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Why A Max Strength K-2 Is a Great Choice

Why A Max Strength K-2 Is a Great Choice

Dr. Wiggy and Dr. Lantelme were some of the first physicians in America to make their own vitamin K-2 MK7.

As you may know from many of Dr. Wiggy’s writings and reports, there’s great evidence to support the claim that vitamin K-2 is one of the most important nutrients for bone and heart health.

Especially when you consider that most people don’t get enough of it through dietary means.

Over the years the doctors here have recommended it to thousands of customers.

And with each passing year, the doctors come out with a new formula.

If you want to get the highest strength dosage we offer, then our REFORMULATED High Dose Vitamin K2 MK7 MAX 300 mcg should make it into your cart now.

We’ll get into the exact reason why here in just a moment.

Why You May Need A MAX Strength Vitamin K-2

Vitamin K-2 isn’t just something you take to feel better. It’s critical to the healthy development and maintenance of bone and heart tissue.

We’re meant to get it from our diet, but not many of us want to eat (or have access to) the kinds of foods that give us the amount we need to maintain good health.

We recommend a MAX Strength K-2 because it imparts a ton of unique benefits.

Easily one of the most important is how it supports your body’s ability to build bone and pull calcium out of your bloodstream for heart health.

We’ve found the minimum amount to take for any effect is around 150 mcg.

And that’s for your average person.

Depending on age or size, you likely need more. The older you are the bigger the need for K-2 to help maintain healthy bone formation and the larger you are the more you need to move throughout your body.

Plenty of people do well with 150 mcg, but they are typically younger and lighter.

Hence the need for a high dose like the REFORMULATED High Dose Vitamin K2 MK7 MAX 300 mcg. It offers double the minimum amount needed and the new formulation promotes maximum bioavailability.

We’ve discovered through testing in our office that this formula is far more effective at increasing blood levels of K-2 than other products (including our own lower-strength formula… which is still awesome).

We hope that you can see the benefits, many of our customers do.


A Vital Supplement

On the surface, I can see more enamel on my teeth. I can only imagine how this has improved overall bone health. Do the research on all the benefits this delivers and you will make this part of your daily routine.

If you want to read more reviews about the product click here and then click the reviews link at the top.

Remember this too, it’s on sale for the time being.

Using the coupon code K2MAX1 gets you a nice discount of 15% off.

Remember this as well, it expires on 8/29, so be sure to use it now!


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