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Your Brain On NOT Drugs

Your Brain On NOT Drugs

Most of you reading this will remember the campaign to keep kids off drugs where it showed them how damaged their brains would become if they took drugs.

For some people, the effort paid off and it steered them clear of ever doing drugs.

Other people, not so much.

However, we’re not here to talk about drugs… we’re here to talk about your brain on some of the most powerful supplements on the market. Inside of our Brain Save supplement the doctors at Health As It Ought To Be have created a mix of some of the most well-tested, and most thoroughly researched brain supporting products on the market.

They’re all natural…

And do the exact opposite of what “your brain on drugs” would manifest.

How Brain Save Can Support Great Brain Health

Brain Save is filled with some awesome ingredients.

Dr. Wiggy has written several articles on these nutrients, as well as Brain Save in particular.

We’re going to give you some of the highlights today, and also direct you to the full articles right here and here.

What you need to know is that Brain Save offers you a couple of different ingredients you won’t find in most brain supplements.

These unique ingredients include Huperzine A, PQQ, and Bacopa.

In addition to those ingredients there’s also CoQ10, green coffee bean extract, taurine, ashwagandha, berberine, alpha lipoic acid and glycine.

It’s a solid amalgam of proven ingredients.

In particular, huperzine A PQQ and bacopa, offer some wonderful benefits that work synergistically with the rest of the ingredients.

Here’s how.

1 - Huperzine A: 

So huperzine A, which actually comes from moss, is super helpful at helping to increase neurotransmitter levels.

In particular, it helps to support the body’s levels of acetylcholine, which is one of the most critical neurotransmitters in your brain.

Huperzine A has shown to be as helpful as some conventional methods for helping your body maintain healthy levels of acetylcholine.

Because it increases acetylcholine the brain is able to operate more effectively and efficiently.

 2- PQQ:

Sometimes called a super vitamin, PQQ is known to help keep the brain safe from neurotoxicity, which is a known risk factor for some serious slow down in brain activity.

In addition to that there’s evidence to show it can help promote the development of nerve connections.

Studies have demonstrated that  PQQ can help to support memory which makes your thinking patterns, learning, and other aspects of cognition stay within the healthy range. 

3 - Bacopa:

Bacopa is a known nootropic, or a “brain drug”.

Studies on bacopa indicated the herb positively influences how your brain stores and accesses memories.

In a study, subjects were given placebo or bacopa to see what effect it had on memory formation and retention. At the conclusion of the study the researchers concluded the individuals who were given the bacopa showed a higher ability to retain newly introduced information.

Improved cognition was also observed in people who took bacopa regularly.

Plus there’s evidence to show how it affects GABA levels. GABA serves as a critical neurotransmitter and bacopa helps to keep GABA levels optimal. Too much GABA or too little can have adverse effects on health, and bacopa is quite adept at keeping your brain healthy. 



Talk soon,

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