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The Weird Ingredient In Magnesium Malate

The Weird Ingredient In Magnesium Malate

We were talking about something recently regarding magnesium.

See, we’ve emailed you a number of times about magnesium malate, for obvious reasons.

But we’ve never talked about one of the most obvious things about magnesium malate - and that’s how magnesium malate is made… and particularly how we include a special ingredient in this form of magnesium to help it achieve its bioavailability.

Even though magnesium malate is 100% natural, this supplement isn’t a straight-forward magnesium supplement.

Not the same way magnesium glycinate or magnesium carbonate are.

You see, there’s a weird ingredient in magnesium malate.

Weird in that it comes from fruits.

In 2 seconds we’re going to explain the reason we include this ingredient in magnesium.

Here’s your link to purchase.

Why We Use Malic Acid to Make Our Magnesium

Malic acid sounds like it’s something you should avoid at all costs, right?

Well, the good news is malic acid is naturally occurring and appears in all kinds of fruit. It’s what gives many of them their tart taste. It’s generally found in “apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, mirabelles, peaches, pears, plums, and quince.

The reason we include it is because it helps to enhance the bioavailability of the magnesium.

In a study of rats taking 5 different kinds of magnesium supplement (magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide, magnesium acetyl taurate, magnesium citrate, and magnesium malate) it was discovered that magnesium malate absorbed the best.

In regards to what “the best” means, the researchers discovered it was the quickest to absorb, as well as penetrated tissue the deepest and helped to offer the most pronounced influence on the behavior of the animals.

The combination of malic acid and elemental magnesium into this kind of magnesium salt makes this is one of the preferred forms of supplemental magnesium.

This weird ingredient makes magnesium malate a more affordable option than amino acid chelate forms like magnesium glycinate, lysinate, or glucarate.

Malic acid is also really useful at helping to support the Krebs Cycle which is important for energy production.

And while you’re not getting a ton of malic acid in our magnesium malate, the amount you are getting is enough to support dietary intake.

Malic acid has been shown to be helpful in:

  • Helping improve skin health 
  • Enhancing physical performance
  • Supporting kidney health
  • Offering muscle pain relief
  • Relieving dry mouth 

And plenty more.

Best of all is that both of these ingredients (or nutrients), are shown to be safe to take in amounts far greater than what we give you in our capsules.

Remember, there are a number of different ways to adjust magnesium intake so that you either reverse a deficiency or achieve the health benefits they can provide.

All in all, magnesium malate is one of the most versatile forms of magnesium you could ever take.

From helping support pain relief...supporting your immune giving you a peaceful night’s rest, magnesium malate is one of the most-popular supplements we sell.

150 Five-Star Reviews and Counting

We have received tons and tons of reviews on our form of magnesium malate.

And as we mentioned above, people love it and it’s one of the most popular supplements we sell.

So far we’ve collected more than 150 five-star reviews on our site.

And as we wrote about earlier, magnesium is also helpful at helping to support your immune system, so now is a great time to purchase it.


Talk soon,

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