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This Essential Oil Is Known to Promote Tranquility (In Children!)

This Essential Oil Is Known to Promote Tranquility (In Children!)

Kids are known to respond to a number of smells quite imaginatively.

If someone passes gas they may go “ewwww” and hold their nose and make a funny face.

If they smell pizza they might start to drool, or at least pretend to.

And when they smell essential oil from lavender they generally start to calm down pretty fast.

And if you’re an exhausted parent who wants to have kids (who are also exhausted) start calming down towards the end of the day you may want to use our Raise Them Well Kid Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Roll-On with Aloe Vera.

This all natural product is great at rubbing on little kid’s chests, upper lips, and feet (or wherever else honestly)  to help instantly instill a sense of peace and tranquility.

And the ingredients are safe as well as shown in multiple scientific studies to induce peace in your home.

You can get it here or in our regular store.

How Lavender Oil Helps Calm Kids Down

The primary ingredient in the Magnesium Oil Roll-On is magnesium (obviously). As Dr. Wiggy has written about in multiple articles, this essential mineral is absolutely critical for creating a fully-functioning brain that knows how to chill out on command.

And that’s why Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily combined it with a historically reliable mood-booster (or in this case, relaxation inducer) called lavender oil.

For centuries people have been using lavender oil in aromatherapy without fully understanding why it was so good at helping people loosen up.

Now we know how lavender oil works.

And specifically, how it helps kids sleep.

Healthline writes:

Lavender has long been considered a natural sleep remedy to improve sleep quality and treat insomnia.

Research from 2010 has shown that orally administrated lavender can assist with symptoms of restlessness and disturbed sleep. This can help with anxiety, as well as improve general well-being and quality of life.

A further study on midlife women with insomnia found that 20 minutes of lavender inhalation through aromatherapy can significantly improve sleep quality.”

Studies like this are just a small, small sample of the available evidence collected on how lavender keeps a person’s mood nice and even, even after a long and taxing day.

And when you combine it with the non-toxic ingredients in the roll-on right before bed time you can expect even the wildest child to find themselves starting to wind down.

If you’re a parent who wishes to see their kid have better nights … and better days,

And if you’d like to enjoy your time around your children just a touch more…

Then the Raise Them Well Kid Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Roll-On with Aloe Vera is right for you.

Head here to grab a bottle to start experiencing the benefits.



Talk soon,

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