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The Perfect Supplement For Fatigue

The Perfect Supplement For Fatigue

Holidays have a way of leaving us a little more tired than when we went into them.

There are several reasons for that. We eat in ways we normally wouldn’t, we stay up later than we should, and we get extra busy just to maximize the time we have with friends and family.

And while no one can deny this is all well and good, the fatigue that sets in afterward can be difficult to adjust to.

That’s why we recommend keeping our Adrenal Syn3rgy supplement on hand. This is a custom formula of adaptogenic herbs Dr. Wiggy concocted in order to help people deal with stress that taxes the adrenal glands.

Truth is, most of the fatigue we deal with as a culture comes as a result of people overstimulating their adrenal glands and having to deal with the subsequent cascade of hormone release that comes when our adrenal glands are used excessively.

Adrenal Syn3rgy helps to support your adrenal glands so that this kind of abuse doesn’t affect you negatively.

Keep in mind, this product isn’t meant to energize you like coffee or other stimulants. What it does is ensures that your hormones meant to help you deal with stress are in steady supply and not yo-yo-ing up and down.

Superstar Ingredients Keep Fatigue At Bay

There are 3 main ingredients in Adrenal Syn3rgy that help to keep fatigue from negatively affecting you.

Today, we’re going to focus on one of the most well-known and most well-studied.

It’s Rhodiola Extract.

Rhodiola extract comes from an herbaceous plant called Rhodiola Rosea. This plant grows all over Europe and Asia but thrives in cold-weather environments.

Its hardiness and ability to survive in brutal environments is transferable to humans as it’s well known to help support how our cells deal with stress. Known as an “adaptogen”, Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most thoroughly studied plants in all the world, and binders full of studies show it can help us deflect stress...resist fatigue...overcome the blues… exercise harder, and more.

Since we’re focused on how Adrenal Syn3rgy helps with fatigue, we’ll talk briefly about how Rhodiola Rosea is capable of helping your body deal with being tired.

Studies show that for people who have stress-related fatigue there is a positive correlation between taking this supplement and feeling more alert and less tired.

In a 4-weeks study, researchers had 60 people take 576 mg of Rhodiola or a placebo to see how it would affect their feelings of fatigue.  After the study concluded the cohort that took Rhodiola extract was shown to have a better quality of life than those on the placebo.

They all reported experiencing less significant levels of fatigue and also had better mood and better cognitive function than the placebo group.

Another study featuring 100 people who dealt with serious issues related to fatigue found that 400 mg of Rhodiola taken every day for 4 weeks also had similar results.  According to the conclusion written by the researchers, the subjects “experienced significant improvements in stress symptoms, fatigue, quality of life, mood and concentration”.

Most interesting, or most compelling, is that it only took 1 week for the subjects to begin experiencing these effects.

These 2 studies are just a handful of the dozens or so that have shown Rhodiola to have similar effects.

And that’s why Dr. Wiggy put healthy amounts of Rhodiola extract into Adrenal Syn3rgy.

Adrenal Syn3rgy Will Help Carry You When You Might Feel Like Giving Up

Like a good friend, Adrenal Syn3rgy is there for you when you feel like giving up.

The way it supports your body so fatigue impacts you less is similar to leaning on a friend when life is hard.

Though the product is relatively new for us, it’s quickly becoming one of our best sellers.

You can get it here


Talk soon,

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