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How Humic Acid Can Transform Health

How Humic Acid Can Transform Health

There is so much in the natural world we can use to improve our health that it’s no surprise that vested interests want to make it harder and harder for you to improve your health through natural means.

The truth is Big Pharma is making billions and billions of dollars, and part of the reason they’re so profitable is because they’re in cahoots with Big Ag (agriculture) to give people inferior food to ensure they’re sick for ages and turn to drugs to get better.

The fact remains, though, is that if you eat natural and unprocessed foods and supplement as needed (when diet doesn’t give you enough of what you need), you could absolutely transform your health.

Something that I wanted to talk about today is humic acid.

Like fulvic acid, another naturally occurring compound, it comes from the ground, and when ingested either in a supplement or in food, it can do a number of things for you.

How Does Humic Acid Enhance Human Health?

1 - Improves Nutrient Absorption and Gut Health:

Like fulvic acid, humic acid can play a crucial role in nutrient absorption.

The way it works is humic acid helps to bind to minerals and enhance their bioavailability, facilitating better utilization by the body.

This improved nutrient absorption contributes to overall health. Additionally, these compounds support a balanced gut microbiome, which is essential for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. A well-functioning gut is also linked to improved brain function and cognitive health, as it influences the gut-brain axis​​​​.

2 - Supports Cognitive Health:

Research suggests that humic acid has neuroprotective properties.

It is associated with the reduction of tau fibrils, which are something that is believed to be responsible for the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Part of what could help humic acid exert this influence on the brain is its antioxidant properties.

While there are no direct studies on humic acid as it relates to the treatment and management of neurodegenerative diseases​​, there’s enough to be said about the presence of humic acid in tandem with other antioxidants to believe it can help offer full-spectrum support for the brain.

3 - It Aids in Detoxification Abilities:

Our bodies are outfitted with excellent detoxification systems. And while you can’t necessarily take extrinsic substances to detox more, you can help enhance your body’s native ability through the use of supplements.

Humic acid can help you detoxify better as it binds with toxins and heavy metals, aiding in their elimination from the body. 

This detoxification can lead to improved digestion and increased energy levels. The ability to bind to heavy metals makes humic acids useful in various environmental applications, such as soil and water treatment, indicating their broad utility beyond human health​​.

4 - Displays Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

As I mentioned above, regarding brain health, humic acid has some pretty substantial antioxidant properties.

The reason this can be helpful is that antioxidants find and neutralize free radicals, which can be damaging to DNA and cell replication.

Humic acid helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. This can have widespread benefits, from improving cell longevity to reducing the risk of chronic diseases associated with inflammation and oxidative damage. The provision of key electrolytes by humic acid supports various bodily functions, including those in the heart, muscles, and brain​​​​. 

5 - Energy and Pain Management:

The presence of humic acid has also been associated with increased energy levels and pain reduction.

This is likely due to its role as a natural electrolyte, which energizes biological processes and can help manage chronic pain conditions like arthritis and nerve-related pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties further contribute to pain relief​​.

6 - Improved Skin Health:

If you look at the ads on TV, many of them are for drugs that help treat skin conditions.

And while the subject of what causes conditions like psoriasis and eczema isn’t simple, one thing to note is the antimicrobial properties of humic acids could help improve skin health.

Humic acid could help with skin conditions and irritations, including eczema, insect bites, and rashes. Its ability to fight harmful bacteria makes it useful in wound healing and skin protection​​.

What Happens When You Combine Humic Acid with Zeolites and Fulvic Acid?

The reason I wrote this article, as well as the one on zeolites and fulvic acid, is because I know they can all be used together to produce a synergistic effect that will offer a full range of health benefits.

Each component brings its unique properties to the mix. Here’s a quick recap:

Fulvic Acid: Enhances nutrient absorption, supports digestive health, promotes detoxification, boosts immune function, improves cognitive health, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Humic Acid: Known for its beneficial effects on gut health and immune function. Humic acid can help maintain a healthy gut barrier, which is crucial for preventing toxins and pathogens from entering the bloodstream. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Zeolites: Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals known for their detoxification properties. They act like a molecular sieve, trapping harmful toxins and heavy metals and removing them from the body. This detoxifying action can support liver function and improve overall health.

When these three components are combined, they can work together to enhance each other's effects:

Enhanced Detoxification: Both fulvic acid and zeolites have the ability to bind to toxins and heavy metals, aiding in their removal from the body. This combined action can lead to a more efficient detoxification process.

Improved Gut Health: Fulvic and humic acids both positively impact the gut microbiome. They can work together to support a healthy gut environment, which is vital for nutrient absorption, immune function, and overall health.

Synergistic Nutrient Absorption: Fulvic acid enhances the cellular uptake of nutrients, while humic acid can provide a broader spectrum of trace minerals and nutrients. This combination ensures a more holistic approach to nutrient absorption.

Supports Immune Function: Both humic acid and zeolites can support the immune system. Humic acid can help maintain a healthy gut barrier, while fulvic acid and zeolites aid in reducing the body's toxic burden, indirectly supporting immune function.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Effects: The antioxidant properties of fulvic acid, combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of humic acid, can help in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, which are key factors in many chronic diseases. 

There are a few companies out there making these supplements in a single-serving capsule, or you could buy them separately.

The point here is what we get from the natural world is more than enough to help us take hold of our health and depend less and less on drugs we don’t need.


Talk soon,

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