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Using NeuraVena® To Boost Brain Health

Using NeuraVena® To Boost Brain Health

One of the reasons people are speculative about the efficacy of supplements is that there’s not nearly as much money invested into the science of supplements as there is in pharmaceuticals.

Of course, that’s not always been the case.

When we first started creating pharmaceuticals (we, meaning the medical community) as far back as medieval times, almost all science was focused on natural products.

In the past 100 years or so the vast majority of scientific pursuit has been focused on inventing new chemical substrates to help build new treatments.

Some people, including myself, don’t believe that we always need to invent something entirely new out of chemicals that have less than stellar track records to support our health.

Thankfully, there are a number of labs across the U.S. who pursue the study of 100% all-natural ingredients to help us support our health.

One of the more interesting (and more effective products) that researchers have made is called NeuraVena®.

At first glance, you’d think that NeuraVena® is a pharmaceutical.

But, it’s really just a brand name for a product that comes directly from one of the more common plants on the planet.

The oat plant.

NeuraVena® comes from a proprietary kind of oat herb known as Avena sativa L. The reason scientists selected it has to do with its biological activity profile - which essentially means they liked how well it interacted in the human body.

Studies show it supports mental fitness and cognitive function which basically means it keeps your brain sharp and clear so that you can get the most out of that organ in between your ears.

Even better is it’s not just backed by clinical research, it’s safe to use too.

This particular product is awesome and you can access its health-supporting activity by way of taking Dopa-Mind from Life Extension.

This product is available on both our online and offline store.

Now it’s time for you to see just how powerful NeuraVena® and Dopa-Mind are.

Dopa-Mind For Top Shelf Brain Activity

Your brain is the control center of your body.

By weight, it is the energy-hungriest organ you possess. As many as 40% of your daily caloric expenditure occurs as a result of brain activity.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to do things like eat well, exercise, not smoke or drink to excess and more. Because when you do that it helps to offer your brain unrestricted abilities to think without barriers.

However, even if you do all of that, there’s still a chance you may need additional support.

That’s where Dopa-Mind and NeuraVena® come in.

The compounds inside of NeuraVena® have the remarkable ability to change how your brain works.

Human studies show that when subjects took NeuraVena®  the region of the brain known as the “left frontotemporal area” showed enhanced activity. Much of your cognition (your thinking ability) takes place in this region of the brain.

The manufacturers of NeuraVena® said this in the write up on the effects of  NeuraVena®:

“Effects of intake were explored using the Stroop color-word test, an accepted model for concentration and alertness. Statistically significant effects were linked to Neuravena® intake using a battery of tests selected to allow assessments across the major cognitive domains, i.e. concentration, executive function and episodic memory (COMPASS).

Green oat extract supplementation has further been reported to improve vasodilator function in systemic and cerebral arteries in older adults.”

What does that all mean in regular terms?

Well one thing it means is NeuraVena® can help enhance blood flow into certain parts of the brain for maximal function as it relates to learning and thinking.

Remember, your brain is your body’s control center, so there are thousands of processes it regulates that you never actually think about and don’t affect your cognitive ability.

The ability of NeuraVena® to support cognition means the number one thing people want their brain to do better...actually can happen!

Additional studies both in animals and as well as in the lab show that NeuraVena® can actually do even more than just help with blood flow to the left frontotemporal area.
In an in vitro study NeuraVena® was shown to inhibit degradation of biogenic amines and cyclic adenosine-3, 5-monophosphate.

 We’ve seen that as the levels of these substances decline it can result in brain waste.

And because NeuraVena® helps them to stay around longer it means you can expect to maintain top-shelf brain activity.

In an animal study, subjects that took NeuraVena® for seven weeks and were given a series of behavioral tests showed that they improved learning, a finding thought to stem from enhanced alertness and stress-coping capabilities.

And in yet another animal study researchers studied the electric brain activity of rats after they were given Neuravena®.

The scientists observed that all areas of the brain were changed in some way, but the hippocampus — a part of the brain involved in forming memories — and dopamine pathways - was most affected, which made the researchers conclude that Neuravena® does have a positive influence on cognitive function.

Plus, people who take it generally report positive interactions with this supplement.

Which is why I’ve given it two thumbs up as well.

Get Some Dopa-Mind For Yourself Today!

I’d encourage anyone who wants to feel extra sharp, extra alert (and a little bit smarter) to try out Dopa-Mind.

It’s got a solid track record…

Is safe to take…

And it is all natural.

So I don’t know what you’ve got to lose, but I know you have plenty to gain.

Head here to grab a bottle.


Talk soon,

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