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Like an 800-Pound Ice Cube For Inflammation

Like an 800-Pound Ice Cube For Inflammation

Can you imagine how cooling an 800-pound ice cube would be?

Never mind the fact it’s huge, just imagine if you had a giant sunburn and needed to cool it down fast.

Wouldn’t an ice cube the size of a house help cool you off.

The answer is, yes.

We like to imagine that the Inflammation Syn3rgy supplement that Dr. Wiggy created acts like a giant ice cube on inflammation inside your body.

Knees, backs, hearts, all kinds of areas of the body can be supported with Inflammation Syn3rgy just like an 800-pound ice cube on a blistered body.

We know that when you take these you’re going to appreciate how it supports your body’s natural response to inflammation.

Here’s how others have been affected by taking it!

Why Customers Love Inflammation Syn3rgy

If you’ve ever experienced localized inflammation from an injury, you’ve probably felt the effects (and seen them too).

The reason we talked about an ice cube helping to curb the effects of Inflammation is because we think of inflammation as being “red hot” because as your body forms an inflammatory response it actually draws a ton of blood to an injured area and this actually causes a rise in surface temperature on the skin.

To calm that heated feeling it’s helpful to use cooling agents like ice, or balms.

At least, that works on your skin and extremities.

But what do you do about inflammation that is deep inside the body?

Well, you can support a healthy inflammation response.

One of Dr. Wiggy’s go-to formulas is a combination of herbs known to work on a few of your body’s main inflammation pathways.

Later this week we’re going to dive into how these herbs work.

He’s written several articles on the subject of how the 3 ingredients (turmeric, ginger, and pine-bark extract) work exactly.

But today, we want to show you that people just like you who take Inflammation Syn3rgy actually notice a difference!

This stuff is a life changer

“This has helped me immensely! I have no colon and suffer a lot from inflammation daily. I’ve really seen improvement in just a few weeks!”

So glad I found Inflammation Synergy

“After studying the effects that inflammation has on my body, I was delighted when Inflammation Synergy was added to the vitamins at the HAIOTB store. The mixture of ingredients in this vitamin are exactly what my research on how to reduce inflammation in my body said that I needed every day. My body's inflammation rate is checked at my yearly check up and since taking Inflammation Synergy my results are better than satisfactory.”


“As a patient with severe Crohn’s disease, Inflammation can cause me a host of problems. Last April, my colonoscopy showed a great deal of inflammation which was very concerning to my Gastro specialist. I started the Inflammation synergy supplement and my follow up colonoscopy in November showed no signs of inflammation. I am happy with this product and feel like it is helping me control inflammation.”

We have dozens of other testimonials that say the same thing.

And while we can’t tell you what Inflammation Syn3rgy will do for you...

We can tell you this.

If you don’t notice a change in your body, or mind (or lab results) then you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee.

We care a great deal that you actually get benefits from the products we sell.

AND, we care that you get occasional deals from us, too.


Talk soon,

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