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I Want Some Of You On Gooseberry

I Want Some Of You On Gooseberry

If you can’t tell, I enjoy writing funny, or somewhat humorous subject lines.

Medicine is typically viewed as being oh-so-serious. And you know what, it is.

But it’s serious so all of us can go about living our lives the way God intended. At least that’s what I believe.

Which is why whenever I come across some all-natural substance with a somewhat funny name, I have to write about it.

Today I’ll be focusing on Indian gooseberries, as well as an extract of black tea.

And the reason I’ve chosen to write about them is for people with heart concerns.

Inside of Indian gooseberry are some pretty incredible antioxidants that are known to support cardiovascular health like a champ.

Both of these are present in Advanced Lipid Control from Life Extension.

This is a top-rated supplement from one of the top-rated supplement companies in the world.

Indian gooseberry and Black tea theaflavins (polyphenols from black tea) have numerous scientific studies backing up their role in helping to support great cholesterol.

You can get it here on our online store (the coupon only works online I’m told). 

How Advanced Lipid Control Helps Support the Health Of Your Heart

Let’s talk about the state of your heart.

Right now as you read this, it’s beating anywhere from 50 beats a minute up to 80 beats per minute.

Some of you may have higher or lower heart rates, which is a sign you want to do all you can to support your heart health.

The same is true of cholesterol levels.

Some of you have cholesterol levels that you know could be an issue one day.

Advanced Lipid Control is a wonderful product that helps people maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The two ingredients I mentioned work together as a team to keep endothelial health in top-top shape.

Here’s how.

Indian Gooseberry:

As you might guess, this fruit hails from India. It’s sometimes known as Amal, but we’ll call it gooseberry for effect (and because it’s easy to remember).

As I mentioned, there are a litany of studies that show this fruit is helpful for keeping the cardiovascular system in great shape.

One of the more promising results is how it works on endothelial function.

FYI, your endothelium are cells that coat the inside of your blood vessels. One thing they are responsible for is how blood travels through your arteries/veins, and capillaries.

Studies in people showed that when they took around 1,000 mg of Indian Gooseberry daily it helped dramatically improve their endothelial function and rivaled traditional treatments in efficacy.

In addition to that, more human-based studies showed that when subjects took Indian gooseberry it helped to make the balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol so that they are in the healthy range.

By the way, a trick to remember what kind of cholesterol is good and bad. You can always say that the L in LDL stands for “lame” cholesterol and the H in HDL is “healthy”.

And as I mentioned earlier in this article, the antioxidant effect of Indian gooseberry is quite pronounced. Researchers have shown that the antioxidant effects may help to keep oxidative damage that’s associated with heart injury at bay, thus, helping to ward off potential problems in the future. 

Lastly, there’s a good chance that Indian gooseberry will even enhance blood flow which could help with maintaining normal blood pressure by way of exhibiting a vasodilatory effect on your circulatory system. Expanding the size of cells means less restrictions in blood flow which is a huge plus when you’re talking about how it helps your heart work less hard.

Black Tea Theaflavins:

You know tea is good for you, but do you know why black tea is so good for you?

It has everything to do with theaflavins.

Theaflavins are flavonoid with outstanding antioxidant benefits. And those benefits can provide overwhelming support for your heart.

Based on the evidence, theaflavins are helpful at keeping cholesterol levels in the healthy range.

In 2003 researchers looked at how theaflavins from black tea could help support the cardiovascular system.

They took 240 volunteers and gave them theaflavin extract. Their conclusions (though I think it’s somewhat off base knowing what I know about fat) is that “the tea extract enriched with theaflavins was an effective adjunct to a low-fat diet for [supporting healthier LDL cholesterol levels]. In addition, supplementing with theaflavins was well tolerated and no adverse effects were reported.” 

That’s why Life Extension put it in the Advanced Lipid Control.

There are additional studies to show that the antioxidant effects help to support other areas of health, so it’s not just cardiovascular support you’re getting from this amazing compound.

Grab Your Bottles Now

Someday soon I plan to unveil a similar product to Advanced Lipid Control.

We have our Circulation Syn3rgy, which is a great compliment to this.

For now, I give Advanced Lipid Control two thumbs up.

You can get it here on our store’s site (or in the store).

And remember, for the next few days you’ll be able to save 15% off with AUGLIPID.

It expires tomorrow at midnight,
so please grab your bottles now.


Talk soon,

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