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Use These to “Trick” Your Brain

Use These to “Trick” Your Brain

The little health hack we’re going to share with you really isn’t much of a trick at all, but it sounded good when we sat down to write this email.

We know you’ll enjoy this all-natural supplement as it comes in 4 flavors, and the taste of each one is out of this world.

  • Cherry Lime
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Orange Crush
  • Fruit Punch

And when you take it, not only can it help you feel a little bit more energized by playing a little trick on your brain…

There’s evidence to show that when combined with simple lifestyle changes, it could easily help transform how your body looks, feels, as well as how it “registers” inside of your doctor’s office.

The product in question is Momsanity Natural BCAA Powder.

Dr. Wiggy and his wife devoted a lot of time creating this product because they know how many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

BCAAs added into your daily regimen could help you reach some of your health goals. 

With all that being said, let’s discuss how BCAAs can help you with your energy levels.

Simple Ways Your Brain Responds To BCAAs = Energizing

 Let’s be clear here, BCAAs are not a stimulant like coffee is.

They’re a combination of amino acids your body uses to help build muscle.

It just so happens that if you take a few grams of them daily, that you might notice you feel slightly more energized. This is even more the case for people who workout and end up feeling fatigue afterward.

The way that BCAAs may aid in helping you to feel more energized is in how they affect hormone levels as well as the way neurotransmitters function in the brain.

For instance, there’s research to show that BCAAs can trick how your brain responds to  the “sleep” amino acid tryptophan. Research indicates BCAAs can block how your brain responds to tryptophan. While you wouldn’t want this to happen for a long time, if you’re looking for a temporary reprieve from fatigue this could help.

Through blocking tryptophan, your body won’t receive a cascade of signals that insist you’re tired.

On top of that, BCAAs can help with the utilization of ATP for sustained energy levels. ATP is the fuel your cells use for completing biological processes, and this can help you feel better and more energized.

In addition to that, if you end up feeling tired during bouts of longer exercise, there’s research to show that when your blood sugar is running low that it can throw BCAAs “in the fire” for extra energy.

BCAAs fight post workout fatigue: MANY studies show that BCAAs promote hormonal balance that fights fatigue.

All these factors combined together make BCAAs a smart choice as a supplement to take for energy - and for a variety of other reasons, which include...

As written by Marsha McCulloch, MS, RD BCAAs are also helpful tor:

  • “Reduce muscle damage and soreness: BCAAs may relieve soreness caused by the strain and inflammation of exercise. 
  • Promote muscle building after exercise: BCAAs stimulate the synthesis of protein in your muscles and suppress the breakdown of muscle protein.
  • Support immunity: Strenuous exercise can result in reduced immunity, which may be due to a decrease in the amino acid glutamine, a fuel for immune cells. BCAAs can be converted into glutamine in muscles.”

You can clearly see that BCAAs are no slouch, so now let’s get them into your belly.


Talk soon,

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