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Mad Scientists Discover This Miracle Compound In Breast Milk

Mad Scientists Discover This Miracle Compound In Breast Milk

Allow me to confess something...

There were no"mad scientists" involved in the discovery of this nutritive compound. 

I mean, yeah, there could have been a time where these researchers showed up at work upset because they spilled coffee on their shirt, or upset because their dog tore up another pillow...

But "mad" or "crazy?" No.

I just wrote that because I think this discovery is pretty incredible, and I had images in my head of diabolical laughter when researchers finally understood how significant this compound is. 

We've long known breast milk is extremely important for the healthy growth of infants. This is true both of human infants, as well as of most newborn mammals.

But it wasn't until a few years ago that we discovered why it's so important.

The reason breast milk is so beneficial for the healthy growth of infants of almost all mammalian species is because it contains a compound known as colostrum in it.

Once you see how beneficial colostrum is, you'll be excited to learn that researchers have also discovered easy ways for you to get it in your diet.

Why Colostrum's Health Benefits Are Not To Be Ignored

Colostrum is known as "mother's first milk."

The reason it's called this is because, when a child first latches onto its mother's breast, the amount of colostrum in the mother's milk is quite high.

As time wears on, the amount of colostrum in the milk begins to wane, and after a few months, the levels are nearly undetectable.

The reason colostrum appears in her milk in the first place is because this compound transfers very important health benefits to the child.

Remember, when a child is born, they are weak and defenseless; this is true in both a physical and biological sense. Colostrum is present because it helps the child to figuratively be infused with things like immunoglobulins and peptides to build their immune system and to help them grow. 

Also contained within the thin fluid are growth factors, lipidic and glucidic factors, oligosaccharides, antimicrobials, cytokines and nucleosides, all which help the infant build physical strength and help to strengthen the brain.

Now as I mentioned, colostrum production ceases after a few months.

That means the positive attributes associated with colostrum ingestion literally dry up, never to be experienced again.

But all that's changed, as the mad scientists I jokingly referred to have figured out ways for us to get all the benefits of colostrum without needing to depend on human breast milk ever again.

How does it work?

Glad you asked.

Where Does Colostrum Come From If Not From Human Mothers?

Mad scientists...I mean, regular old scientists with an interest in the health benefits of colostrum...have identified a non-human source of colostrum that will allow anyone wishing to improve their health to get their fill with ease.

Researchers have discovered colostrum isolated from the milk of grass-fed cattle is a superior form of colostrum for adult consumption. In fact, it's even believed to be better than human milk, as it's much richer in immune factors than even human colostrum. 

Not to mention compounds called glycoproteins and protease inhibitors are present in grass-fed colostrum. These help it pass safely through the stomach, protecting it from the digestive process for maximum assimilation later.

And while I speak out against including dairy in your diet in almost all cases, that's not true of colostrum.

Here's the thing about colostrum - even though it's dairy, it is actually perfectly fine to ingest, as it doesn't contain the problematic milk proteins (like whey and casein) that give so many people problems.

In fact, colostrum is so healthy and so safe for the gut, people have actually reported massive bad bacteria die-offs in their gut as a result of colostrum introduction.

This means people who are allergic to dairy in any way, shape or form are fine to consume it.

Better yet, their ingestion of colostrum might even help reverse a dairy allergy in rare instances.

That's pretty cool, don't you think?

I hope you do! 

Now in all of this you're probably wondering how exactly colostrum accomplishes all of this.

I'll show you.

These Nutrients Are What Help Colostrum Really Improve Health

I've already outlined some of the basic nutritive compounds found in colostrum.

And while those compounds are definitely important, I want to take time to focus on what I consider to be some of the hallmark "ingredients" that make colostrum so effective at changing health for the better.

  • Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF-1) –  This is a hormone (technically a protein hormone) which helps the body repair itself.  When you get cut or your body sustains some kind of wound, IGF-1 is mobilized and is active in the repair process so you get better, quicker.

    Without IGF-1 injuries can stick around longer, which can open you up to an increased risk of infection.

  • Insulin-like Growth Factor II (IGF-2) – This is another protein hormone, and one typically found in babies who are in the mother's womb. IGF-2 is frequently isolated and included in body-building supplements, because it can help optimize testosterone levels, as well as work to stimulate human growth hormone

    Serious athletes and those involved in exercise programs who are looking to gain size, strength, and speed up recovery time will benefit greatly from it.

  • Epithelial/Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – If you couldn't guess by the name, EGF helps in the regeneration of skin cells, as well as of cells inside the body.

    Some have called these growth factors the "fountain of youth;" well, that's obviously not true, BUT when used topically and internally, they have the noted ability to help repair severely damaged skin. They can also help repair severely distressed and devastated intestinal linings damaged by numerous gut issues (which I believe to be the most exciting part)
  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 & 2 (TGF-β1, TGF-β2) –  Don't let the names get you out of sorts - these growth factors are absolutely wonderful for the maintenance of the skeletal and muscular systems.

