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Robuvit® Is Great At Boosting Energy Naturally

Robuvit® Is Great At Boosting Energy Naturally

You may be an athlete, and you may pretend to be one, or maybe you think of yourself as a couch potato.

All through school, including through college, I was an athlete.

And while I don’t mean to say this in a braggadocious kind of way, I was an elite level athlete who played NCAA soccer for 4 years at Wake Forest where we were in contention for the National Championship several years.

I only say this to mention I know what it’s like to be an athlete who wants more energy so I can perform at my best.

And if you’re an athlete, or not, I know you also are interested in how you can boost your energy levels too.

That’s why it’s fascinating to know that an extract from an Oak Tree in France has been clinically shown to help boost the energy levels of professional triathletes.

That’s a big deal as triathlons are one of the most physically gruelling activities you can do.

I’ve written about this extract before, it’s called Robuvit®.

This extract is isolated from the bark of the French oak species known as Quercus Robur. For centuries people throughout Europe used it for the exact reason I’m going to write about it today.

Waning energy levels are a thing patients complain about to me all the time. And I get it, life is demanding and there’s always something in life that will wear on you and make you think you don’t have what it takes to make it another minute without a nap.

Robuvit® may help you last longer and feel better.

So, keep that in mind the next time you feel like you’re an Energizer bunny who’s on his last battery.

20 Studies Show Robuvit® Is Great At Boosting Energy

Robuvit® is great at boosting energy levels, but we didn’t always have any evidence to show that was true.

Sure, people used to chew on the bark and claim they felt better, but did science support that?

Well, it couldn’t really because the modern scientific method hadn’t been formalized and people didn’t know how to extract Robuvit® from bark.

Fortunately, now that we’ve graduated into the 21st century, we have the benefit of researchers being able to conduct extensive studies on the effectiveness of supplements on health.

Thus far, there have been a little more than 20 studies on Robuvit®, and almost all of them show clear evidence it’s wonderful at adding a little pep in your step, or zip in your…(nothing rhymes with zip that makes sense).

Since I started this article talking about athletes, let me direct you to the studies on triathletes.

Italian researchers studied how it would affect the athletes in their quest to dominate their sport.

Following 54 amature triathletes over the course of 2 weeks, they discovered that when they took 300 mg of Robuvit® a day it helped them to reduce the severity of muscle cramps and pain, while also improving their energy output for better performance.

And Fred Pescatore, MD, an integrative physician in New York, and author of The A-List Diet. said this of his experience with athletics and how he felt after taking Robuvit®.

At 57-years-of-age he started doing trapeze workouts twice a week (sounds fun). As he mentioned, in trapeze “You use every muscle in the body, and it’s intense,” he says. “The first time I did trapeze, I literally couldn’t move for a week. The second time I did it, I took Robuvit® two days before and I was a completely different person.”

But, you may wonder, what does that mean for me if “I’m just a regular person who considers walking to the front door enough exercise for the day?”

First, I’d say, you may want to exercise more…

However, if you want to know how Robuvit® is able to affect energy levels for the average Joe, some of those 20+ studies may have some insight.

A study following individuals with a diagnosed problem of constant fatigue discovered that taking Robuvit® at 200 mg a day over the course of 6 months helped them feel better and significantly improved their energy levels.

And people who struggled with something known as Burnout Syndrome (BOS), were shown to experience “lower emotional drainage, fatigue and intolerance,” by taking just 300mg of Robuvit® a day. 

And if you want to know how it works, I can explain that simply, or I can explain and be complicated.

I’ll go with simple today.

Robuvit® does the following:

  • It helps to boost the function of your cells mitochondria and ribosomes, which are critically important to cellular energy.
  • It helps to improve protein synthesis, which contributes to better energy product.
  • Helps to lower oxidative stress which allows for more energy in other parts of the body.

We’re still learning more about Robuvit®, but I think that based on the current amount of research we’ve collected, new studies are only going to deepen our understanding of exactly how it works.

If I were to recommend any brand of supplement with Robuvit®, I’d go with Life Extension Energy Renew.

A great reason to go with Life Extension is you know the quality of the Robuvit® they use is top-notch.

While Robuvit® is a patented technology, different supplement makers are able to make it, and Life Extension is one of the best manufacturers around.

Plus, Life Extensions Energy Renew offers 200mg, which is the lowest amount seen in any clinical studies, which means it’s far better than the other versions where they offer just 50mg or 100mg.

We offer it on our online store, or you can get it at the office too.

Head here to purchase now.


Talk soon,

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