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How to Properly Detox From Mold

How to Properly Detox From Mold

If you end up reading this article in 2024 you’ll never know that I had this article written to go out in March of 2020 and had to delay releasing it because of the coronavirus.

I hope that if you’re reading this in 2024 you can barely remember coronavirus.

Should that be the case then I know all of us will be quite happy.

Anyways, the obvious subject of this email is I want you to know how to detox from mold, which is one of the more common undiagnosed issues in America (and likely, the world).

I’ve written about the dangers of mold and believe that in a number of incidences, unresolved health issues could be the result of mold toxicity.

There’s only way to know if you’re being adversely affected by mold, and that is to test for mold toxicity. We offer those here at the clinic, and if you’re not local, there are ways to get tested for mold.

Once you test positive for mold, or if you assume you might be suffering from mold toxicity but don’t have a test, there are simple steps to take to detox.

Now when I say simple, I don’t necessarily mean they’re easy. For instance, step 1 is all about eliminating exposure to mold.

If your entire house is riddled with mold it might not be easy to mitigate it. On the other hand, a simple step to eliminating exposure is to remove the contaminated area - or moving homes.

So, let’s get into these steps needed to detox from mold toxicity.

3 Steps For Effectively Detoxing From Mold Toxicity

Mold is a pernicious enemy and has to be dealt with differently than other kinds of toxicity.

Because mold is alive, once it takes up residence in your body you’re going to have to purge this living organism.

In order to set up an effective battlefield and create the opportunity to kill mold effectively you have to first reduce exposure.

Step 1 - Reduce Exposure: 

To escape mold’s damage you have to lessen how often or how intensely you’re exposed to it.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Most people are exposed to mold in their home. In some cases it’s a small part of the home, maybe a bathroom or the kitchen. In other instances mold can permeate an entire house, which stinks to high heaven.

The only way to know is to test.

If you’ve discovered leaks in the home, or know of areas where moisture is a problem you can take samples from those areas.

If on the other hand you’re not quite sure, you can set up with a company I recommend contacting, envirobiomics.  They offer a test that assesses how “moldy” your home may be.

It’s not insanely expensive: $240-$420, depending on how quickly you’d like to see results.

Once you’ve discovered how moldy your home is then comes the process of remediation.

If you have a small area then you’ll want to work on clearing the area of mold. Since mold is problematic when blasted into the air I’d recommend working with contractors who specialize in abatement before refinishing your home.

If it’s spread throughout your whole home you may need to move. Moving to escape mold isn’t something many people will be forced to face.

The bottom line is if you want to get well, you can’t continue to be exposed to mold.

Step 2 - Begin Killing Existing Mold In Your Body:

As I mentioned, mold is a living organism. Once it has colonized inside of your body it wants to grow, and it wants to grow at the expense of your body’s vital systems.

Not everyone who is exposed to mold will have to worry about treating a colonization, but for those whose health issues simply won’t go away it’s more than likely the spread of mold through internal systems needs to be dealt with promptly.

Here at Robinhood Integrative Health we go through the following protocol.

We typically pair an antifungal treatment for this called Nyastatin/Amphotericin with probiotics.

Nyastatin/Amphotericin works to kill mold, and is not an antibiotic, so we don’t have to worry about it killing off good gut bacteria. When you take a probiotic while treating mold it helps to crowd out the mold and kill it early.

Step 3 - Enhance Detox: 

Once the first 2 steps are undertaken now’s the time to initiate the final purge of mold from the body.

The best way to do this is through the enhancement of detoxification of mycotoxins. 

This can be achieved through various means.  

I usually recommend some form of oral detoxification with liposomal glutathione and activated charcoal. 

At times I may also use a pharmaceutical binder called Cholestyramine.  

However, this causes a lot of constipation so is used sparingly. I have found the most effective way to detox from mold is with IV glutathione.  With IV glutathione you are supplying large doses of the body's natural detox molecule glutathione.  

Glutathione is naturally produced in our cells to bind toxins and help the body eliminate them in the urine and stool. 

Most people tolerate this treatment well but may feel crummy getting started since the initial treatments may stir up the toxins and the body can actually be exposed to more toxins for a short period of time.  

This usually doesn’t last long, sometimes a couple of weeks, but is worth it to make it out the other side. Another great therapy to enhance detoxification is the infrared sauna. This helps the body detox through the lymphatic system and sweating.

Feel Like You’re Dealing With Mold? Get Started Eradicating The Problem Today

Dealing with mold toxicity is a maddening issue that many people don’t even realize they’re battling.

Since this toxin is hidden in your home, there’s no overt sign you’re under attack.

And since many health practitioners aren’t trained to look out for it, not all that many people are being tested and healed of this issue.

If you’ve exhausted all possible avenues to discover what’s wrong with you, then you can take tests on yourself and your home to find out if mold is an issue.

Since I don’t deal with home inspections, I’d suggest talking to a realtor about that aspect of testing. 

For testing your body, I suggest either of the two tests we use in the office to evaluate mold toxicity:

            1) Great Plains Laboratory - GPL Myco-Tox

            2) Vibrant Labs Mycotoxin Screen 

The GPL Myco-Tox is a good place to start and is a little less expensive.  

The Vibrant Mycotoxin Screen is the most comprehensive mold test that we have available.

Then, you can also get your home tested.

If you take these tests and find out you’re positive for any strain of mold and want to get treated by us we can help you out through a patient consultation (we can do this by phone in some cases). 

If you believe you could benefit from LDN all you have to do is call the office to set up an appointment (first time patients call: 336-768-3335) or login to your online portal and set up an appointment there. 


Talk soon,

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