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Why a D3 + K-2 Supplement Could Be Critical For You

Why a D3 + K-2 Supplement Could Be Critical For You

Dr. Wiggy has written a ton of articles on a wide-variety of vitamins, but easily the ones he believes are most critical to supplement with for supporting multiple factors of health are vitamin D3 and vitamin K-2.

Not that these vitamins are “better” than any others per se…

But more because many people are severely deficient in them.

Vitamin D3 is one of those vitamins many of us here in the U.S. don’t get enough of because we’re not outside enough or we live in environments where the sun doesn’t provide us enough D during the winter.

And vitamin K-2 is one of the few vitamins that we used to get in great supply from our diet 200+ years ago… but fail to get in the recommended amounts because of alterations in how we eat.

For years Dr. Wiggy has recommended that we take both of these in order to support healthy levels of these essential vitamins.

And while it was never a big deal, that meant taking 2 capsules.

It did mean that you had to remember to buy bottles of both.

To make sure that you always have these two vitamins on hand, we created a combo capsule that allows you to purchase both of these vitamins at the same time (in 1 easy to swallow pill)!
Each bottle contains 100 capsules so that you’ll always have the same number of capsules to supplement with.

Even better is buying the combo helps you save money.

Why D3 + K-2 Are a Match Made In Heaven 

Here’s the deal with vitamin D3 and vitamin K-2. Both of them are essential for several areas of health.

They’re both needed to keep the cardiovascular system working well.

You need them both for bone health.

And you need them in concert with each other to help with immune system function.

If you take one without the other (and you’re deficient in both to begin with) you’re not just wasting money… you’re not helping yourself out healthwise either.

How do they work together exactly?

For bone health vitamin D3 acts as a signalling agent that helps to extract calcium from the gut and into the bloodstream. Once vitamin D3 does that, vitamin K-2 has the job of telling  calcium where it is most needed.

This process has a positive effect on the heart too. For instance if you had vitamin D3 pulling calcium into the bloodstream but no K-2 to tell it where to go it could pile up in the arteries. Which isn’t what you want to happen if you like your heart to remain healthy.

And each of them works together to help keep blood sugar balanced by enhancing insulin sensitivity. 

Proof exists that people with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood have better control over their blood glucose levels.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Diagnostic Research compared the levels of vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium in patients. Researchers examined 30 patients with blood sugar concerns and 30 matched controls. Glucose, insulin, and vitamin D3 levels were measured using fasting blood samples. Compared to vitamin D3 levels (19.55 ng/mL) found in the control group, levels of vitamin D3 (12.29 mg/mL) in the group with blood sugar concerns were lower. In that same group, calcium and magnesium levels were low too, whereas fasting glucose and insulin levels and insulin resistance are higher than the control.

And vitamin K-2 has a similar influence - which means when taken together you can get some serious results.

Support Great Health and Support You Pocket Book

The truth is if you are deficient in both of these vitamins then taking each of them together can help you hit a list of different health goals.

Our combination capsule delivers doctor-tested (and doctor approved amounts) for helping you remain healthy for years to come.

You can take it with confidence knowing hundreds of studies show these vitamins are helpful for keeping you in amazing shape…

And you can take it knowing that for a few cents a day you’re getting top-quality vitamins tested in our offices for efficacy and potency.

Get yours here now!


Talk soon,

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