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Why Loving Parents Give Their Kids Magnesium

Why Loving Parents Give Their Kids Magnesium

Why in the world would loving parents give their kids a rub on magnesium oil?

Turns out, it’s because they see the benefit of how a topical magnesium helps their kids sleep well, experience less pain as they grow, and simply feel better daily.

We wish we could say millions of parents regularly gave their kids magnesium, but that’s sadly not the case, even though millions of children probably don’t have enough magnesium circulating in their bodies.

As we pointed out in an  earlier article, more than 80% of adults are deficient in magnesium, and it’s likely that children are deficient too based on the fact that our food supply (even fruits and vegetables) has less magnesium in it than others.

We also pointed out that magnesium has a host of benefits, from stress reduction to hormone regulation.

But really, we can talk about the benefits, but it’s more telling to hear what parents who are using this have to say about the product.

To grab a container and help your kids to feel their best simply follow this link.

Real People Real Results!

Take a look at the reviews parents and grandparents have left about this product.

Heck, even adults love to use it.


A Must have!

This is always what I reach for when my boys have growing pains! I also use it on my legs during pregnancy to help with restless legs!


So easy and effective!

Easy to use and my son hasn’t been waking up as much in the middle of the night so that’s a win for me!


Excellent product

I purchased the Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm for the third time now. It works so well at stopping the leg cramps/pain I get. I just rub some on my legs nightly and I havent had cramps/pain since. I have had stints put in tried prescribed medication and nothing has stopped the pain and the vascular surgeon stated I would just have to live with the pain. which I was not willing to do so after a lot of research on Magnesium Oil Balm I decided I had nothing to lose to try it. Best decision ever I will never stop buying or using this product. It is so worth the money. Try it you will not regret your decision.



Magnesium Balm

This is working really well, so far. It calms my son before bedtime.



So far so good

I purchased the magnesium balm for both my kids ages 2 and 10. Both have benefited from it and have been sleeping much better. Both of my kids have had trouble staying asleep. My 10yr old has ADHD and has been taking melatonin which helped but this product has helped more!

There are quite a few more reviews like this, so we hope you get the picture about how good this is for kids (and adults).

We think you’ll love it if you’re a parent of rambunctious kids, or just want to help ensure your kids remain healthy.

Magnesium is much-needed in today’s world of nutritional deficiencies and any parent who gives this to their children is doing them a wonderful favor.

Get your tub here.


Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be


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