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A Cool Benefit of Vitamin K2

A Cool Benefit of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is one of Dr. Wiggy’s favorite supplements, we know, we’ve told you that before :)

But it should be repeated that he doesn’t just like it because he read 1 cool study on it.

Instead, Dr. Wiggy likes it because in a clinical setting it has been shown to do wonderful things for your health.

Like… help to support bone health…regulates vitamin D function… can maintain a healthy heart among other things.

One of the other benefits it has that you may appreciate is how it helps to support healthy blood sugar.

That’s right, if you want to keep your blood sugar in the healthy range then vitamin K2 MK7 (which is the supplement we carry on our store),  may be able to help.

Of course, getting it from a dietary source is best, but if you can’t (or don’t want to) then our Vitamin K2 MK7 150 mcg Supplement is a great bet.

For one it gives you the therapeutic dose needed to see benefit.

It’s also soy-free, which many aren’t.

And it’s incredibly affordable, just about a quarter a day.

It’s also our most-reviewed supplement. More than 223 reviews on our site here!

You probably already want a bottle, so if you do, click the link above.

If you want to see how it works to help with blood sugar, read on.

How Vitamin K2 Helps With Blood Sugar 

The thing that’s interesting about vitamin K2 MK7 is that the same thing that it uses to boost calcium absorption in the bones and teeth also plays a role in blood sugar levels.

K2 has also been shown to keep blood glucose levels normalized. This is due to the protein osteocalcin, activated by K2, which acts like a hormone and reduces both insulin sensitivity and blood glucose. 

The protein, osteocalcin, (which is what helps to stimulate bone health) can actually exhibit a hormone-like effect to help improve how insulin sensitive you are which can have positive effects on blood glucose.

It’s observed that people who are overweight tend to have lower osteocalcin levels, which is why taking a K2 MK7 supplement can give you the benefits of increasing the secretion and sensitivity of insulin as well as reducing fat storage.

This increase in insulin sensitivity and reduction in fat storage could have corresponding positive effects on your cardiovascular and skeletal health.

So you really can’t afford to be without proper K2 levels in your blood if you want to maintain great health.

Which is why you should grab a bottle now. Go here to grab one now.



Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be

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