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4 More Surprising Benefits Of Vitamin K-2

4 More Surprising Benefits Of Vitamin K-2

One of the first supplements I developed for the Health As It Ought To Be brand was a vitamin K-2 formulation. 

The story of how I came to discover the importance of K-2 is a long one, but suffice to say, out of all the supplemental vitamins on the planet I believe K-2 is one of the most important. 

If I didn’t, then believe me, I wouldn’t have put my family through the added stress of trying to create a supplement while also working full time as a physician. 

My guess is, if you’re familiar with me and my practice, you know the top 2 reasons to take vitamin K-2 are related to bone and heart health. 

If you’re unclear why, I’ll give you a brief explanation and provide you with some links to more of my writing on K-2. 

Simply put, vitamin K-2 helps pull calcium out of your bloodstream and gets it into your bones and teeth. This process helps build stronger bones and protects your heart (by way of getting calcium out of your arteries so it can’t cause the buildup of arterial plaque). 

This is the #1 reason to take vitamin K-2, and if you’d like to learn more then take a look at what I’ve written on my blog here.  

However, I’m going to bet a significant amount of coconut oil that you had no idea that K-2 has 4 other surprising benefits 

4 Amazing Ways K-2 Will Improve Your Health

Vitamin K-2 is an essential vitamin humans used to get plenty of in their diet. But that’s back when we relied heavily on foods like liver, heart, kidneys, fermented veggies, and real, grass-fed pasture-raised animal products. 

Problem is now, as we’ve switched to a more “advanced” diet, we’ve lost our access to K-2. 

Which is part of the reason our society experiences the health problems we do.  

Let me show you 4 areas of health K-2 is helpful at enhancing: 

1 - K-2 helps boost immunity: 

If you want to avoid getting sick you need a healthy immune system. Most people believe vitamin C or vitamin D-3 are the only vitamins associated with immune health.  

Not necessarily. 

As I mentioned above, vitamin K-2 is essential at helping to boost cardiovascular function (it helps clear calcium out of the blood stream). As it does this, the whole body is affected. Blood is the primary agent by which many of our body’s nutrients are brought to various parts of the body. 

Anything that impedes blood flow gets in the way of your immune system’s ability to do its job. 

Here’s a brief example. To help fight infections, your body activates white blood cells. Those white blood cells only ever make it to an affected area with the aid of a healthy cardiovascular system. If your cardiovascular system is struggling in any way then it interferes with their job.  

K-2 is essential for heart health, and when you take it, you’re improving your heart’s ability to pump blood through the body and increasing your body’s ability to fight off sickness.  

2 - It can improve brain function:   

Your brain can be a direct beneficiary of K-2, too.  

Research shows the same mechanisms that K-2 uses to protect your heart might also extend to brain protection too. Though studies are preliminary, the operating theory is that when K-2 pulls calcium out of the blood stream it also helps to prevent it from “piling up” inside the brain.  

We suspect that when this extra calcium makes to the brain it can cause damage to sensitive brain tissue, resulting in long term problems that affect cognition, memory, and more. 

There have also been a few studies involving people with known age-related memory loss and analyzing their K-2 levels. In one of these studies the researchers discovered those with the most severe symptoms of age-related memory loss, like recall, and slower brain function had the lowest K-2 levels.  

3 - it may improve skin appearance:  

Your skin’s appearance is often affected by the blood supply that brings nutrients to it. 

This is true not only superficially but beneath the surface as well. 

If you click on the links above, you’ll discover that the process K-2 uses to help improve bone and heart health is dependent on the product of something known as MGP (matrix GLA protein). MGP is what keeps your arteries clean and clear.  

Arteries are the largest transport highways for blood in your body. The next largest are veins. Studies have shown that when K-2 is present and activating MGP it may also prevent calcium from starting to stiffen the veins as well   

This has been shown in studies to help eliminate the unsightly appearance of veins beneath the surface of the skin.  

Another way it helps with skin’s appearance is by preventing excess calcium from moving to the skin where elastin (the compound responsible for skin’s elasticity) should be instead.  

There are epidemiological studies supporting this. As Kate Rheaume-Bleue writes in her book The Calcium Paradox

2011 research showed that women with extensive wrinkles were also more likely to have low bones mass. Other research has shown that Japanese women were less likely to have wrinkles than other cultures, and noted the natto (fermented soy high in K2) in the diet of Japanese women. 

And there are correlated studies to support this thought. 

In 2011, researchers presented findings at a meeting of the Endocrine Society in Boston that revealed that women in their 40’s and 50’s who have extensive skin wrinkling are much more likely than their peers to have low bone mass. 

4 - It may help you live longer:  

K-2 has some noted anti-aging effects. In fact, the Journal of Nutrition reports that the more K-2 in your diet the less likely you are to die from all causes.  

The most recent research we have on this association predicts that you’re 26% less likely to die from all causes when you’re in the highest bracket of K-2 consumption. 

The main thought here is that when you’ve got K-2 helping to keep your cardiovascular system healthy it means that there's less of a chance your heart health could snowball into more worrisome concerns... and that means you could live longer as a result. 

Now, Discover the Best K-2 to Get

As I mentioned, you can definitely get K-2 from your diet. It just takes the right foods and a healthy budget to buy them.

I’m a healthy eater myself and I still prefer supplementation because it guarantees I’m always getting the right amount of K-2.  

When I first developed my original K-2 supplement, the studies all supported 100 mcg as the correct dose. 

In the past year or two we’ve discovered the best dose. 

We’ve also discovered that many of the forms of K-2 sold in stores degrade over time

That’s why I work with a company to give you a more stable, longer lasting K-2. This one won’t degrade over time and guarantees potency

Best of all is you can get it for the price of the competitor’s K-2 that doesn’t carry it. 

To snag your own and to start experiencing all the amazing benefits of vitamin K-2 click here or on the image below

Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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