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The Best Way to Eat Pomegranates

The Best Way to Eat Pomegranates

Pomegranates are an interesting fruit.

I don’t know anyone who says pomegranate is their favorite fruit in the world. Yes, I know, plenty of people like them… but here in the states I don’t think anyone is counting them among even their top 5.

And it’s just not the taste (though they are pretty tasty) that makes them less than desirable.

The other part of the pomegranate conundrum is how difficult they are to eat.

If you’ve ever cracked open a pomegranate you’ve seen hundreds of little seeds surrounded in a jelly sac.

They’re weird looking and hard to eat.

And that’s why even though pomegranates are incredibly healthy… not that many people enjoy them on a regular basis.

Sure, people buy pomegranate juice… but it’s pricey and really tart, unless a ton of sugar has been added which is less than desirable. 

That’s why I wanted to tell you about Life Extension Pomegranate Fruit Extract.

I don’t typically recommend fruit supplements like this, unless there’s a challenge around getting the right amount of the fruit through diet alone.

But, I think the issues you saw me address above are reason enough to consider taking a supplement over trying to eat the fruit daily.

However, what I really want to stress is this: Pomegranates are an insanely helpful fruit to have in your diet. Same thing holds true for the supplements, too.

I’ll show you just how beneficial pomegranates are in a second.

Why Pomegranate Is A Super Fruit!

I love talking about super fruits.

It’s simply fun to say “super fruit”.

But when you consider that fruits happen to taste amazing and also impart some incredible health-boosting benefits, then you realize why they’re worth writing about.

Pomegranates are absolutely worth writing about, too, and here’s why.

The pomegranate has one of the highest rated antioxidant capabilities on the planet and has hundreds of studies to support claims around its ability to support multiple aspects of health.

But what I think is incredibly interesting and beneficial with pomegranate is just how easy it is to absorb pomegranate. It’s likely one of the best (if not the best) absorbed fruit extract that you could take.

A study from the journal Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine showed that pomegranate extract is 95% absorbed,

They noted this absorption rate surpasses that of any other polyphenol-containing fruit extract of its kind.

Even better is when you isolate pomegranate like Life Extension did with their Fruit Extract you get the same amount of benefits as you would if you ate 24-30 pomegranates!

Now that you see just how well it works it’s time to dig into some of the specific benefits it can impart.

1 - Supports Heart Health:

You know I love talking about how we can support our heart health… your old ticker is pretty important.

Pomegranate’s antioxidant power could be supremely beneficial to your circulatory system.

There are studies that show it can help you maintain healthy blood pressure while also assisting in the regulation of cholesterol, too.

It’s possible because pomegranate juice exhibits all kinds of effects on your cardiovascular system. 

The Cleveland Clinic wrote this about how pomegranate works on your cholesterol. “In a study of healthy men, researchers from Israel concluded that pomegranate juice decreases the likelihood of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol that forms plaque and indicated that it improves HDL, the “good” cholesterol.”

2 - Works On Body’s Natural Immune and Inflammatory Responses

There’s good evidence to show that pomegranate juice (and its extract) may help you maintain peak immune function.

Part of this has to do with how the antioxidants in pomegranate can help to modulate how much inflammation affects you. Studies have shown it can help people to maintain normal inflammatory responses so they don’t develop further issues.

There’s also signs that pomegranate can help you keep sickness and infections at bay. According to the NIH, they showed that when people who had to go get dialysis regularly also took pomegranate, the incidences of needing to go to the hospital for infections was lower than the placebo group.

3 - May Make Your Brain Work Great!

There is some evidence that pomegranate can also help with how well your brain works, including keeping your active memory in great shape.

Studies show that when people took pomegranate for memory loss associated with heart surgery it was able to prevent them from having memory issues once the surgery had taken place, a common occurrence for many heart surgery patients.

And in a different study of people who said that they occasionally had issues with memory all it took was 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily for the participants to say they had significantly improved markers of verbal and visual memory.

Start Using Yours Today

In all honesty, given the challenges of Pomegranate, the best way to eat it may actually be just to take it in capsule form.

Each of the capsules from Life Extension gives you the antioxidant load equivalent to as many as 24 of the amazing fruit.

At just 50-cents a day, it’s far less expensive than buying 24 pomegranates a day, or even a month.

To get yours, follow this link here.


Talk soon,

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