    These growth factors are utilized by babies in utero as well as by infants, as they're used in the formation of healthy bones and responsive muscles. When taken at a later stage in life, they can influence healing in damaged muscles (while also help increase their size and strength), and can also help increase bone mass and promote bone fracture health.
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) – I think this growth factor is easily one of the most important for an aging population; the reason why is VEGF can help work to fortify the cardiovascular system.

    VEGF is a growth factor whose basic job is to create new blood vessels when children are in gestation.  They can help do that after birth too, and studies show VEGF helps create new blood vessels after injury, helps grow and strengthen muscles following exercise, and even forms new vessels (called collateral circulation) to bypass blocked vessels.

    Considering cardiovascular health a #1 health concern in the U.S. alone, you can see why I'd be so excited about this growth factor, right?

Of course, this really doesn't even begin to scratch the surface in regards to the overwhelmingly positive health properties associated with colostrum.

To give you an idea of just how powerful it is, I'm going to pull some quotes from Sovereign Laboratory's website.

This company is one of the leading resources on the benefits of colostrum, and is the company we trust to manufacture the highest grade of colostrum on the market.

Take a look at all the evidence they've compiled in defense of colostrum's many health benefits. 

Feel free to scan over this; I know it's a bit heavy, but I just want you to see with your own eyes I'm dead serious about colostrum's wonderful ability to help transform health.

  • Help fight off and eliminate infectious processes.  Clinically proven against nature’s most virulent viruses. It has been shown to be more than three times as effective as vaccines against flu. 

    It helps stop and helps eliminate all types of infection throughout the body, even cryptosporidial diarrhea in late stage AIDS patients who have virtually no effective immune response.[20],[21] It mobilizes macrophages, T-cells and CD-4 lymphocytes and supercharges NK (Natural Killer cell) responses by up to twenty times. It activates the immediate production of defense mechanisms and coordinates body defenses for optimum health, something no plant or chemical substance can even come close to.

  • Modulates immune function: Colostrum is a true immune modulator. It is the only immune support that does not rev up an already over-responding immune response.[22] 

    Colostrum’s components help balance immune responses and can assist in bringing back into balance immune responses that are associated with autoimmune conditions,[23] allergies,[24]asthma, diabetes,[25] etc. Colostrum is the only immune support appropriate for these conditions.[26] If you suffer from any other these conditions, you should never take so-called immune enhancers (boosters), as they can accelerate and worsen symptoms.

  • Stimulates growth and regeneration of our all body systems. Our body goes through constant renewal. Every seven years you have a completely new body. Why not give it the same regenerative and growth possibilities it has at our beginning? Muscle, skin, bone, brain and nervous tissue regeneration is proven.[27],[28],[29],[30],[31],[32] 

    Athletes, aging seniors, our children and those who just want more lean muscle tone for a radiant appearance, all can benefit from colostrum use.

  • [Improved Athletic Performance] Athletes: Clinical studies show that athletes have up to 20% more lean muscle strength,[33] stamina and performance,[34],[35]stronger immune defenses (helps eliminate the after work out susceptibility to infections),[36] plus accelerated healing from injuries and strenuous physical exertion.[37],[38] 

    Colostrum also helps enhance brain chemical response[39],[40],[41] for better visualizations and concentration.

  • Dieting:  Accelerates and supercharges every diet and exercise program. Colostrum has been clinically proven to help us burn fat, build and retain muscle, increase metabolism, and stop burning muscle tissue between meals. It balances blood sugar for enhanced energy and vitality and helps better brain chemical balance that lessens mood swings and cravings.

  • Blood pressure: One of the curses of modern life is high blood pressure. Milk has long been known for its ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure.[42]Peptides have been identified in milk and colostrum which function as ACE-inhibitors to lower blood pressure significantly.

  • Anti-aging: Who doesn’t want more muscle and strength, a sharper mental process, less fat around the middle, better immune responses, radiant GI health and optimum nutritional uptake? 

    Colostrum is clinically proven to provide all of this; it also helps reduce inflammation[43],[44] and better balance brain chemicals. Better, more effective than anti-oxidants, growth hormone or any other therapy for strength, mobility, brain chemical function and protection and infectious defense necessary for active senior lifestyles.[45],[46],[47]

I suppose I should have mentioned earlier that colostrum is one of the most heavily researched supplements in the entire world with a long, long, long list of evidence-based support for its crazy awesome health properties.

And because there's so much darn science backing its safe and effective use in humans, we've started carrying it in our store.

Special Chance to Get Colostrum At A Great Price 

Patients who've been coming to our office and then shopping in our store have had access to colostrum for a while.

But now we're starting to carry it in our online store.

Colostrum isn't the most affordable supplement, but it's absolutely one of the most valuable.

You can get the pills by following this link here.  The powder can be a more economical choice and is available here

In terms of dosing:

2 capsules (or 1/2 teaspoon powder) twice daily are recommended.  You can double that if you're trying to support occasional gut issues, upwards of 10-20 grams a day if you're trying to maximize its regenerative properties.

Countless patients of ours have taken colostrum and have reported rapid and significant improvements in their health. Try it for yourself and see what it does for you.

Click on these images your very own colostrum.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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