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Combined Together, These 3 Herbs Are the Best Stress Defense

Combined Together, These 3 Herbs Are the Best Stress Defense

When was the last time you felt stressed out?

This morning? A few days ago? A few weeks ago?

If you were to answer honestly I’d imagine you’d say you felt stressed out more than a few times in the past 24 hours.

Stress comes to us in various forms. There’s environmental stress, emotional stress, and physical stress.

And what stresses some people out may not bother another.

We tend to think of stress as a bad thing.

It’s not always bad.

In reality, stress is needed so we can grow. Without stress you wouldn’t be fully human. It’s important at the cellular level (for instance stress on cells helps build immunity and stress on muscles causes them to enlarge) and it’s important mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

You may never have thought of stress as a good thing, yet for the most part, it is.

However, stress has the power to affect you negatively.

Too much of it at one time can cripple you and induce feelings of helplessness or anxiety.

And extended periods of stress have the potential to change your body and mind negatively.

This is why I recently created a blend of some of nature’s most powerful anti-stress herbs.

I’ve written several articles on each of these herbs before, but I only just released a product that delivers them to you in one easy-to-swallow capsule.

Let me show you what these herbs are, how they help you beat stress and then I’ll give you a chance to pick up a bottle of this new blend to help fight stress any day (or night) you choose.

How 3 Herbs Can Help You Fight Major Stress

There are a number of ways to fight and reduce stress that don’t require a supplement.

Meditation is one, prayer is another. Avoidance of stressful situations is an option, and science has even shown a 15 minute walk in nature helps reduce stress.

But if stress is a constant in your life and you need a simple and effective way to fight stress look no further than Ashwagandha Extract, Holy Basil, Rhodiola Extract.

All 3 of these herbs are adaptogens.

Adaptogens are plants known to help your body reduce the physiological harms of stress.

They are a “forcefield” that’ll help your cells stay safe and protected when assaulted with various forms of stress.

In my new formula Adrenal Syn3rgy, I included 200 mg of Ashwagandha. Let me show you why this herb is important for stress relief.

1 - Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is a type of ginseng and for the past few thousand years it’s been a go to herb for helping support responses to stress. The ancient people who used it had no idea how it worked, but now we know ashwagandha may help to modulate hormone levels, balance blood sugar and even influence neurotransmitter function.

A recent study showed ashwagandha helped modulate GABA signaling. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter whose main job is to prevent over excitability of neurons in the brain.

If GABA signaling is interrupted negatively (which happens during stress and adrenal fatigue) it enhances the negative effect of stress.

A study by the journal Ethnopharmacology indicated taking ashwagandha provided "empirical evidence to support the traditional use of [ashwagandha] to aid in mental process engaging GABAergic signaling."

Ashwagandha also has a slight sedative-like property which helps to calm an overexcited nervous system. This is why Dr. Mercola recommends it: “Ashwagandha’s sedative properties may be involved in brain-boosting powers, as relieving stress and sleeping troubles may in turn benefit cognitive function.”

2: Holy Basil:  

If an herb has the word “Holy” in it you’d better believe it can do something special. Well, you’d suspect it does, at least. Holy basil, AKA “Tulsi” enjoys a rich history in Indian medicine. It’s regarded as a sacred plant.

Like ashwagandha, it is an adaptogen and may help your body rebound from dealing with stress/adrenal fatigue.

Holy basil contains two compounds which have been shown to combat the negative effects of temporary stress and adrenal fatigue.

Here’s a synopsis of two studies done on holy basil:

“An herbal preparation, which combined a standardized holy basil extract along with three other Ayurvedic herbs, has been shown to improve the body's ability to adapt to stress. The subjects were continually subjected to stress leading to elevated levels of stress hormones. Administration of the combination of herbs brought the hormone levels back to normal. Further testing revealed the combination also exhibited preventative effects against stress. When taken on an on-going basis, the combination reduced the level to which the hormones were raised following exposure to stressful situations.

When isolated and examined individually, holy basil significantly contributed to these effects. Several studies have shown that certain alcohol extractions of holy basil combat the effects of stress. Supplementation dramatically reduced the corticosterone level, helping the body cope with stress, elevating mood, and improving mental clarity.

There are plenty of additional studies showing how well holy basil will help fight stress and reverse the negative effects of overtaxed adrenal glands.

3 - Rhodiola Extract (fights stress and fatigue):

Unlike the previous two herbs, rhodiola doesn’t come from India, but actually comes from the northernmost parts of Russia and Siberia.

Up there, in the frozen tundra, rhodiola thrives.

And it does that thanks to various compounds that offer your body a chance to resist stress.

There’s plenty of scientific support for using rhodiola and stress relief.

In a recent study, 101 people who identified work-related stress as a factor in their lives were asked to take 400 mg of rhodiola a day for four weeks.

At the end of the three week period all of the people who took the rhodiola said they reported less fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety than they did before the start of the study.

This study was followed up by another similar study where the majority of 118 people who said they had “burn out” because of stress reversed that burn out after taking 400 mg daily for 12 weeks.

I counted at least 22 other studies on rhodiola that lead me to believe it’s a great adaptogen for helping to fight excess stress and adrenal fatigue.

 Why Our New Adrenal Syn3rgy Is Perfect For Fighting Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Back in 2018 I Introduced Health As It Ought To Be Ashwagandha to our patients.

It quickly became a top-seller, and I realized many people were purchasing it because they wanted to take advantage of its anti-stress properties.

Knowing this, and also understanding that a large portion of the U.S. population deals with stress and adrenal fatigue, I decided to blend all three of the herbs you just learned about into one formula.

I knew, based on the evidence that this could help with the problem of overwork and overstress.

And I’m happy to announce we just started selling it in our physical store and online a few days ago.

This product gives you the most powerful forms of all three herbs in clinically effective dosages for serious stress protection.

You can take these for daily stress protection, or simply take when life seems to get a little rough around the edges.

To get yours click here, on the image below, or on any of the links above.


Talk soon,

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