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Mother's Milk

Mother's Milk

When a child is born one of the first things the child does is feed at the mother’s breast.

The entire topic of breastfeeding is far more controversial than it ought to be.

Fortunately for you I don’t intend to get mired down in controversy as this article’s aim is to show you why breastfeeding helps make healthy babies… AND, why a special compound found in breast milk could help keep you healthy into old age.

Why Breast Milk Is Incredibly Beneficial For Human Health

Breastfeeding has gone mainstream again.

And while you’re a full-fledged adult I guarantee that if you want to live life to the fullest you’ll be interested to know that what goes on between a mother and her child could positively affect your life.

A few decades ago breastfeeding was viewed in a less than favorable light. We could get into the specifics of why but I’d rather not.

Instead, I’d like to focus on how recent scientific research has discovered what mothers have known all along. Breastfeeding is essential for human health.

What mothers didn’t know and what researchers have only recently discovered, is a compound found in breast milk called colostrum is useful in supplemental form and has the power to help people experience peak health.

Colostrum, sometimes known as “liquid gold”, or “A Mother’s First Milk”, is the first thing an infant drinks when they breastfeed.

In the first 48-96 hours of life an infant drinks almost nothing but colostrum. That’s because this is all the mother produces at this time.

There’s a very specific reason she only produces colostrum.

Colostrum carries a host of important antibodies (immunoglobulins) that must be passed onto a young child in their first few days of life. These immunoglobulins are essential in helping the child develop healthy immune function. When a child is born their immune system is incredibly fragile. And the consumption of colostrum helps boost immune activity so the presence of pathogenic microorganisms don’t pose as much of a threat.

As a child continues to breastfeed over the course of its early life colostrum levels in a mother’s milk begin to fall. And they start to fall fast. That’s because a mother’s milk makes a transition from colostrum to fats and proteins.

Now that you know a little about what colostrum is, there’s not much need to go into further detail about colostrum and the role it plays in infant health.

            2 Powerful Ways Colostrum Helps Make Healthy Adults

Before you start thinking about colostrum and taking it for yourself, let me make this incredibly clear.

Colostrum that’s sold as a supplement is not from humans.

The colostrum a mother makes is incredibly valuable and isn’t sold as a supplement. Moms make colostrum specifically for their child and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Fortunately researchers have discovered how to synthesize colostrum from cow and goat milk. And while it isn’t biologically identical to you, ample benefit can be derived from cow and goat colostrum. Side note: cow’s colostrum is safe to take for those who have a lactose allergy. A lactase enzyme is added during processing to breakdown lactose which makes it suitable for lactose-sensitive diets.

Now that you know where it comes from let me show you what colostrum does.

1 - Colostrum Helps To Protect Immune Function: Remember how babies drink colostrum to boost their immune function? Well, the same thing happens when adults take colostrum.

The difference here is colostrum consumption helps to protect your immune system so it can fight off pathogens, or, help to heal your body from things that may ail you.

There are studies supporting the use of colostrum and enhanced immune function. For instance, if you’re exposed to the flu and your immune system is momentarily compromised you could get sick. Once ill it’s anyone’s guess as to how long you’ll remain sick.

A small study published in 2007 by Italian researchers showed that when people took colostrum for 2 months and got the flu they returned to health 300% faster than those who didn’t take colostrum.

Egyptian researchers discovered something similar in a study from 2016. By giving children daily doses of colostrum they found they had “37 percent fewer upper respiratory tract infections than children not provided the supplement.”

From what I’ve seen colostrum helps protect immune function thanks to something known as Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin helps to mobilize T-cells which are needed to kill bacteria and other dangerous invaders.

Lactoferrin also helps to enhance antigen response pathways and the ability of enzymes to function. Dr. Jockers notes on his website thatLactoferrin has been found to scavenge for free radicals and is also a strong antioxidant which aids the body in the detoxification process.”

2 - Colostrum Keeps Your Gut Healthy: One of the main reasons I recommend colostrum is because it’s been shown in clinical tests to help keep your gut healthy.

Colostrum has the power to heal leaky gut, which is a contributing factor to many health issues.

The Renegade Pharmacist writes the following about colostrum and leaky gut:

“Cow calves are born with gut linings that are not fully developed, and scientists discovered that the colostrum does two important things:

  • It t develops the gut lining so that the calf can eat food a cow would eat.
  • Passes on immunity from the mother to the calf in the form of immune factors.

Amazingly sports scientists discovered that leaky gut in humans could be healed using bovine colostrum.

They managed to solve a
big issue that Olympic athletes are very prone to getting leaky gut due to their stressful training regimes.

Colostrum is also a powerful prebiotic, promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria and new scientific research shows us that healthy gut flora is essential to prevent leaky gut.”

The science behind using colostrum to heal the gut is sound. There are 9 specific studies showing how well colostrum helps to repair the damage of leaky gut. Once your gut is healed it allowed probiotics to flourish and for your body to function as designed.

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