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Your Kids Need This NOW to Fight Germs!

Your Kids Need This NOW to Fight Germs!

If you have kids then you know that the change in weather has done something to your children.

It’s turned a lot of them into outdoor loving juveniles who are getting messier and dirtier than they’ve been in the past few months.

Being outdoors is one of the best things about being a kid (and an adult), and the vitamin D they’re soaking up and the play they’re engaging in are super helpful at boosting their immunity and making them healthier.

That being said the frequency in which they’re coming into contact with germs is on the rise as they explore new parts of your yard or park.

As this is the case in these spring and summer months we wanted to alert you to the fact that one of our best-performing hand-sanitizers is on sale right now.

We made the Kid-Safe, Certified ToxicFree® Hand and Surface Sanitizer specifically for children because it is gentle, toxic-free, and powerful.

A few sprays on dirty kid hands will help to neutralize some pretty gross microscopic bugs! 

Uses Certified Toxic Free Ingredients

Easily the top reason to use this hand sanitizer over others on the market, even the supposedly natural and organic ones, is that the ingredients that this bug-killer consists of are actually safe for children.

As sad as it is to say, there are a ton of companies in the world who put pretty packaging on their products and make big, sweeping claims about how good their product is from a safety standpoint…

But knowingly deceive you about the quality and safety of their products. 

Some of the biggest brands are accused of something known as green washing. This unfortunate marketing practice makes it seem like products are environmentally friendly and safe when they’re anything but.

We won’t go naming products by name…

But it’s safe to say you’ve been tricked by these deceptive practices.

The nice thing about Kid-Safe, Certified ToxicFree® Hand and Surface Sanitizer is that it actually delivers on the promises of being safe. 

The 3 ingredients are Purified Water, Stabilized Oxygen, and Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (Coconut Derived). All of these are certified to be Toxic Free by the leading organization for certification in this regard.

These ingredients have the power to disrupt the ability of a pathogen to harm children while doing so in a gentle and safe way.

O2XYTM (Stabilize oxygen) has been shown in a number of studies to help prevent the proliferation and replication of bacteria and viruses on surfaces which keeps them from infecting their host (AKA your child).

Best of all is because it’s little more than an oxygen-rich solution you can use it daily on the gentlest of skin and it won’t dry out skin. In addition to that you can spray it on all kinds of other surfaces for great effect.

If you so desire you could also use it as an air spray to tame bad smells and it won’t matter if it falls on a pet or gets in your eyes. It’s that Safe!

We’ll share in more detail how the Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate in this product helps protect while also maintaining safety in the near future… but that’s all we have for you today.


Talk soon,


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