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See Why This Herb Is Called "Holy"

See Why This Herb Is Called "Holy"

What's the first word that comes to your mind when I say the word "holy?"

Is it God?

Is it "cow?"

What about "moly?"

Well, after you see the health benefits contained inside this herb you'll probably start to think of this little green plant much more frequently when you hear that word.

Some of the oldest civilizations used this incredible herb for all kinds of things.

However, they used it mainly for its healing power when combatting common problems related to immunity, metabolic health, and more.

In fact, these civilizations regarded it so highly they called it a "holy" herb - meaning it was set apart from other treatments they used.

How incredible is that?

Fact is, you probably eat its cousin quite frequently. That's because it appears in things like pasta sauces and pesto. And, while its cousin is incredibly beneficial for health, it isn't nearly as holy this herb.

The herb I'm referring to is holy basil (also known as tulsi).

Holy basil isn't common in the U.S.; however, it's grown all over India, where it's revered for its healing power.

I want to show you all the reasons why holy basil's a great addition to your supplement schedule. 

How Holy Basil Will Elevate Your Life

More than 3,000 years ago, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine were writing about how holy basil helped them live enchanted lives

Of course, they were using it based on anecdotal evidence, and had no idea exactly how this herb affected the body.

However, they could tell you it helped with overall feelings of wellness.

We know now holy basil acts as a powerful antioxidant and regulator of many essential processes.

Let me unpack what we've discovered about this glorious herb:

1 - Might Help Regulate Hormone Function:

Thousands of people seek me every year for help supporting their thyroid. And one of the leading contributors to an "out-of-wack" thyroid is out-of-control cortisol production.

Cortisol is the hormone your body produces as a way of dealing with stress. It should only ever surge in your body to deal with sporadic bouts of high/extreme stress; however, we live in a world where stress is at an all-time high. 

Seriously...having to reset the router 10 times is the end of the world. I know.

If cortisol gets out of control (or is never controlled in the first place), it wreaks havoc on the body.

This affects thyroid health and other factors of health.

Thankfully, holy basil is believed to help keep cortisol balanced. The expectation is holy basil acts as an adaptogen (a substance believed to help protect cells at the cellular level), and this adaptogenic effect prevents your body from going overboard on producing too much cortisol.

The preliminary research we have so far has only been conducted on animals. In these studies, holy basil helped lower the cortisol analog, corticosterone.  

We also know other adaptogens help modulate stress hormone activity, and many theorize since holy basil shares a similar chemical structure, it could do the same.

2 - It Might Improve Blood Sugar:

14 million people in the United States suffer are concerned about keeping their blood sugar healthy.

Tragically, it's believed that number will continue to grow.

Which is why anything you can do to help control your blood sugar will pay dividends for you health-wise.

Incredibly, holy basil might be one of the more powerful natural herbs for controlling blood sugar. 

Over the past few decades, researchers have been using holy basil to help improve blood sugar. A few studies have indicated it really is one of the better plants for blood sugar support.

Researchers at Azad University of Agriculture and Technology discovered holy basil helped improve fasting blood glucose levels by 17.6 percent! Post-meal glucose levels also improved by 7.3 percent. As an added bonus, the subjects even experienced improvements in their cholesterol levels.

A separate publication (whom also published a study) backed up these findings:

"They published a study proving that the extract of holy basil leaves were found to decrease glucose by more than 36 percent in normal rats and by 18 percent in rats with concerns."

What's encouraging is these results weren't a fluke. Since they were first released, another study published by the Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences confirmed holy basil really was efficient for balanced blood sugar.

3 - It Might Help Improve The Immune System:

In one study, researchers discovered it only took 300 mgs of holy basil to increase the levels of two different kinds of immune cells (IFN-y, IL-4 and T-helper cells). As long as the subjects took the holy basil, the levels remained elevated. As soon as they stopped taking the holy basil, these levels started to fall.

More Studies to Come?

These are just a handful of the studies we've collected on holy basil thus far.

And more are sure to come.

Based on these studies, we can see why the Ayurvedic medicinal practitioners recommended this herb with vigorous enthusiasm.

I recommend holy basil frequently to patients, and part of the reason is it's quite safe. So far, the only side effects I know of are loose stool, and that's generally avoided by decreasing the amount taken.

We carry a simple pill form of this amazing herb in our store. You can also drink tulsi tea to experience some of the same benefits. However, taking it in supplemental form is definitely the cheaper way to get the maximum effect.

To get your very own bottle, you can either click this link or on the picture below.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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