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Affordable and Tasty, Are You Using This Proven Immunity Booster

Affordable and Tasty, Are You Using This Proven Immunity Booster

Discover One of Nature’s Most Powerful Immunity Booster

What have you heard about the benefits of drinking green tea?

Have you heard it’s good for you but just aren’t sure how good?

I’ll be blunt. It’s really, really good for you. In fact, if I was to pick out any beverage to consume on a daily basis for effectively working against the harmful effects of free radicals, green tea is going to be one of my automatic suggestions.

Ancient Asian civilizations have been enjoying green tea for hundreds upon thousands of years.

True, they were unlikely aware of the scientific research that exists to back-up drinking green tea for good health…but they knew it was good for them.

But, now we have extensive research to show us just how powerful green tea is at working to neutralize free radicals as well as helping to boost your health in may other ways.

It’s been shown to:

  • Increase immunity
  • Boost brain function
  • Give you energy
  • Burn fat

And, much more.

Not bad for a little leaf, I’m sure you’d agree.

So, let me take you on a journey where you discover what’s so great about green tea. No, you don’t need to get up for this.

The Exact Science That Makes Green Tea So Healthy

What makes many teas unique is they contain specific plant-based nutrients called polyphenols and catechins.

These nutrients function as powerful antioxidants, which we know are helpful at fighting free radicals formed during oxidization.

Green tea has some of the highest numbers of catechins of any plant, making it a super-hero in the tea world.

And, research has shown that these catechins are what make green tea so healthy for you.

Scientists have isolated one of the most important catechins and have spent years studying just how awesome it is at helping increase your overall health levels.

It’s called Epigallocatechin Gallate (Epp-ee-gal-oh-cat-a-uh-kin Gal-ate) or – (EGCG), and it’s what makes green tea stand head andshoulders above the rest of many other highly touted “health beverages.”

Now that you know what powers green tea, take a look at what researchers have discovered about ECGG.

This is where things get exciting.


:::: In a study published by Mutagenesis, it was noted when you drink two cups of green tea a day it can actually protect your DNA. We know that damage to the DNA can cause all sorts of problems, including the formation of cancer.

In the study, they followed people who suffered from Type-II diabetes, and after 12 weeks were able to note marked improvements in overall protection from DNA damage. That’s quite remarkable. (1)

:::: Then there was the meta-analysis of women who drank green tea and had a lower rate of breast cancer than those who didn’t drink green tea. You might already know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. So, what the researchers were able to show in their observational study is, when women drank green tea high in antioxidants, it led them to conclude that the green tea might have been one of the the leading reasons the women had lower incidences of breast cancer. (2)

:::: And, concerning the most common cancer in men, prostate cancer, researchers found that men who drank green-tea were 48% less likely to develop this dangerous form of cancer. That’s nearly half the risk, which is quite astounding. (3)

There are other studies that show how effective EGCG is at helping to protect the body from the formation of cancer and suffering from DNA damage.

But, what I think is really cool is the other research that shows how green tea can do some pretty exciting things in the brain.

Check these out.

Yes, Green Tea Can Make You Smarter, Here’s How

Green tea relies on two ingredients to improve brain function.

One of them is relatively well known. Caffeine.

We know a lot about caffeine because of how intensely it’s been studied.

Caffeine’s kind of like a “crosswalk guard” for you neurotransmitters.

What it does it prevents an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine from interfering with important neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. Essentially, caffeine allows both dopamine and norepinephrine to travel to where they need to go without adenosine getting in the way.

Even better is caffeine’s presence can cause an uptick in the firing of beneficial neurotransmitters which is great for higher brain function.

And, while you can find caffeine in many other teas, and coffee, as well as chocolate and other foods…the levels in green tea are right around the “perfect” amount. In that there’s not too much as to cause the jitters and an excessively elevated heart rate.

But, caffeine’s not the only part of green tea that’s good for brain health.

In fact, when working in combination with the next ingredient, green tea becomes a “super food” of sorts.

The other piece to the puzzle is called L-theanine.

L-theanine is an amino acid.

The way it works to promote brain health is it increases the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (which also helps reduce anxiety). Along with increasing GABA, L-theanine works specifically on brain activity and boosts dopamine levels as well as boosting the production of alpha-waves in the brain.

Then, combined with the stimulatory effects of caffeine, it helps to improve brain function over the normal range.

Both of these ingredients together are great at helping you feel a little bit calmer, more vigilant, as well as helping you have better reaction time and better memory than normal.

And, that’s not where it stops. Then there’s the evidence that green tea can protect your brain from the ravages of old age.

The Unique Way Green Protects Your Brain From Old-Age

One of the biggest fears many people have as they move into old age is that they’ll lose the ability to remember friends and family and will experience diminished capacities for mental agility.

If those kinds of mental problems run in your family, I’ve got some promising news for you.

This really is the kind of stuff worthy of celebration.

More than a few studies have shown that the catechins in green tea can actively help the brain resist decline.

This is great news for those who are worried about age-related memory loss or poor nerve health.

What researchers have discovered is the presence of the EGCG can work against inflammation caused by free radicals and keep the brain safe from wasting. (4)

Researchers believe that the brain’s neurons are protected against damage with EGCG in the mix and this can signal long-lasting protective benefits for the brain.

Green Tea For Weight Loss? That and More

And, of course, green tea is also able to help you get rid of the extra pounds.

Caffeine in green tea acts as a thermogenic. That means it can help notch up your metabolism and help you burn body fat.

But, scientists have also cited the presence of catechins as a reason for the weight loss, too. (5)

There have been more than a handful of studies that show weight loss from green tea consumption is possible, and there have also been a few that show significant weight loss doesn’t come as a result of green tea consumption. So do keep that in mind.

I would always recommend green tea in combination with a healthier diet and exercise for dramatic results.

Then there’s the research that shows green tea can help keep blood sugar levels balanced.

So, this too can be tied into weight loss.

What green tea is helpful with is keeping insulin levels balanced and insulin sensitivity. This means it can help keep blood sugar within the healthy range, which can help keep body fat off, as well as helping your body resist metabolic syndrome.

In fact, in a summation of 7 different studies of 286,701 individuals, it was found that those who drank green tea had an 18% lower risk of developing diabetes. (6)

All the more reason to start drinking it.

The bottom line on green-tea and how it relates to your weight?

There’s clear evidence to support that green tea drinkers are less likely to become diabetic and have a better chance of losing excess body fat.

Drink Green Tea But Not This Kind

As with everything, drink the higher quality kinds if you can.

Lower quality green tea is found to be loaded with fluoride.

The other thing you’ll want to look for is loose-leaf or home-brew green tea.

Don’t get green tea that’s pre-made and comes with added sugar. That’s just not a good idea.

And, if you can, try out Matcha.

Matcha is green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. Matcha’s been shown to be higher in EGCG than regular green tea, so it stands to reason it’s healthier than normal green tea. It does have a lot more caffeine, so please be aware if you’re caffeine sensitive.

At the end of the day, everyone should consider drinking green tea for a better and healthier life.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy



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