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Which is better D-3 or K-2?

Which is better D-3 or K-2?

In the battle of “what vitamin is better” that really isn’t being waged anywhere in the world…

We thought we’d add some levity to the situation so you’d know where to focus your purchasing power.

Certainly the past few years the mainstream media has picked up on numerous vitamin D-3 studies. Just this past year a big hullabaloo was made about vitamin D-3 and how it could help deal with the pandemic.

And even before that there were soundbytes on media channels nationwide talking about its role in heart health, bone health, as well as mental/emotional health.

Without a doubt vitamin D-3 is critical to feeling good and living well.

Interestingly enough, another vitamin has been making waves these past few years, just not as many as vitamin D-3. This vitamin is not as well-known and is often confused with a close cousin.

We’re referring to vitamin K-2, of course, which many people confuse with vitamin K-1. Vitamin K-2 doesn’t receive nearly as much airtime despite the fact that it is one of the most critically important nutrients involved in bone formation and strengthening. It also is key to a healthy heart and is one of the more important elemental nutrients for immune health.

Vitamin K-2 doesn’t get as much attention because 1.) you can’t just go outside and sit under the sun’s rays to get it… and b.) because if you want to get it from all-natural sources you tend to eat foods that a lot of people don’t really care to eat.

The truth is neither is better than the other and both play an equally important role on health, which we’ll touch on in a second.

The combo capsule already gives you a substantial discount, and this coupon makes it even more affordable. So be sure to get yours today while it’s still on sale.

Why Almost Everyone Should Supplement with K-2 and D-3

Almost every single person in America could stand to supplement with these supplements. 

For 2 reasons. 

Well 1 reason but 2 different factors contribute to the need.

Most everyone could be considered deficient in these vitamins. 

When it comes to vitamin D-3, most people in the U.S. are deficient - especially in the winter - as the main factor contributing to proper levels (exposure to the sun) doesn’t occur like it once did.

For one, we used to spend way more time outdoors. Now we sit inside in A/C and rarely venture into the sun.

And even if you were out in the sun during the summer, during the winter if we do make it out the sun’s rays aren’t strong enough to help you convert UVB rays into D-3.

Vitamin K-2 deficiencies are a little bit more problematic for a more severe and depressing reason.

America has a systemic problem with eating well. A few hundred years ago everyone on the planet ate foods that delivered K-2 in copious amounts thanks to eating almost entirely “natural.”

Now our fixation on eating processed foods, even “healthy” ones, has left us devoid of this essential nutrient. 

Dr. Wiggy’s so passionate about making sure people know about vitamin K-2 that he once wrote a 30-page report supporting the use of K-2 to help support perfect heart, bone, blood sugar and brain health.

Obviously he’s going to advocate for getting it from your diet. But he knows that’s hard because it’s difficult as well as expensive now to get the foods you need to get K-2.

Hence the need for supplementing with both.

We created our K-2/D-3 combo to give you 60 capsules that contains both of these nutrients. Each capsule you therapeutic amounts so that you’re able to derive the full benefit.

And you can get it here!

Pick yours up now!


Talk soon,

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