They discovered this by exposing separate groups of osteoblasts (bone-building cells) to estrogen or a chemotherapeutic drug known to promote cell death.

At the end of the study they determined the osteoblasts exposed to estrogen helped to protect the cells whereas the other group of osteoblasts succumbed to the exposure to the  chemotherapeutic drug.

Science Daily wrote this in their recap of the study.

“Peter G. Bradford, Ph.D who was a senior author on the study said of the results: "Basic and clinical studies have shown that estrogens can prevent both bone loss and reduce the incidence of bone fractures. Our research at the molecular and cellular level suggests that the underlying basis of this protective effect of estrogens involves the prevention of apoptosis in osteoblasts and that the key event in this prevention is the inhibition of caspase-3 activity."

And there are quite a few additional studies that show how these therapies helped to improve bone health.

Now, I know that might sound exciting, and you might ask why you can’t just take estrogen and testosterone.

But there is a problem with these kinds of treatments.

One problem is direct testosterone treatment isn’t incredibly effective at boosting bone density. Estrogen is needed along with testosterone to really see benefits…

And sadly, direct estrogen treatment is known to be risky. Too risky to be done without the close supervision of a physician.

But what isn’t risky… and what may help increase testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen levels... is taking bioidentical pregnenolone.

Chances are if you’re over the age of 50 your pregnenolone levels are already beginning to fall.

Which is why supplementing will help improve those levels.

Best of all is supplementing with bioidentical pregnenolone is easy, generally counted as safe, and inexpensive too

Added Benefits Of Pregnenolone Supplementation 

Not only does bioidentical pregnenolone supplementation help out with bone health, because it’s a master hormone and associated with the development of many other hormones, there are a number of other benefits associated with bioidentical pregnenolone supplementation.

  • Helps to fight fatigue
  • Improves memory
  • Shown to help with PMS
  • May help provide relief on achy joints
  • Takes care of stress
  • Helps to balance cholesterol levels

And much more.

Obviously I suggest taking bioidentical pregnenolone for better bone health.

But, I will warn you that some of the bioidentical pregnenolones sold won’t help you boost your levels. We discovered this in our office while measuring people’s levels weekly from blood draws.

So we made a micronized bioidentical pregnenolone, which promotes better absorption and uptake of bioidentical pregnenolone. Since we have a lab in our office, we’ve been actively observing how this new supplement affects blood hormone levels.

We’re happy to say our product outperforms others by a longshot.

AND, it’s far less expensive than competing brands (who don't even offer micronized pregnenolone).

If you know supplementing with bioidentical pregnenolone for bone health is right for you and don’t want to waste your money on unproven products, I suggest getting our Micronized Pregnenolone today.

To save big while optimizing your pregnenolone levels, click here or on the image below.




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