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Don’t Let This Supplement Being Banned Stop You From Taking It

Don’t Let This Supplement Being Banned Stop You From Taking It

Recently, you may have heard stories about how a supplement that I’ve recommended over the years was being banned for sale to ordinary Americans.

It’s called NAC and its “drug-like” effectiveness is why some sites have banned the sale of this product.

I don’t think you should worry too much about these bans, and if you take NAC on a daily-basis the only thing I think that will happen is you support various aspects of great health.

NAC, which is short for N-acetyl-cysteine, is one of my favorite supplements, for a variety of reasons, but I don’t believe I’ve ever done a deep dive on how it can help people with concerns about their brain health.

The truth is NAC may be one of the best supplements to take if you want to support the health of your brain in a way that’ll make others actually take notice.

it won’t make you smarter, so I apologize if you thought I meant it would boost your IQ, but as you age, if you take NAC regularly, people may notice that you don’t seem to be affected by the cognitive decline that affects so many other people who advance in their years.

You’ll be more clear-headed than people who are in declining health.

Your recall for memory will impress.

And your ability to think on the fly may even amaze you.

How is all of this possible?

Allow me to show you.

How NAC Can Help Keep Your Brain Young And Agile

The more you do to keep your brain in tip-top shape, the better you’ll feel and the more likely you be able to deal with the onset of age.

The way NAC helps with your brain is by producing more glutathione.

This antioxidant is incredibly beneficial for detoxing and is also helpful for keeping your body in good enough shape to slow the progress of age-related neurodegeneration.

As with most things related to age, the older you get the less glutathione you make. When our glutathione levels start to drop it actually opens up chinks in our brain’s armor that expose sensitive brain tissue to oxidative stress.

When you’re unable to produce enough glutathione and the brain succumbs to oxidative attacks it can lead to any number of chronic health concerns.

And that’s where NAC comes into place.

Research has shown that when people are given NAC it is able to boost glutathione for the subjects who’ve absorbed the supplement.  The results were so significant that in some of the research around NAC’s influence on glutathione, researchers saw a rise in glutathione levels of 43% in all participants, and people with Parkinson’s actually saw an increase of 55%!

That’s truly remarkable and bodes extremely well for brain health.

Another way that NAC can help your brain is by modifying the production of neurotransmitters while also modulating their function. 

For example, there’s a neurotransmitter called glutamate (sounds similar to glutathione) and it’s essential for helping you learn, form memories, and influence thinking patterns.

Inside of your brain, there’s a receptor called the NMDA receptor that is a depository site for glutamate. 

Animal studies show that it also accepts glutathione, which has many researchers theorizing that if you were to increase your glutathione levels it can help to make the NMDA receptor site act “normally” while also improving how well glutamate signals throughout the brain.

Basically saying that if you’re able to maintain healthy levels of glutathione, glutamate that’s in your body may work supremely efficiently and you will benefit by feeling like you can learn without issues, and remember more than you could imagine.

Lastly, one other way taking NAC to improve glutathione levels could affect you positively is through how it may help to reduce homocysteine levels.

Unsure of how this is actually a good thing?

Homocysteine is an amino acid that is found in all of our bodies. When levels amplify in the body it can have damaging effects, including creating risk factors for cardiovascular health and increasing the risk of stroke.

The truth is if you want to keep your brain healthy, then pushing homocysteine down is one of the more manageable (and proven) ways to affect the gray matter between your ears.

And I say that knowing that researchers writing for the Journal Alzheimer’s Dis in 2018 concluded that elevated homocysteine levels were a modifiable risk factor that could lead to various chronic brain issues.

As we age, homocysteine levels start to climb because our glutathione levels decrease. This is why the obvious next step is to boost glutathione as best we can in order to modify homocysteine levels.

Clinical trials have shown that taking oral NAC can positively affect homocysteine levels which in theory should help you maintain perfect brain health.

These are just a few of the ways you can use NAC to help support better health.

You can also use it for protecting the liver when taking acetaminophen, for working out (helps modulate respiratory function), for detoxing, and much more!

**We do not sell NAC online currently, but is available at the patient store.


Talk soon,

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