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This Ingredient Is Scientifically Shown To Significantly Improve Memory

This Ingredient Is Scientifically Shown To Significantly Improve Memory

Did you know that we have 500+  supplements on our online store?

We'd have even more, but we're so busy seeing patients from open to close, we only get to work on getting new supplements in our spare time (which there's not enough of).

One of the most exciting ones we have on the store is an amazing Ayurvedic herb with some killer brain-enhancing benefits.

I doubt you've heard of it, as it's relatively unknown (even among those of us who practice functional medicine).

But man is this herb cool. And the best part is just how much research there is on it...

More than enough for me to get excited enough to carry it on the store. 

The herb in question is called bacopa, and with a stack of research behind it, this might be one of the most powerful memory-enhancing herbs on the planet. I hope you take the time to read this!

Why Memory Loss Happens And How Bacopa Might Help

The typical person begins losing their memory around the ages of 40-45 and it's commonly known as age-related memory loss.

I wish there were cut and dry reasons why this is true, but the most common reason generally relates to an addiction to Netflix.

No wait, an addiction to Netflix creates a binge-watching problem...

Generally, memory loss occurs when these three things happen:

  • Your hormone production decreases: Hormones play a huge role in memory (especially pregnenolone), and as you age, hormone production associated with memory starts to fall.
  • Blood flow to the brain decreases: Another "defect" to an aging body is a loss of blood flow to your brain. This is known to both harm memory and kill cognitive processes.
  • Your hippocampus begins to fall apart: The hippocampus is the part of the brain tied to memory. When you get older, it starts to wear down and memory loss typically results.

Those are generally considered the top 3 memory killers.

However, the good news is you no longer have to accept memory loss as a side effect of aging.

In fact, if you "work your brain out," your brain will grow new cells which will help preserve your memory.

Your lifestyle, diet, and exercise also play a role in preventing memory loss.

And the reason I like bacopa is because it belongs to a class of supplements known as nootropics.

Take a second and discover what nootropics are, why they're great for memory, and why bacopa is one of the best ones around

Bacopa and Nootropics
The 1-2 Punch For Age-Related Memory Loss 

According to

Nootropics, a greek word meaning 'Towards the Mind', are compounds that are both (1) neurologically active and (2) directly or indirectly enhances cognitive potential via increased capabilities (ie. reflexes), state of well-being, or learning potential.

A lot of the popular nootropics are drugs.

However, there are a few natural ones, and bacopa is one of them.

As you might suspect, quite a few natural nootropics have dubious claims backing their memory-boosting effects.

Fortunately, bacopa's not one of those.

In fact, when it comes to evidence supporting its nootropic effects, bacopa's like Tom Brady (that was hard to write) - it's one of the most dominant and top-performing ones on the planet. 

Take a look at the results from some of these studies (keep in mind most of them are "double-blind,"which are the most rigorous kind of medical studies out there):

  1. In a double-blind study of seventy-six 65-year-olds (who had no signs of Alzheimers), 300mg of bacopa for 12 weeks produced  "Significant improvements in attention (less likely to pay attention to irrelevant information), working memory, and a calmer and happier mood."

  2. In another double-blind study of sixty-two 18-64-year-olds, they found after 90 days of taking 300mg of bacopa, working memory increased and the precision of rapid identification was also improved. 

  3. Then there was the double-blind study of 86 individuals over the age of 55 with age-associated memory impairment. When they took just 125 mg of bacopa for 12 weeks, this helped increase their memory in various parameters researchers were concerned with.

  4. And in yet another double-blind study of 46 subjects with no known memory issues, it only took 12 weeks of 300 mg bacopa supplementation to see significant improvements in memory.

This is just a small sample of the nootropic power of bacopa.

But that's not all it does...

You're Going to Love The Additional Bacopa Benefits We've Discovered 

  1. It's been shown to help improve heart health: If you want to have a healthy heart, you've got to have normal blood pressure.

    Bacopa's been shown to help with this via an increase in the use of a chemical called nitric oxide (this is partly how Viagra works). When the body uses nitric oxide more efficiently, it helps deliver oxygen to cells in greater amounts.

    Then there's how bacopa encourages greater vascular muscle function. This improvement helps your body move blood through your body more effectively, which lessens the load on your heart.

  2. It's a super-strong antioxidant: As you probably know already, antioxidants act like shields for your cells. The theory is the more antioxidants you've got in your body, the better protected you are from the effects of cell-damaging free radicals.

    Not only does bacopa function as an antioxidant itself, but it's also been shown to help increase the effects of other antioxidants, making it a great helper for protecting the cells. 

  3. It might help fight low moods: Several studies testing to see how bacopa affected cognition and memory also noted many of the subjects who suffered from the blues didn't feel as low afterward. 

Pretty amazing, right?

I think so, and that's why I'm happy to have brought it into our Health As It Ought To Be store

Some Important Notes About Bacopa

Bacopa's been shown to be safe for consumption in every study conducted on it.

However, there is one notable side effect associated with bacopa. And that's an occasional upset stomach; this is why the researchers suggested study participants take it with fatty food.

Beyond that, no other side effects were noted. That's definitely one of the reasons I wanted to get it into our store. 

Right now we carry Himalaya Bacopa on our store. I hope one day to get our own "Health As It Ought To Be" bacopa.

This one packs a real wallop too, with 750 mg of bacopa in it. That's a lot of bacopa and might really help memory.

You can get it here or by clicking on the image below


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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