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Have You tried GREEN Coffee Yet?

Have You tried GREEN Coffee Yet?

Most of the time when you go to a coffee shop you’re asked whether you’d like your coffee black or not.

Rarely, if ever, has a barista asked you if you want green coffee… right?

As it turns out, green coffee and black coffee come from the exact same source (the coffee plant) and have equally potent effects on your health.

So what is “green coffee”?

Simple, it’s coffee that has yet to be roasted.

That means buying green coffee and using it as is will never result in you drinking a fresh pot of coffee. And in some instances this is actually highly desirable.

You see, green coffee beans share a similar chemical composition to roasted coffee beans. The difference is that green coffee beans happen to be much higher in concentration of a molecule known as chlorogenic acid. We could get into the specifics of what chlorogenic acid is composed of but what you really need to know is green coffee beans and extracts from this plant have pronounced effects on brain health.

Specifically, chlorogenic acid acts as an antioxidant, inflammation modulator, and is a boon to cardiovascular health.

It’s these qualities that inspired Dr. Lantelme and Dr. Wiggy to put it in their product “Brain Save”.

Brain Save features a potent extract of green coffee bean in addition to 9 other ingredients that all work together to keep your brain in top shape.

Go here to grab a bottle today.

Here’s What Green Coffee Extract Can Do For Your Brain

While green coffee beans are helpful at boosting brain health…

They’re not something you can just pop in your mouth and enjoy.

That’s why we use an extract of it in our capsule. By taking out the best parts of green coffee bean extract you get a lot of the brain support that all of us need.

As we discussed above, one of the things that chlorogenic acid does is help to ensure that the amount of acetylcholine circulating in your brain is at the normal level.

But, in addition to helping with acetylcholine, green coffee bean extract can also help support brain health in a few other ways.

A quick rundown of a few other things it can do are as follows:

It may help to keep blood pressure normalized by inhibiting another enzyme called 11-βHSD1. This enzyme influences the production of hormones that are known to affect blood pressure.

It can help to activate one of your brain’s most prolific neurotransmitter receptors (GABA). By doing this it can actually help to normalize mood and keep you feeling happy.

There’s evidence to show that chlorogenic acid can positively influence the release of Glucagon-Like Peptide (GLP-1).

GLP-1 is a hormone that can help to positively influence insulin levels and keep blood sugars balanced.

There’s even clinical evidence to show that it can help you keep weight off by working to balance cholesterol levels in addition to so many other things that are known to positively influence brain health.

Because chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract does all of this - and all of these benefits are known to help support a healthy brain...

And because Brain Save contains 9 other brain-healthy nutrients (which you can read about here) we’re happy to say this is absolutely one of the best supplements you could ever take for helping your brain. 

If you want to keep your brain performing at its best…

And if you want to keep it healthy for years to come…

You should grab a bottle of Brain Save today.


Talk soon,

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