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How a Dead General Might Positively Affect Your Health

How a Dead General Might Positively Affect Your Health

As many of you know, I'm always keeping my ear to the ground and my eyes open to find new things that'll help improve my patient's health.

And wouldn't you know it, when you do those two things (and keep your heart beating and your stomach full), you run across some pretty interesting things...

Like what I learned about Napoleon the other day.

If you don't know your history all that well, all you need to know is Napoleon and his army were absolute maniacs.

I don't mean they were crazy (although they probably were); I just mean they dominated the European countryside. And they fought and fought and fought without seeming to tire.

Now here's where things get interesting - their maniacal determination to win was fueled by a secret plant extract. At least, that's what the Spanish army figured out. 

Let me show you what this plant extract does. After that, I'll show how a different one which can help positively affect your health. Then, I'll show you how to get BOTH in one of the most potent supplements around.

Napoleon Used This to Fuel His Army's Voracious Pace

For centuries, cultures across the globe have relied on the olive tree. Most of them had no idea how important it was for their health, but recent studies indicate almost everything about the olive tree is amazing.

Especially extracts of the leaves and the fruit.

Somehow, Napoleon knew this. And one of the only ways we know about his reliance on this extract comes from the writing of a Spanish doctor by the name of Colonel Etiene Pallas.

And while he didn't know exactly what this extract was doing, he witnessed its effects on the Spanish soldiers in just a few days' time

Even now, 200 years after his original writing, we're starting to see just how powerful olive extract truly is.

The #1 reason to take olive extract - at least according to the research - is because it increases the release of something known as nitric oxide. This nutrient is so incredible because it has very specific effects on your body.

Here's a small sampling of what it's been shown to do in lab studies:

  • Promote improved blood flow
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase athletic and sexual performances
  • Help maintain strong muscles and help burn fat

The crazy thing about nitric oxide and its power, though, is the scientists who originally discovered it won the Nobel Peace Prize because of their studies.

Nitric oxide production was probably the reason Napoleon used olive extract; he just didn't know how it worked.

But, for people not fighting a war against Napoleon, the benefits might be even better.

As one of my friends wrote in a special paper on the subject:

"In just eight weeks, they found this secret ingredient [Olive Extract} helps improve healthy blood pressure, and even triglyceride levels, in people.

These results were supported by scientists from Switzerland and Germany. They joined forces to perform another experiment, giving this nutrient to half of 40 twins with blood pressure concerns.

In just eight weeks, their blood pressures were much healthier.

What’s especially interesting about this study, is the other half of the sets of twins (who did not receive this nutrient) were given lifestyle-change instructions to improve their blood pressure…

Imagine what that could do for your heart health."

Not to mention it's been shown to do the following:

  • Help you maintain healthy insulin sensitivity, which may help you burn fat easier and faster
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels, which could prevent or reverse common health concerns
  • Become one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.

And here you were, thinking all the olive tree was good for was olive oil. Obviously not.

And now that you have an understanding about the hidden power of olive extract, it's time I show you what the sesame seed is good for.

How Sesame Seeds Improve Your Health

Most everyone is familiar with sesame seeds on their hamburger buns (although I don't see them as much as I used to), as well as the oil they make which we use for cooking.

But sesame seeds are a lot like the olive tree - they're quite a bit more powerful than they might appear.

Inside of the hull of the tiny sesame seed are two compounds called sesamin and sesamolin. These compounds are commonly known as sesame lignans, and recent research has shown them to be quite powerful modifiers of health (particularly heart health). 

In a double-blind study, researchers noticed small decreases in blood pressure when people consumed sesame lignans.

However, one of the most exciting attributes associated with sesame lignans might actually block the negative effects of hormones in the body - specifically estrogen.  

Another study out of the University of Texas found that sesamin could be helpful in blocking such cells from forming in the colon, lungs, pancreas, and breast tissues. 

And we're only discovering more about these amazing plant-based nutrients.

Discover the Best Place to Get These Supplements

I'm sure as you read this you might have thought about going out and buying your very own olive extract and sesame lignans.

But I wouldn't do that quite yet - and here's why.

In my experience, most people really don't get enough fish oil in their diet.

I know - fish oil? We were just talking about olive extract and sesame lignans!

Anyways, most people I know don't get enough fish oil in their diet. And as you know, fish oil is a crucial supplement to include for vibrant health.

Well, one of the companies we work closely with has been doing a ton of research on fish oil, and has been combining it with olive extract and sesame lignans.

For obvious reasons.

Turns out this trifecta of supplements is one of the best supplemental combos you could ever take if you're interested in:

  • Keeping your body feeling and functioning like it's ageless
  • Keeping your brain young and agile, giving you that “sharp as a tack” feeling
  • Maintaining strong joints so your body can keep up with your mind
  • Turning back time in your skin and eyes, so you can look (and see!) as young as you feel
  • Staying slim and healthy
  • Keeping your DNA young
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar
  • Maintaining healthy insulin sensitivity, which may help you burn fat easier and faster
  • Staying young by acting as your free radical “bodyguard"
  • Staying energized and ready to take on your day
  • Fighting the potential causes of tumors
  • And more

If all this appeals to you, then this combination of fish oil, olive leaf extract, and sesame lignans is something you should seriously consider taking.

This is one of our top sellers, and our patients can't contain themselves when they say how much they like it.

Try some for yourself by following this link or clicking on the image below.

You already know you absolutely must have fish oil...

And based on everything you saw olive leaf extract and sesame lignans can do, you'd be crazy not to grab a bottle.

Click here or on the image below to get one today. 



Talk Soon,

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