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Raise Them Well Kid Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Roll-On with Roman Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils - 89 ml

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  • Synergistic blend of Magnesium Oil and Calming Essential Oils (Roman Chamomile and Lavender) to Calm Even the Craziest Kids.
  • Gentle blend of Magnesium Oil, Essential Oils, and Aloe Vera so it will not burn or itch.
  • Magnesium Oil with Roman Chamomile and Lavender is a great combination to help with hyperactivity and trouble sleeping.
  • Easy Roll on Applicator to use on squirmy kids.

A Wonderful combination of Magnesium Oil and Roman Chamomile / Lavender Essential Oils to help calm hyperactivity and improve your child's sleep.

While Magnesium Oil is a great thing to use to help calm kids, don't just use any Magnesium Oil because most are made for adults. This makes them too harsh to be used for kids and will likely burn or irritate their gentle sin. Plus the spray on application is nearly impossible to apply evenly with squirmy kids.

We make our Magnesium Oils specifically for kids because we couldn't find one to use on our son. We make our Magnesium Oils with a gentle blend of Magnesium Oil and Aloe Vera and put them in an easy-to-use roll-on applicator that kid's love.

Most children do great with our Original Kid Safe Magnesium Oil but there were some that seemed resistant to it's calming effects, so we made it even better by adding in the safest and most calming essential oils Roman Chamomile and Lavender.This synergistic blend seems to work better for calming and improving sleep for even the most wound up kids. Often times parents report a noticeable change in behavior or symptom relief within 20 minutes of application. Also great to make part of bed-time routine to improve their sleep quality.

1. What type of magnesium is used in Calming Magnesium Roll-on?

Calming Magnesium Roll-on contains Magnesium Chloride, a highly absorbable form of magnesium that is effective for oral or topical use.

2. What time of day is best to apply Calming Magnesium Roll-on?

Our calming roll-on can be applied whenever calming is needed, but most use it at bedtime. We recommend applying about 20 minutes before bedtime.

3. What should I do if diarrhea occurs?

Discontinue the use of Calming Magnesium Roll-on until diarrhea ceases. Then, decrease the amount applied for future uses.

4. Can I use Calming Magnesium Roll-on after its expiration date?

Potency may decrease over time, but it is safe to use our calming roll-on after its expiration date.

5. Are there any interactions between Calming Magnesium Roll-on and prescription medications?

We recommend consulting your physician before the use of the magnesium roll-on.

6. Is it safe to use Calming Magnesium Roll-on while pregnant or nursing?

While we always recommend consulting your physician before using this or any supplement when pregnant or nursing, magnesium is very safe and often used during pregnancy and nursing.

7. Should you refrigerate Calming Magnesium Roll-on after opening?

Refrigeration is not necessary for the Calming Magnesium Roll-On.


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Label Information

Authentic Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride, Water, Aloe Vera and Trace Minerals, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender Essential Oils.

Apply to soles of feet or between shoulder blades for overall calming and relaxation. Apply to skin anywhere there are muscle aches or joint pains. Do not apply to face and avoid anywhere near the eyes. If contact with eyes occur, rinse eyes with water and contact the child's pediatrician. For best results use daily.

For topical use only. Recommended for kids 2 and up. Do not ingest.


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