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Why You May Not Want to Rely On Diet For This Vitamin

Why You May Not Want to Rely On Diet For This Vitamin

It’s not often that we tell you to not rely on diet in order to get the right amount of nutrients in your body.

And, the truth is, we’re not telling you to do that.

What we’re saying is that if you want to get the right amount of vitamin K-2 in your diet you may not like the food you’d have to eat in order to deliver this nutrient to your body.

Mainly because many people consider the majority of the foods that contain vitamin K-2 to be “unappetizing”.

Things like fermented soy (called natto)... sauerkraut… aged stinky cheeses and organ meats are where you’ll get your best source of vitamin K-2.

That’s why supplements like our HAIOTB Vitamin K-2 MK7 150 mcg Supplement
are so beneficial.

1 capsule a day gives you the precise amount you need to help support various aspects of health.

We want you to
know exactly why taking a supplement like this isn’t a bad idea and so we’ve created a list for you.

4 Reasons Our K-2 Capsule Is The Best

Look, everyone wants to say their vitamin K-2 is the best.

But ours truly is and here’s why.

1 - Real Doctors Made It:

Ok, so Dr. Wiggy and Dr. Lantelme don’t actually make the vitamin K-2, but they were the ones who formulated it and set the dosing.

Here’s why that matters.

Plenty of other supplement makers create their K-2 and don’t think about the source of the ingredients, which can affect quality as well as allergic reactions. They’re just in it to make a buck (not all, but many).

The other thing is the doctors actually know how the K-2 works, and so they’ve chosen the right form of K-2 to take in a supplement.

Choose the wrong form and you lose money and lose efficacy.

Plus, they know it works. And that’s the next point.

2 - The Right Form:

The form of vitamin K-2 you take in a supplement matters a ton to how it works inside your body.

There are several forms of vitamin K-2, and we use MK7 for a reason. 

Why only this form?

MK7 is the most bioavailable form of vitamin K-2. The other kinds (known as MK4, MK8 and MK9) aren't ideal from a bioavailability standpoint.  They have shorter half-lives, meaning they lose potency rather quickly, and they're only found in supplemental form as a chemically derived synthetic.

So, it makes sense why we’d give you MK7 and not the others.

3 - Measured the Bone:

Our vitamin K-2 has been shown in our own independent testing to help increase bone densitY That’s a big deal.

We always want to make sure that the supplements we make and sell actually work. And so we often work with patients to test their bone density before and after taking it.

Seeing K-2 actually work is how we came to decide that we could actually sell this to our patients.

We know it works.

See, we are able to monitor bone density scans which helps to indirectly determine efficacy on bone health. Most people taking appropriate doses of Vit D3 and K2 have improved bone density. 

How many other supplement manufacturers can say that?

4 - The Price Is Right:

All those factors combined would make you think that our vitamin K-2 would have to be expensive.

It’s not.

For less than 25 cents a day you can enjoy one of nature’s most potent nutrients.

Take Vitamin K-2 Today to Support Heart, Brain, Bone, Blood Sugar and Immune Health

There’s no doubt about it, our HAIOTB Vitamin K-2 MK7 150 mcg Supplement is amazing.

We have clinical research showing K-2 MK7 is beneficial for bone, brain, heart, blood sugar and immune health….

We have actual testing done in our office to show it raises K-2 levels…

We have a great price for it.

And we’ve got hundreds of testimonials praising it.

So we’re confident saying you’ll love it too.

And here’s a link to purchase - Buy K-2 Now!

Talk soon,

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