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Science Shows Berberine Helps Improve Blood Sugar

Science Shows Berberine Helps Improve Blood Sugar

Ever find yourself wishing you could improve your blood sugar without having to rely on dangerous drugs or prescriptions?

I know most people do.

When patients come into my office, it’s written all over their face that they’re scared of what conventional treatments may do to them.

While they know not getting their blood sugar under control could cause severe health issues in the future…

They don’t want to deal with the potential side effects of mainstream treatments.

If you can identify with that… if you’re afraid of what regular treatments may do to you... and yet, you know you’ve got to get your blood sugar under control...or else... then I absolutely must show you what I’m using in my practice.

                  As An Integrative Physician 
This Is My #1 Natural Treatment For Blood Sugar

Natural treatments are appealing because they promise the same benefits of conventional treatments without the risk.

Which makes sense.

The problem is many treatments aren’t nearly as potent as they’re purported to be.

While many of them work, barely any of them are powerful enough to really improve your blood sugar.

Except for berberine.

When I meet with patients and talk to them about improving blood sugar, I generally give them two recommendations I know will help improve their blood sugar.

I tell them to fix the way they eat…

And I tell them to take Berberine.

Berberine is one of the most amazing natural treatments for blood sugar ever discovered.

The ancient Chinese used berberine for centuries to help treat a wide variety of health issues.

And in the past 50 years, berberine’s been the subject of more than 2,800 studies. Many of those studies indicate it has the power to dramatically improve blood sugar.

Let me show you how berberine works, and you’ll understand why I recommend it to all my patients struggling with blood sugar.

2,800 Studies Of Berberine Confirm It Has Healing Power

What’s unique about berberine is how it activates a particular cellular enzyme called Adenosine Monophosphate-activated Protein Kinase.

Or AMPK for short.

Activating AMPK is clinically shown to be one of the most effective methods for improving blood sugar.

When AMPK is activated it sends a signal to your cells that’s very similar to the signal they receive during intense exercise.

And just like what happens after you exercise…

This signal instantly increases your metabolism which causes your body to then consume available blood glucose as fuel, which will then lead to improved blood sugar levels.

Activating AMPK is so effective at improving blood sugar that many of the major pharmacological treatments available rely on AMPK activation to improve blood sugar.

Berberine just happens to do it without any side effects… and at a fraction of the cost.

It’s so good at activating AMPK that clinical research shows it outperforms pharmacological counterparts by 50-200 times in this regard.

This appears to be the main mechanism for how it increases insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar.

Now, understanding HOW this berberine works is one thing.  

But providing clinical evidence showing results on real people is something else entirely.

Fortunately my recommendation that you use berberine for improved blood sugar is backed up by the following studies...

All of which show berberine can rapidly improve blood sugar for anyone who uses it.

These Studies Show Berberine Really Works

In 2008, Chinese scientists wanted to test out berberine anti-diarrheal power on people with blood sugar problems.
After they ran their tests, they discovered something impressive.

Not only did berberine help relieve the subjects' stomach issues…

When the 116 subjects involved in this study took 1 gram a day, berberine pushed glucose back into the cells where it belongs.

This made their plasma concentrations of blood sugar drop dramatically.

And increased insulin sensitivity.

Something rarely seen before with a natural substance.

Then There Was This Spanish Study...

Scientists all over the world read that first Chinese study and were stunned.

A few years later, Spanish researchers ran a few tests to see if the Chinese study results were authentic.

To make sure their results were as precise as possible, they performed one of the most accurate tests imaginable...a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

And when I was reviewing their study and saw the results, I was blown away… (and this is what inspired me to have my patients try berberine).

In just a few weeks, their study showed berberine was more effective at improving blood sugar than almost any other substance studied for blood sugar.

And the ridiculous thing was how fast is worked - and how little of berberine it took.

By taking only 500 mg - 1,500mg of berberine (about 2 pills worth) for 3-6 weeks, insulin sensitivity increased…

And blood sugar levels improved dramatically.

But that wasn’t the last of the studies showing it worked.

In fact, The Evidence Kept Stacking Up

Then in 2015, a group of Chinese scientists wishing to see how berberine helped people become more insulin-sensitive opted for a grueling randomized, parallel-controlled, open-label clinical trial.

Selecting 24 extremely overweight subjects, they split the group down the middle to see how berberine performed against a placebo.

Half got a placebo three times a day.

The other half were given 500 mg of berberine three times a day.

After just a month, the results were in… And when I saw them I choked on my coffee.

All it took was a few hundred milligrams of berberine a day to sky-rocket the overweight test subjects’ insulin sensitivity.

Those kinds of results are typically only achieved by extreme exercise and lifestyle changes.

But there in front of me was an accurate report proving people taking berberine had significantly better blood glucose and insulin levels.

And the placebo group, they saw no changes in blood sugar.

Even crazier?

All the women in the group lost weight from their midsection.

Not a bad, unintended benefit.  

All The While This Was Happening To HbA1C

As you know, one of the best ways to know if a treatment for keeping healthy, long-term blood sugar and insulin levels is truly effective is by looking at HbA1c levels.

Increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood glucose levels for short periods of time means nothing if HbA1c levels don’t improve.

Only minutes into reviewing the first study on HbA1c directly, I knew my patients who worried about the long-term health complications connected to HbA1c had hope.

In this study, it only took one gram a day of berberine  over the course of three months to cause plasma levels of blood sugar to improve.

This resulted in HbA1c levels dropping significantly (usually to the next whole number down)!

And anyone trying to keep healthy HbA1c knows how amazing that is.

Study After Study…

Reading through the pages of research, my biggest takeaways were berberine...

  • Helped Improved fasting blood sugar levels better than any other natural substance I had studied.
  • Caused fasting insulin levels to improve dramatically - which is desperately needed for healthy blood sugar management.
  • Helped Improved blood sugar levels directly after eating - which is important for blood sugar and insulin sensitivity (along with energy levels and weight loss).
  • Helped improve HbA1c by growing new insulin receptors - which were reported to have expressions four times better than before.

There’s not another natural product that I know of that does all that.

Which, is why I highly recommend this amazing product.

Best of all is berberine is 100% safe.

Some people experience diarrhea as a result of taking berberine.

But, this is easily corrected by reducing the dose.

So, if you’d like to improve your blood sugar without being forced to rely on dangerous drugs talk to your doctor about giving berberine a try.


Talk soon,


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