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If Your Kids Won’t Eat These - They Need This

If Your Kids Won’t Eat These - They Need This

Children aren’t known to be the most adventurous eaters.

Who can blame them?

Once they’ve had a taste of a sugary, sweet treat (like a fruit bar, or apple sauce), why would they want to eat something like kale?

Because children have such a wide array of food choices to choose from…

And because parents would rather their children eat something, anything, as opposed to going hungry…

Kids are missing out on some of the more nutritive food products out there.

That’s why the doctors here are quick to recommend that kids supplement with Raise Them Well Baby Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops.

This easy-to-take supplement offers a precise blend of 2 critically important nutrients that are needed for healthy development in any child (and adult for that matter).

Not only does Raise Them Well Baby Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops provide vitamin D3, which is a must in the winter when exposure to sunlight is down…

It also provides them with vitamin K-2 in amounts they’d likely never receive eating the typical American kid diet.

As you’ll see, getting picky eaters to eat foods that are rich in K-2 isn’t a simple task.

Now, onto the list of foods most kids won’t eat (but should) to get vitamin K-2 in their diet.

Most Kids Don’t Really Like These Foods…

No sense in rehashing what we know about kids and picky eating, as their dietary aptitude can change from week to week.

All we can do here is give you a list of foods known to contain vitamin K-2 and see if you can get your child or grandchild to eat them.

If you can’t. Then giving them Raise Them Well Baby Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops will make tons of sense.

1 - Natto:

This fermented soybean paste is so off putting, that many adults can’t stomach it. However, it’s one of the best dietary sources of vitamin K-2. Popular in Japan, a small serving of 100 grams offers 108 micrograms, which is just shy of what Dr. Wiggy recommends for daily intake.

2 - Eel:

Again, most adults aren’t big fans of these slithery animals, alive or cooked, but the fact is they are a great source of vitamin K-2. A single, 100 gram serving is going to give you (or a child) roughly 63 milligrams of K-2 which is more than enough to cover a growing child’s needs.

3 - Beef Liver:

In case you’re starting to notice a trend, many of the foods that are good for you when it comes to obtaining recommended levels of vitamin K-2, aren’t exactly the most appealing; that’s true for children and their parents. Beef liver isn’t necessarily a superstar when it comes to vitamin K-2 amounts, but it’s no slouch. 100 grams will give you 11 micrograms of this much-needed nutrients

4 - Sauerkraut:

One of the more popular fermented products sold in grocery stores is a decent source of vitamin K-2. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage and people love it because of its sour flavor.

Not only does the fermentation process boost other factors of health (like gut healing and immune system support) it is great at giving you supplemental K-2.

A 100-gram serving provides roughly 3 -- 5 micrograms.

5 - Cheeses:

Most kids like their cheese melted and on noodles or bread. Which is a shame because cheeses are some of the healthier and more potent sources of vitamin K-2 around.

Obviously there are different kinds of cheeses, and the varieties of cheeses will have different levels of K-2.

Sadly, the higher the amount of K-2, the less likely your children are to love it.

Common cheeses with the highest amount of vitamin K-2 per 50-gram serving include:

  • 50 micrograms in Munster
  • 34 micrograms in Camembert
  • About 32 micrograms in Edam and aged Gouda
  • 12 micrograms in Cheddar

6 - Egg Yolk

One of the best sources of vitamin K-2 are egg yolks. If the hens are eating a pasture-based diet, (or are cage free) you can expect one yolk to provide between 67 and 192 micrograms of vitamin K2.

That’s an exceptional amount, but, not every kid is a fan of egg yolks.

If Your Kids Won’t Eat Those Foods, Give Them This 

Even if your kid was the most daring child, you’d be lucky to get them to eat even 2 of these foods.

A quick survey will show most kids are going to turn up their nose at almost all of these choices.

And so, if you want them to get the recommended amount of vitamin K-2 in their diet the  Raise Them Well Baby Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops can help fortify their diet as we designed each drop to deliver a precise blend of these essential nutrients.

Remember, we give vitamin D-3 and vitamin K-2 to children so they can grow up without fear of becoming deficient (as so many American children are).

We believe this supplement is a must in the winter…

And would obviously be of benefit during the other months, too.


Talk soon,

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