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Scientifically Proven to Slow Down Aging

Scientifically Proven to Slow Down Aging

I want to help you slow down the aging process.

The reason why I want to help in this pursuit is because you’re going to die.

As much as it stinks to hear, death is a natural, inevitable part of life.

And while everyone will one day die, not everyone who dies will have had equally enjoyable lives.

What we do during our life will have a dramatic effect on our lives. The habits we develop, the behaviors we adopt will determine the difference between a life well lived… and a life wasted.

And that’s why I want to help you slow down the aging process.

When you learn how to slow down the aging process not only could it extend your life… the years you end up living will be some of the most enjoyable yet.

For this reason, I’m going to show you one of the most effective ways to defy father time and slow down the aging process.

Exercise Is Proven to Slow Down the Aging Process

If you’re a regular exerciser I’d like to congratulate you on your commitment to stay in shape.

And if you don’t exercise, or only get around to exercising on occasion, then I want to encourage you to take a look at the evidence I’m about to give you and seriously consider beginning some kind, any kind, of exercise routine.

Because recent research confirms what many have long suspected…

Regular exercise is proven to slow down the aging process.

A recent article published in Science Daily demonstrated just how important regular exercise really is.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham and King's College London conducted a study where they analyzed the health of two different groups of people.

Those who exercised regularly for most of their life, and those who didn’t.

The researchers selected a fit group of 125 amateur cyclists who didn’t engage in dangerous activities like smoking cigarettes or drink excessively.

The ages of these cyclists ranged from 55 to 79.

⅔ of the study participants were men and the other ⅓ were women.

To qualify for the study the men had to complete a 62-mile bike ride in 6.5 hours. The women had to complete a 37-mile bike ride in 5.5 hours.

The group of people they compared them to were healthy adults who didn’t have an exercise regimen in place. This group was made up of 75 people aged 57 to 80 as well as 55 healthy young adults aged 20 to 36.

Once the study participant met these criteria they were given a variety of tests.

Perhaps one of the most astounding results the researchers picked up on was how the cyclists did not lose muscle mass or strength as they aged. As Harvard University makes note, most men and women begin to lose muscle mass starting in their early 40s. So it’s pretty significant to see that older people who exercised weren’t losing muscle.

Equally substantial was how the group of cyclists didn’t have an increase in body fat and many markers for cardiovascular health stayed level and within the healthy range.

For the men, their Free-T levels (blood levels of the sex-hormone testosterone) were generally quite high.

And as a recap of the article stated, there was one particularly noticeable anti-aging benefit associated with regular exercise.

“More surprisingly, the study also revealed that the benefits of exercise extend beyond muscle as the cyclists also had an immune system that did not seem to have aged either.

An organ called the thymus, which makes immune cells called T cells, starts to shrink from the age of 20 and makes less T cells. In this study, however, the cyclists' thymuses were making as many T cells as those of a young person.”

This study is just another in a long list of studies supporting what doctors have been saying for years.

If you want to live longer and be healthier then regular exercise is the way to go.

1 Extremely Helpful Tip For Getting More Exercise In Your Life

There are a lot of reasons (or excuses) I hear when a patient tells me they don’t exercise often.

And I’m not one to judge.

I can’t make a person get healthy, I can’t make them exercise, I can only give people the truth and hope they’ll respond well to it.

That being said one of the primary reasons people don’t exercise as much as they’d like is because exercise has a way of leaving a person with lasting pain.

I know all about pain and soreness from exercise. As I’ve mentioned before, as a former collegiate athlete I was always sore after my soccer practices.

Fortunately, debilitating pain does not have to be part of your life.

One of the reasons people end up so sore after exercise is because they’re deficient in magnesium.

I’d estimate 60-80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. The reason why so many people are deficient is because we’re supposed to get magnesium from our diet. But over the past 100 or so years the rise of “Big-Agriculture” has lead to soil levels of magnesium becoming depleted. This, in turn, has led to magnesium deficiencies.

The reason this causes muscles soreness?

Magnesium helps muscles to relax and improves muscle function and reduces fatigue. If you don’t have enough magnesium in your body then cramps and soreness are a natural result.

If you’re an avid exerciser, or you’re thinking about getting into it after reading this article…

I Highly Recommend rubbing Sports Magnesium Oil + arnica and essential oils on your joints and muscles

The Sports Magnesium Oil + arnica and essential oils is a soothing muscle relaxing balm that absorb into your skin and straight into your muscles.

Not only will this help relieve muscle soreness and fatigue…

It can help boost magnesium levels overall which can improve many other factors of health.

And it’s not just magnesium inside these bath salts. There’s also a blend of essential oils and arnica in there that all support pain reduction.

If you want to exercise and experience far less pain then this is one of the best products you could hope to use.

Remember, this oil isn’t just going to help you feel better after exercise.

If you actually stick to your exercise plan (and I believe this will help) it may help you live a longer, fuller life.

Click here to get your Sports Magnesium Oil + arnica and essential oils today.


Talk soon,
Dr. Wiggy
P.S. Look at what some of my patients have to say about this blend:

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