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4 Signs That Indicate You Should Quit Caffeine

4 Signs That Indicate You Should Quit Caffeine

Over the past few years I’ve written a number of articles on the health benefits of caffeine, specifically when it comes to you in coffee or tea.

And as much research as there is on the positive benefits of coffee and tea…

The truth is not everyone benefits from a constant intake of caffeine.

Besides alcohol, caffeine is the most socially acceptable drug you could ever take on a daily basis.

In fact, caffeine is more acceptable than alcohol for daily use. No one views it as an issue if you start and end your day with caffeine.

If you did that with beer and wine people might suspect that you have a problem (and the reality would be that you do).

Sadly, if the number of caffeinated drinks you consume daily is in the 3+ range and you’re getting more than 500mg of caffeine a day you may have an issue with consuming too much caffeine.

I’m not saying that caffeine is bad in general. For many people, caffeine is safe and effective and provides a number of observed benefits.

But for some people, caffeine is a crutch, one that they’d live a better life without.

Let me give you a few signs to look for that would support a caffeine purge and then list out a few of the benefits that are associated with cutting out caffeine altogether.

  4 Signs Caffeine Is Not Your Friend

The first sign that you might have an unhealthy dependence on caffeine.

Yes, most people start a day with a cup of coffee.

And that’s OK.

However, if you start your day off with caffeine and then don’t stop drinking it throughout the day, then there’s a strong chance you’re addicted and have an unhealthy relationship with this drink.

Here are some other signs that you need to quit caffeine.

1- You Have Headaches Every Morning: 

Once you form a dependency on caffeine your body will expect it to come consistently. While it waits your blood vessels dilate and this could produce irritation within your brain that activates pain centers that form pounding headaches.

2- You Experience Muscle Spasms:

When you’re always drinking caffeine it may lead to dehydration which causes your muscles to spasm. If you notice that your calves, hamstrings, or thighs spasm throughout the day that’s a sure sign.

3- Blood Pressure Goes Down When You Don’t Get Your “Fix”:

Dr. Allen Dr. Towfigh, a neurologist and sleep expert notes that “Skimp on your coffee, and you’re skipping out on a dose of a powerful stimulant. As a result, some people feel their heart rhythm speed up or even experience palpitations...Consuming coffee can elevate your blood pressure, so taking it away can have an opposite effect, leading to a drop in it, he adds.”

4- Your Sleep Patterns Are Wacky:

It should go without saying, but if you’re not sleeping well then there’s a good chance caffeine might be to blame. This is especially true for people who are drinking it all day.

When you drink caffeine all day it can lead to a decrease in your neurotransmitter levels, especially key ones like serotonin, which will make sleeping rather difficult. 

Additionally, if you can calculate your intake and find you’re regularly consuming in excess of 500 mg, then you might be drinking too much.

It’s hard to tell how much you’re getting if you’re drinking coffee, but if you consume drinks with the totals listed on the side, and the sum of the total is 500mg+, you’re in murky waters.

To get a best guess on how much caffeine you get from tea or coffee check these handy references out.

Popular Brands of Coffee and Their Caffeine Content

Caffeine Content In Tea

Now that I’ve covered some of the signs you might be getting too much caffeine, let’s talk about the distinct advantages to cutting caffeine out of your life altogether 

5 Benefits That You May Experience If You Quit Caffeine

For many of you, the notion of living a caffeine-free lifestyle seems daunting.

You’ve probably grown to accept the fact that your life can’t be lived without it.

The truth is you can absolutely live without caffeine.

And let me show you how and why it will help you. 

1- Reduced Anxiety:

While caffeine can certainly help you feel better in the short term, many people find that constant consumption can keep you over-primed for action which stimulates our nervous system and keeps it locked into a  “fight or flight” response.

For many people the associated feelings of being in this state are continual and may result in long term nervousness, heart palpitations, and even panic attacks.

If you’re already predisposed to anxiety then ditching the caffeine could help to reduce those feelings significantly. 

2- Women May See Hormone Levels Restored:

There is evidence that constant caffeine intake can negatively affect hormone levels for women, including their estrogen levels.

Back in 2012 researchers showed that when Asian and black women drank 200 mg of caffeine a day it elevated their estrogen levels, (white women actually had slightly lower estrogen levels with the same amount of caffeine). 

3- You May Sleep Better:

As I mentioned above, caffeine intake can have an adverse effect on sleep and may be the reason why you feel like you’re sleeping enough but never actually come away feeling rested.

Several studies have indicated that drinking coffee every day may alter normal sleep cycles and this can lead to feeling tired in the day and not getting consistent sleep.

This might be more the case  if you drink caffeine within  six hours of bedtime.

Reduced caffeine intake might also help you fall asleep faster, too.

4 - More Efficient Absorption Of Nutrients:

As healthline notes:

“If you’re not a caffeine drinker, your body may absorb some nutrients better than those who do partake. The tannins in caffeine can possibly inhibit some of the absorption of:

>> calcium

>> iron

>> B vitamins

This can be especially true for those who have a very high caffeine intake, imbalanced diet, or older ageTrusted Source. Consuming no caffeine at all can help ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients possible from your diet.”

So, Do You Need to Quit

The vast majority of people don’t need to quit consuming this wonderful drug.

In fact, there are some quality benefits to drinking coffee and tea.

Check them out:

Guess What “Too Much” Coffee Does To You

Misunderstood “Drug” Has Remarkable Health Benefits

How Coffee Could Help Those Suffering From This Terrible Disease

However, if you think you have a problem, the best thing to do is quit for a while and see what happens,

It won’t harm you to wean yourself off, and who knows, you might experience some pronounced benefits for giving it up?


Talk soon,

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