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A Vitamin Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

A Vitamin Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

So, I’ll just go ahead and say this.

Just because your doctor won’t tell you about about this vitamin doesn’t mean they wouldn’t if they could.

It’s more likely your doctor just truly isn’t aware of this vitamin’s importance.

This next series I’ll be launching into has to do with one of the most exciting vitamin supplements I’ve encountered in a while.

As a matter of fact, my partner, Dr. Lantelme and I, are in the process of finalizing the production of our own version of this supplement because we believe in it so much.

The supplement I’m referring to is Vitamin K-2.

As far as vitamins are concerned, Vitamin K-2 is one of the least well known. It wasn’t until recently that scientists and doctors really understood how powerful this vitamin is.

When you think about just how complicated the body is, it’s always exciting for us to “stumble” across a supplement like vitamin K-2. That’s because, when we unlock the inner-workings of the body and find out a missing piece of the puzzle, it helps us do our jobs better than ever before.

Here Are The Simple Facts On Vitamin K-2

Actually, I’m going to throw a quick brake-check.

First, you should know that there are two main types of Vitamin K:  Vitamin K-1 and K-2.  Before I talk about K-2, I’ve got to talk a little bit about vitamin K-1.

Vitamin K-1 is found in green vegetables and plays a significant role in helping blood to coagulate and clot. It performs other actions in the body but this is its primary role.

Fortunately, K-1 isn’t something that is tough to find (in terms of diet). K-1 is easily found in the diets of most Americans. As I noted before, it appears in green vegetables, it’s also in fortified foods, so displaying a K-1 deficiency is unlikely for people who eat a well-rounded diet.

My recommendation for getting enough K-1 is to build your diet around a solid base of greens and you’ll never worry about lack. Processed foods are so nutritionally un-substantive they require fortification. This means you can get K-1 from these foods, but its not recommended. Kick them to the curb. They’re not going to help build your health.

So, there you go. You’ve got a very basic understanding of K-1 now.

Now let’s talk about K-2.

K-2 is a powerhouse.

I mean, if I was to pick out my “Top 10” supplements of all time, I’d be picking K-2.

So, what does it do that leads me to put in this select category of supplement superstars?

Well, it’s not so much what it does (even though that’s important) as much as it’s about your lack of K-2 that makes it a superstar.

The reason I consider it a “supplement superstar” is because most people don’t get enough K-2 in their diet.  And this is of critical importance.

As Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, N.D says:

When we’re lacking K-2, we’re at much greater risk of developing weaker bones as we age as well as a decrease in heart health. And these are two concerns used to be relatively rare. Over the last 100 years, as we’ve changed the way we produced our food and the way we eat, they have become very common.
This isn’t true of Japanese cultures, as they use a special type of fermented soy in their diet which gives them ample supply, but for Americans and people who have a western diet they don’t get nearly enough.

The problem with K-2 is it isn’t found in many foods we come in contact with here in the U.S. This is even true if you have a whole food diet.

Here’s what’s going on.

K-2 is found in animal fats and fermented foods.

A great way to get it in your diet is by eating more pasture -raised meat, fermented foods like cheeses, some sauerkrauts, and a popular food called natto, While natto is a rich source of K-2, many people with Western diets might not like it (read, they hate it) owing to its slimy texture.

The truth about K-2 is your body can convert K-1 into K-2, but it struggles to do so in the amounts needed for good health.

However, just eating more of these foods isn’t enough, because then you run into another problem. There isn’t just one form of K-2. There are several, and they’re not all equal.

There are different derivatives of K-2, most notably MK-4 and MK-7.

MK-4 comes from meat and dairy products.  The main problem with MK-4 is it doesn’t last long in the body once ingested.

MK-4 has a half-life of about an hour. This means it only lasts a little longer than an hour inside of your body before it is metabolized and rendered ineffective.

MK-7, on the other hand, lasts much longer and has far greater overall health benefits than any other version.

That’s why, if you’re going to take a supplemental form of K-2, it should be MK-7.

MK-7 Is The Best Form of K-2, Here’s Why

MK-7 is your best option for K-2 supplementation as it stays in your body longer which allows you to build up higher levels of K-2 for better overall blood levels of the much needed substance.

With higher blood levels of K-2 MK-7, the chances you’ll develop some of the following conditions are much lower.

Vitamin K-2 has been shown to have a protective effect on:

  • Cardiovascular aging
  • Bone strength
  • Dental crowding
  • Immune health
  • Inflammation
  • Nerve health
  • Age-related memory loss

Among others.

And, the better news about supplementation with K-2 MK-7 is your body doesn’t require obscene amounts of this vitamin in order for the proper health benefits to be derived.

Natto is by far the best food source of MK-7 available, but, as I mentioned, the smell, taste, and texture is known to turn many westerners off to it.

Plus, many people with hormone and thyroid problems should be avoiding soy.  But, if you do not have hormone or thyroid problems, and if you want to be bold, add natto to your diet, just don’t blame me if you throw up. :)

Now, in the next piece on K-2 I’m going to be talking a bit more about proper dosing. I’ll also highlight some fascinating studies where MK-7 was used to help people reverse certain health problems.

And, I’ll discuss how K-2 has one property that will astound you (as it did for me).

This is the kind of stuff that’s super exciting to report on.

Keep your eyes peeled.

To learn more about our Vitamin K-2 click here.


Talk soon,     



Dr. Wiggy



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