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6 Biblical Oils and How to Use Them to Feel Better

6 Biblical Oils and How to Use Them to Feel Better

As a Christian, I turn to the bible frequently to help guide me through life.

I know not everyone shares my religious beliefs, and while I wish people would come to know the truth that brings me peace, I understand that people would have differing beliefs.

However, just because a person doesn’t believe in the Bible, doesn’t mean there aren’t things in it that can be used to enhance your life.

Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to some of the oils used in the bible.

From olive oil, to myrrh, there are a number of mentions of biblical figures using certain oils to help boost their health, or transform their life.

I’m going to have a little fun with this article, talk about some of these oils and show you how to use them to support your health. 

5 Oils Found in the Bible that Support Great Health

My list of oils found in the bible is rather short, at 5.

There are quite a few more, but I’m saving them for a later time.

The first oil I’ll start with is easily the most frequently mentioned oil in the bible. It’s one you likely use every few days, too. And if you’re not using it with some frequency… you should.

1 - Olive Oil:

Olive oil is mentioned with frequency because olives are heavily commoditized in the mediterranen.

The climate in the area is conducive to growing olives and making oil is a logical use of this fruit.

But what does olive oil do for us?

Let’s list off some of the benefits:

  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • Contains high numbers of antioxidants
  • Loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats
  • Helps to support heart health
  • Helps support healthy blood flow
  • Influences how blood gets in and out of the brain
  • Balances blood sugar

Adding a few teaspoons a day to your diet has been shown to help extend your life and also make your food taste great.

Olive oil is ubiquitous in the bible and the grocery store and for that reason I’m happy to recommend it with high praise. Just make sure you’re getting the right kind of olive oil

2 - Myrrh:

Myrrh was given to Jesus at his birth. 

While it’s not mentioned nearly as much as olive oil, it’s talked about enough that many people associate myrrh with the biblical narrative.

Myrrh was often associated with spiritual practices because it was an embalming oil.

But the good news is that’s not how you can benefit from adding it into your life.

One thing about myrrh is that it smells good. And that is why you can use it daily and still appreciate it too. Myrrh essential oil is highly regarded for its ambrosia that helps add distinct and pleasant aromatics to a home or office.

But, it’s also great for keeping us healthy. For one thing, it’s antibacterial. The reason it was used as an embalming oil was because it killed bacteria

In addition to being antimicrobial myrrh also does the following:

  • Helps to heal skin issues: The anti-microbial properties could help to prevent bacterial growth and heal old wounds.  
  • May help to relieve pain: Myrrh interacts with opioid receptors and can turn off signals that tell your body it’s in pain.
  • Can act as an antioxidant (more powerful than vitamin E).
  • Could enhance gut health: There are studies that show it may help to reduce stomach pain as well as preventing stomach ulcers.  
  • Kill mold: The use of myrrh in preventing mold growth has been supported by studies showing it can help to kill Aspergillus niger, a common mold that appears in damp areas, as well as killing A. flavus, a mold known to grow on food. 

3 - Frankincense:

Another oil with direct ties to the birth of Jesus, frankincense has some of the most well-documented abilities to support great health.

Studies show that it can help fight cancer. The journal Oncology Letters wrote that in studies of frankincense there was clear evidence it could kill breast cancer cells. By killing certain cell lines, it could halt and maybe even reverse certain kinds of cancer.  Keep in mind this is not a cancer cure, but frankincense has powerful anti-cancer properties which is very encouraging.

It also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which we know is one of the best things you can do to help relieve the threat of chronic inflammation. Several studies have shown frankincense reduces markers in the body that lead to inflammation. This suggests conditions caused by inflammation might be prevented through the application or ingestion of this amazing oil.

And one of the other things it may be able to do is support immune function:

Boswellic acid, the primary compound that we find in frankincense, has been shown to modulate your immune system’s response so it can fight off all kinds of unhealthy threats to your body.

You can see my article on frankincense here.

4 - Spikenard:

Spikenard, something you’ve probably never heard of… in the bible it’s probably the oil he was anointed with by an unnamed woman when she took the jar (which was worth a year's wages) and used her hair to wipe it on his feet.

But does it have any health-supporting properties?

Yes, it does.

One of the ones to highlight is how it can help support your body’s ability to fight inflammation.

In 2010 researchers at the School of Oriental Medicine (which is in South Korea) discovered that spikenard could be used to help fight acute pancreatitis, which is a disease of sudden and acute inflammation.

Their study results suggested that spikenard helped to relieve both the acuity and the severity of the pancreatitis. 

It also has been shown to help with the following:

  • Acts as an antifungal
  • Promotes feeling of relaxation in the body and mind
  • Supports immune function
  • May help promote hair growth
  • Can help you sleep better
  • May help to ease constipation

5 - Hyssop Oil

The hyssop plant is mentioned with some consistency in the bible, as this plant also grows quite well in the climate.

Hyssop is a versatile plant that shares a relation to the mint family. 

“Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) essential oil is made from the flowers and leaves of the plant bearing the same name. While the plant technically belongs to the mint family, the flowers look similar to lavender. It’s a staple in folk medicine, especially in Middle Eastern and Southern European regions, where the plant originates.”

In addition to that, many of the physical properties of hyssop plant help:

...alleviate the common cold

...reduce inflammation                                                             

...fight infection

...offer purifying boost to aromatherapy to reduce the skin irritation

Among other benefits.

This is a pretty interesting video on the uses of hyssop.

More Oils For Helping Support Your Health

I’m sure you’re fascinated to realize that the bible has so many oils in it that you can use for good health.

Of course, some of you probably aren’t that surprised.

Are there other oils in the bible that are helpful for boosting health?

The surprising answer is yes.

And I plan on writing another article on them in the future.

For the time being feel free to peruse the blog and take a look at my articles on coconut oil, and macadamia oil.

Or, check out this blog on essential oils that I wrote a few years ago. 


Talk soon,

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