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Turmeric For What?

Turmeric For What?

We love turmeric here at Health As It Ought To Be

For one, if you begin incorporating it into your diet via turmeric powder, you get some of the health benefits it offers while also getting a ton of the flavor it imparts in dishes.

The facts are turmeric is one of the most versatile spices on the planet and it’s why billions of people use it in their recipes daily.

But, beyond helping out with flavor enhancement, there’s what turmeric can do for you.

Dr. Wiggy has written extensively about turmeric over the years (blog posts on turmeric are at the bottom of the page), and it’s why a turmeric supplement was one of the first supplements he ever created.

Today, after years of refining our supplement program, we believe that one of the purest and most effective turmeric supplements is the one we make.

Dr. Wiggy has sought to ensure that the turmeric he recommends to help support people’s health is of the highest quality, and the truth of the matter is, with thousands of studies to support its use, there’s never a good time not to be taking turmeric.

What Do Studies Say about Turmeric for Health

As we mentioned, thousands of studies have featured turmeric as the focus of their inspection.

So, what do those studies conclude?

Simple, turmeric truly does some amazing things inside the human body and under the microscope.

Let’s just take a sampling of the findings of the numerous studies to illustrate why this is such a potent herbal supplement. 

1 - Helps to Support Brain Function

Turmeric is often believed to be one of the best foods for helping you maintain maximal levels of great health.

It turns out turmeric may also be one of the best agents at inducing the release of BDNF, which is a must for brain release. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric that influences cellular health has been shown to significantly increase BDNF.

As the Australian Spinal Research Institute noted, “In mouse studies, it’s believed that curcumin elevated BDNF production in the hippocampal region… [which was shown to exhibit] improved cognitive function. Another study showed that curcumin supplementation increased levels of BDNF.

2 - It’s a Potent Antioxidant

The more you can do to reduce free radical effects on your body, the better your chances are of experiencing health as it ought to be.

And the best way to do that is through exposure to antioxidants 

The best news is curcumin's antioxidant properties have been tested extensively, and its antioxidant power alone qualifies it as a great supplement. Plus, curcumin does something quite fascinating when it comes to how it interacts with your body; it actually works synergistically with your body to boost its own antioxidant enzymes. 

3 - It Helps to Modulate Pain:

​​Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help to regulate 2 inflammatory pathways in the body. By modulating the pathways, it can actually control inflammation so the pain doesn’t rise up in the body. It doesn’t neutralize pain… but definitely affects how bad it could get and tames it, so to speak.

It’s also been shown to work on slowing the production of certain proteins that are associated with the expression of neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain is the kind of pain you feel even after an injury has healed, which makes it particularly frustrating.

Plus, it can disrupt how pain receptors responsible for nociceptive pain send signals throughout your body. Hence, reducing how much you feel pain.

Turmeric Is Great!

All of these are great reasons to take turmeric, but they’re definitely not the only ones!

Grab a bottle today and take it for 30 days and see how you feel? We promise you won’t regret it!

Click here to buy a bottle today!


Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be

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