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Is This Condition Some Womens’ Fault?

Is This Condition Some Womens’ Fault?

Something a lot of people don’t want to hear is how diseases they end up developing are entirely their fault.

No one wants to show up in a doctor’s office and hear, “I’m sorry to tell you this ma’am, but you have such and such a disease and the reason you have it is because for 30 years you ignored the truth about X.”

And yet, more than 1,000 women will find out today they’ve developed a heart condition, in large part because of something they didn’t do.

In this case, the thing they didn’t do wouldn’t have just helped prevent various heart diseases, it would have also helped improve various other facets of their life.

You can probably already guess what I’m going to tell you.

But before I give it away, let me just level with you.

I want you to be healthy. So this isn’t a letter meant to guilt trip you, or meant to make you feel bad.

In fact, you should be happy to know we’ve discovered conclusive ways to help you be healthier than any time before in history.

If you listen to what the medical literature says, and follow the advice of not just myself, but of hundreds of thousands of other research professionals, you improve your chances of living an amazing life full of vibrant health, and with picture-perfect memories dramatically.

If this article makes you feel bad about yourself, do this.

Be encouraged to know that if you make small, simple changes starting today you can reshape your destiny.

With that being said, I’m happy to report that if women decide to commit to exercising they drastically improve their chances of avoiding various cardiovascular conditions.

New Research about Exercise And Heart Health You’ve Got to See to Believe

Exercise, in just about any capacity, gives women a chance to avoid developing serious heart conditions.

At least that’s what researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine want you to know.

In a recently published article, a team of scientists at the world-renowned University positively concluded that as many as 50% of women with cardiovascular disease suffer from this condition because they don’t exercise enough.

That’s as scary as it is uplifting.

It shows perfect heart health is well within most people’s reach; and all it requires is a commitment to better living to achieve it.

Not only that, but in a practical sense, exercise delivers a better quality of life overall. When you’re not struggling with your heart health, and you’re not paying for medicines, or surgeries, it means you’re free to live a life you love.

Which is exactly how the researchers writing the article positioned their conclusion.

They showed that women who exercised regularly had an extra $4,300 to spend on whatever they wanted because that’s how much they saved on healthcare costs. You read that correctly, exercise helped women keep more money in their pocketbooks and out of the hands of hospitals and insurance companies.

What’s somewhat depressing though is researchers noted that even though this was true, even though exercise helped improve heart health and saved money, the number of women who were exercising is actually going down.

Looking at the data, researchers found in 2015 62% of women ages 40-64 don’t exercise enough to affect their heart health. 

That was a 4% increase from when they started pulling data back in 2006.  Back then, it was only 58% women.

If This Worries You I Encourage You to See This

If you’re reading that and it worries you then I suggest you take a look at this.

Exercising to decrease the likelihood you’ll develop cardiovascular disease doesn’t require drastic changes in your life.

And that’s because doing simple, cost effective exercises like running and jogging, or alternately HIIT (high intensity interval training) are both efficient and effective at improving health. 

You don’t need an expensive membership to a gym, or any kind of specialized equipment to see results. If you want to see a few articles I’ve written on “the perfect exercise click here or here.

Beyond that, you don’t need to work out every single day to alter the course of your life and change your risk profile.

Exercising 4-5x a week is more than enough to help affect your cardiovascular health.

And if exercising that much still isn’t a possibility, there’s something else you can do, something the study didn’t mention but is just as important for heart health.

Changing This Also Helps Prevent Poor Heart Health

Changing your diet also helps influence your risk of developing heart disease. Your diet plays as much of a role in your heart health as exercise, if not more so. 

Truthfully you could exercise every single day for 2 hours a time and sabotage your health goals by eating improperly.

It’s for this reason I recommend switching to a ketogenic diet, as the ketogenic diet is clinically shown to help support various aspects of heart health. 

In a recent study published in the medical journal Experimental & Clinical Cardiology researchers concluded that participants who were on a 24-week ketogenic diet actually experienced an increase in heart health.

Then there’s the study of the elite African warrior tribe - the Masai… 

In a study of this tribal group it was revealed that even though they ate a staggering amount of fat (somewhere around 80% of their diet)… 

Researchers discovered their heart health was much, much better than that of surrounding populations who ate a low-fat diet.

Surprisingly, there are even more studies showing just how good ketosis is for your heart.

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published an extensive review analyzing how high-fat/low-carb diets affected heart health as compared to high-carb/low-fat diets.

The review analyzed 32 different studies on the subject - and they discovered something incredible.

Contrary to what most people believe about fat and cholesterol levels, the researchers discovered people who had high-fat/low-carb diets were much more likely to have improved cholesterol levels compared to those who didn’t.

That’s 32 separate studies…

All showing that eating a ketogenic diet improves (not harms) cholesterol levels. 

It’s that easy to improve your heart health.

If you want to help supplement a ketogenic diet with an easy-to-make and absolutely delicious meal I recommend the Ketox Shake (formerly called the Satiate Shake).

The Ketox Shake
 is a precise blend of fat, carbs, and proteins that’ll help fuel you all day long, exercise or not. 

With the ketox shake added into your daily routine you’ll have the energy you need to get your workouts done and you’ll also help maintain ketosis, which is essential for making a ketogenic diet work.

My patients love the Ketox Shake. Everything from the taste, how easily it mixes, and the added bonus of being filled with antioxidants has them raving.

If you’d like to get a container for yourself click here. 

You save $5 on it today if you decide to use our subscribe and save option. 

Click here or on the image below to get yours today.



Talk soon,

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