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A Russian “Spy In My Office?

A Russian “Spy In My Office?

I found a Russian spy in my office!

And they’re here to help you.

Ok, I admit it, this email subject line is playing on the current political news cycle.

I’m not going to get political here. But, I am going to talk about something from Russia.

It’s not really a spy either.

Actually, it’s not a spy at all. It’s an herb.

An herb I think you should incorporate into your life because of how it can protect your health.

This herb is called rhodiola rosea. I’ve written about rhodiola before, but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d revisit this powerful adaptogenic herb and highlight a few reasons people serious about maintaining great health should use it.

If you’re wondering if this article is for you look at this small checklist.

  • Like the idea of protecting your cells from DNA damage? 
  • Want to keep your stress levels low?
  • Does improving your mental health sound good?
  • Hate feeling tired and worn down?
  • Interested in doing better at work?
  • Blood sugar in the normal range something you’re into?

If you answered yes to 3 out of the 6 items on this checklist then this article is definitely for you. 

 5 Ways Rhodiola Can Help Maintain Great Health

Rhodiola Rosea is a hardy little shrub that grows in one of the most inhospitable regions of the planet. 


If something is able to grow in the Arctic tundra then that means it’s tough. And the hardiness of rhodiola is what helps confer its benefits to you, a person.

A compound known as salidroside is what makes rhodiola great for you and your health.

Multiple studies link salidroside to better blood sugar, decreased stress levels, cell DNA protection and more.

Here’s how rhodiola may help keep you healthy for a long time.

1 - May Keep Blood Sugar Healthy: 

One of the best ways to protect your health is to keep your blood sugar inside the healthy range.

You can do this with diet and exercise; and you can also add rhodiola rosea into the mix to help with blood sugar.

There’s research in mice that shows rhodiola rosea extract could help increase how many glucose transporters are in your blood. The more transporters, the more sugar is moved out of your blood and into your tissue (where it belongs).

Which helps with blood sugar control and balanced insulin levels.

While the research wasn’t performed in humans, many other studies related to blood sugar improvements in mice can be extrapolated and applied to human use, so this one may also be reasonably applied to humans.

Considering this use is possible in humans, and the other benefits associated with rhodiola, better blood sugar is a great reason to add rhodiola into the mix.

2 - Shown to Minimize Stress Levels:

The hallmark use of rhodiola is stress reduction and protection from stress.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, a class of plants shown to help protect your cells from the negative effects of stress.

One of the most convincing studies on stress protection is from the journal Phytotherapy Research.

In the study researchers gave 101 people who claimed to deal with high-levels of stress rhodiola extract. Each of the participants in the study took 400mg of extract a day for 4 weeks. At the conclusion of the study the participants all reported improvements in stress levels.

They all claimed that within 3 days symptoms of stress, (fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety) had improved dramatically from the beginning of the study.

These results were repeated in another study where 118 people took rhodiola rosea for stress. Within a few days they also reported improvements in stress levels.  

3 - Shown to Keep Mental Health Stable:

The term mental health is an all-encompassing term relating to how a person feels and performs. Being healthy mentally doesn’t mean you’re always happy, but it does mean if you feel poorly at any point you’re able to rebound from negative thoughts while also being able to deal with difficult circumstances with aplomb.

Rhodiola may help to keep people’s mental health stable.

Studies have shown rhodiola is capable of enhancing neurotransmitter function in such a way that it helps people rebound from periods of depression and improves mental health.

A study featuring 89 people who said they occasionally dealt with mild or moderate depression illustrated just how well rhodiola worked.

The participants were divided into 3 groups. A group that took 340 mg of rhodiola, one who took 680 mg, and another placebo control group.

After 6 weeks the rhodiola groups said their mental health improved. The placebo group saw no improvements. 

4 - Fights Fatigue: 

If you want to have more energy, rhodiola root is sure to help.

Rhodiola has been used for improved energy levels for centuries. Now, there are studies to support this therapeutic use. 

As Healthline writes:

One four-week study in 60 people with stress-related fatigue looked at its effects on quality of life and symptoms of fatigue, depression and attention. Participants received either 576 mg of rhodiola or a placebo pill daily.

It found that rhodiola had a positive effect on fatigue levels and attention, compared to the placebo.

In a similar study, 100 people with fatigue symptoms received 400 mg of rhodiola every day for eight weeks. They experienced significant improvements in stress symptoms, fatigue, quality of life, mood and concentration.

5 - Improved Brain Function:

Researchers have determined that if you can improve mental health as well as fix fatigue, it means you may also perform better at work.

In a study of 56 physicians (a group who can quickly burn out if overworked), researchers were able to prove rhodiola was helpful at enhancing brain function.  

For two weeks the physicians who had self-reported decreased cognitive power were given either a placebo or 170 mg of rhodiola. At the end of the two weeks, the physicians who were taking the rhodiola showed a 20% improvement in performance on work-related tasks.

When Combined With These 2 Herbs Rhodiola Is a Health Superstar

I believe in rhodiola’s ability to improve mental and physical health so strongly that I combined it with 2 other highly effective herbs: 

Ashwagandha and Holy Basil.

1 - Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is a type of ginseng and for the past few thousand years it’s been a go to herb for helping support responses to stress. The ancient people who used it had no idea how it worked, but now we know ashwagandha may help to modulate hormone levels, balance blood sugar and even influence neurotransmitter function.

2 - Holy Basil:

Holy basil contains two compounds which have been shown to combat the negative effects of temporary stress and adrenal fatigue. Holy basil is believed to help keep cortisol balanced. The expectation is holy basil acts as an adaptogen (a substance believed to help protect cells at the cellular level), and this adaptogenic effect prevents your body from going overboard on producing too much cortisol.

When combined together these herbs help form the basis of our new Adrenal Syn3rgy supplement.

If you’re worried about adrenal fatigue, failing alertness and mental performance, or increased irritability and moodiness then I’d suggest taking this supplement.

All 3 of these herbs combined in one supplement should have the same, powerful effect that conventional treatments other doctors would recommend should have.

But, these 3 herbs are all known to maintain health without the danger of side effects.

If you’d like to try it out click here or on the image below.

You’ll find this supplement added to a meal once daily will cause your energy levels to soar while also giving you the ability to handle stress as it comes your way.

If it works as well as I think it will you have the option to subscribe and save on the next page as well



Talk soon,

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