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Bedtime Tricks That Help Improve Blood Sugar

Bedtime Tricks That Help Improve Blood Sugar

If you’re getting 7-9 hours not only are you doing yourself a lot of favors healthwise…

You’re also putting yourself on a path to better or worse blood sugar.

Mainly depending on what you do right before you go to sleep.

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you want improved blood sugar.

So that’s why I’m going to offer up some helpful tips that’ll improve your blood sugar so when you wake up, you’re starting the day off with the best blood sugar possible.

3 Easy Ways To Improve Blood Sugar Before You Go to Sleep

1 - Ditch the screen: Decades ago it would have been unthinkable that you could take a TV into bed with you.

Now it’s pretty much the norm to take our phones and their incredibly bright screens to bed with us… and then hang out in bed with them for half an hour or an hour before we go to sleep.

Well, it turns out screen time before bed is a bad idea. This includes computers, TVs and phones.

The reason they’re so bad for you, and for your blood sugar, is the screens send signals to our brains indicating it’s not yet time to go to bed… even if we’re tired and need to get to sleep fast.

These signals disrupt key hormones that are closely related to the product of insulin. The two main hormones our screens have an affect on are melatonin and cortisol.

The bright screens cause the body to not produce enough melatonin to induce restful sleep. Over time this may lead to increased cortisol levels which has been shown to lead to elevated blood sugar and eventual insulin resistance.

If you ditch the screen about an hour before you go to bed, your body is free to produce the right amount of melatonin you need, which means elevated cortisol and blood sugar levels might not be in your future.

2 - Add 30 to your sleep number: One of the most effective strategies for better blood sugar has to do with how much sleep you get.

The truth is if you were to add as little as 30 minutes to the total amount of sleep you get, you might see some incredible benefits to your blood sugar levels.

This is because an insufficient amount of sleep alters how the body produces and uses insulin.

If you’re getting too little sleep then your body isn’t using insulin correctly and your blood sugar suffers as a result.

In fact, getting too little sleep for an extended period of time could eventually lead to insulin resistance.

Sleep is so important for proper utilization of insulin that a recent study showed just one night of total sleep deprivation decreased insulin sensitivity more than 6 months of a an unhealthy diet did.

My suggestion is to add 30 minutes to the total amount of sleep you get and see how your blood sugar levels improve from there.

3 - Get extra magnesium into your body:  Magnesium is one of the most under appreciated and under utilized blood sugar treatments around.

The reason magnesium is so important is quite simple.

Magnesium is necessary for 300 different biological processes. If you’re deficient in it, many of those processes cannot be completed, which is a problem since many of these are closely tied to hormone regulation.

And disrupted hormones are tied with disrupted blood sugar levels.

One of the main ways magnesium influences blood sugar has to do with how it helps to regulate cortisol hormone levels. As I mentioned above in the section about screen time, if your cortisol levels are high for a long time it can lead to the presence of high blood glucose.

If you can’t get cortisol down, then it’ll be difficult to bring blood sugar down as well.

As you may know, cortisol is the body’s stress hormone. When you’re experiencing stress, your body elevates cortisol to help deal with the stress. When cortisol levels rise, it causes the release of glucose into the blood so you can use that blood sugar for energy.

The problem for most Americans is we’re under constant stress and our body’s cortisol levels never fall into the healthy range. And because of that, blood sugar stays high too.

Fortunately magnesium has the power to help lower cortisol.

Magnesium helps lower cortisol by helping relaxing your body to the point where once elevated levels of cortisol will actually fall.

Not only that, but introducing magnesium back into the body after extended stress is essential for better blood sugar.

And that’s because if you suffer from elevated blood sugar levels it actually causes you to lose magnesium through urination, which then leads to lower levels of magnesium.
It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s why getting extra magnesium into your diet is so important.

  Now That You Know These 3 Steps It’s Time You Know This

Now that you know about these 3 steps, I want to talk specifically about magnesium.

While you can get magnesium in your diet by way of food, for anyone struggling with blood sugar I recommend supplementing for rapid results.

Supplementing works because it helps replenish the magnesium you lost from having elevated blood sugar.

And, it helps to increase your relaxation, which will help improve your blood sugar levels in the future.

The magnesium I recommend to patients is Health As It Ought To Be Chelated Magnesium Malate

Our brand of magnesium has a unique chelated formula resulting in higher bioavailability.

Chelation is a superior process that binds amino acid proteins to the magnesium, which is what you want, since the human body just happens to be really good at absorbing amino acids.   

Malic acid (malate) is naturally found in fruits and vegetables and has the additional benefit of supporting ATP production and cellular energy.   

In spite of chelation being a costly process, our magnesium is more economical than similar dosages and strengths found on the internet. You get double the benefits — clean cellular energy and controlled blood sugar in one product.  

And, as always, you can rely on our purity and quality.

To get yours click here now to order.






Talk soon,

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