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Why Almost Every Man Should Take Saw Palmetto

Why Almost Every Man Should Take Saw Palmetto

If you’re a guy and you want to experience peak health, then saw palmetto could help.

I’m sure you’ve heard of saw palmetto before, I mean how could you not have heard of’s the third most popular herbal supplement sold on the market right now.

But just because you’ve heard of saw palmetto might not mean you know the many positive reasons to take it.

Which is why this article here, just for the guys on the list. Well, if you’re a woman and have a few men in your life you deeply care for you might benefit from reading this too.

Four Good Reasons Every Man Should Take Saw Palmetto

Many of the reasons men should add saw palmetto into their supplement regimen has to do with areas below the belt. This includes positively affecting your prostate as well as your sex drive. 

1 - Saw palmetto can help keep the prostate healthy.

An enlarged prostate is the most common thing that occurs in men as they age in the United States. 

The way saw palmetto helps battle prostate enlargement is by impeding the overproduction of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that takes a man’s testosterone and converts into another important hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

While DHT is an important sex steroid and androgen hormone, too much of it can cause the prostate to grow larger, which leads to all kinds of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms such as running to the bathroom to pee all the time (which can ruin a good night’s rest), feeling as if you can’t fully empty your bladder, and even negatively affecting your ability to have sex. Part of the reasons saw palmetto is a preferred treatment is because it slows the production of DHT,  without producing any unwanted side effects associated with drug use.

Best of all there’s plenty of science to prove this. 

“A study conducted at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Beijing found that saw palmetto induced the down-regulation of DHT, the hormone that leads to prostate enlargement.”

So if you want to help keep cancer healthy (and comfortably) sized prostate, at bay then saw palmetto could be the way 

2 - More on Prostate Enlargement

The older men get, the more likely they are to develop this annoying and painful condition. Prostate enlargement is typically caused by things like changes in hormone levels, mineral deficiencies (mainly zinc) and aging blood vessels all which agitate the prostate and cause it to enlarge.

This enlargement puts direct pressure on the urethra (which passes directly through the prostate), and can lead to a host of health issues like:

  • Bladder issues
  • A diminished sex drive
  • Pain and difficulty in urination

And many more.

Saw palmetto helps to protect the prostate as it takes the sex hormone testosterone and neutralizes its tendency to stimulate the prostate into growing excessively. The other way it helps to protect the prostate is by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase. When 5-alpha-reductase is reduced, the prostate is less likely to become inflamed and enlarged.

One 2012 study conducted in Switzerland analyzed 82 patients in an eight-week trial; the patients took one capsule of 320 milligrams saw palmetto extract daily. At the end of the treatment, the International Prostate Symptom Score was reduced from 14.4 ± 4.7 to 6.9 ± 5.2. Investigators’ and patients’ assessments confirmed the good efficacy, and treatment was very well-tolerated and accepted by the patients.

3 - Saw palmetto can restore libido.

As men age their natural sex hormone production can begin to wane. It stinks it happens that way, but it’s life.

Millions of men find themselves much less enthusiastic about sex than they had been in their 20s and 30s, wondering how they ever got to be this way.

The good news here is saw palmetto has the ability to help restore their sexual urges. As you learned above, saw palmetto contains 5-alpha reductase, and this enzyme is what’s responsible for turning testosterone into DHT.

Well it just so happens that testosterone is really, really important in sexual health.

So when a man takes saw palmetto it means the production of 5-alpha reductase is reigned in and consequently he has more testosterone in his body.

More testosterone means a little more pep in the step if you will and can bring about notable improvements in the bedroom. This has now been proven in several studies.

One of the more convincing is a study that followed 69 men who suffered from an enlarged prostate. Over the period of eight weeks all were given saw palmetto as a supplement to help with their enlarged prostates; of the 69 participants 64% of the men had improved erections and 54 % had improved sex drives.

So if you want to possess the sex drive of a younger you (or you want your partner to), then saw palmetto can certainly point your body in the right direction.

4 - Saw palmetto can help prevent hair loss.

Not only does more testosterone in the body equal better erections and sex drive, it can also help men feel more attractive.

That is if they equate their sexiness with the amount of hair on their head.

As you know DHT presents several problems, most of those related to prostate health.

However there are some additional problems the increase in DHT can lead to the loss of hair, because a man’s hair follicles are quite sensitive to the presence of DHT in the body.

DHT actually makes hair follicles close up and become smaller, which reduces their ability to produce hair, eventually eliminating hair growth altogether.

It’s like it bullies a man’s hair follicles into never doing their job again. If you’re afraid you might lose your hair, then saw palmetto might be able to help.

Though there’s not a large pool of evidence to draw from, several studies have indicated saw palmetto supplementation can help restore hair density. A study in Colorado showed when men and women who were losing their hair applied a topical solution of saw palmetto to the affected areas 35% of them had an increase in hair density.

The Final Word

Saw palmetto is well-tolerated and is known to be relatively side effect free. I would recommend speaking to a physician before supplementing with it, especially if you’re already on medications of any kind.

You can get a high quality, low cost Saw Palmetto right here, or by clicking on the image below.


Talk soon,

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