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Just One Bottle a Year for Your Child's K2 and D3 Needs

Just One Bottle a Year for Your Child's K2 and D3 Needs

Here’s a simple reminder.

As parents and grandparents, your children rely almost entirely on YOU to remain healthy.

Yes, it’s a lot of responsibility, and our goal isn’t to shame you or guilt you into anything. Instead, it’s to remind you that you have a pretty significant chance to shape the lives of your loved ones.

One of the top ways to accomplish changes in childrens’ health is to ensure they have all the right nutrients in their diet.

Most American kids end up becoming deficient in a number of nutrients based on the food they eat and the activities they’re involved in.

Surely you understand how food affects nutrient deficiencies, but you may be wondering about activities.

As you’re likely aware from reading our emails and the ones Dr. Wiggy sends, these two nutrients are incredibly important for healthy development, and with this bottle you get a whole years’ worth of these nutrients (for 1 child).

Here’s How Activity Levels Affect Nutrient Intake

Parents (and grandparents) have a big responsibility to ensure they’re providing children with opportunities to get healthy levels of D3 and K2 in their diet. 

Getting K2 in a child’s diet isn’t always that easy as many of the foods that are rich in K2 aren’t exactly high on the list of “kid approved snacks and dinners”.

These include aged cheeses, animal organs, egg yolks and more.

Since their “activity level” of eating K2 rich foods is likely to remain low for their childhood, giving them a tasteless drop from the Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops for Kids dropper is an easy way to guarantee they maintain healthy K2 levels.

Additionally, children need vitamin D3 to interact with K2 so they experience maximum benefit. 

Decades ago it was easy for children to hit their D3 requirements spring through fall. Mainly because kids were outside the majority of the day and the sun was beating down on them and exposing their skin to UV rays that generate D3 in skin tissue.

Now that children are inside more hours of the day they don’t get as much D3.

While the doctor approved recommendation is to ensure children get more D3 from exposure to the sun, not every parent or grandparent is able to facilitate that. Acknowledging that this is a fact, doctors recommend supplements to help maintain optimal D3 levels.

Obviously, a tasteless drop of Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops for Kids added to some apple sauce or milk is a great way to deliver this supremely important nutrient into a child’s diet.

1 drop contains 400 IU which is a clinically effective dose for helping younger children maintain healthy levels.

Remember, kids need these two vitamins to be taken together to help keep their teeth, bones, and heart healthy, and this is why Dr. Wiggy and his wife combined them into a simple droplet that can easily be added to any meal or drink.

1 Bottle Lasts An Entire Year!

Parents and grandparents alike love the fact that one bottle is enough to last 1 child for an entire year.

For less than a few pennies a day, any young child can get therapeutic amounts of these nutrients into their bloodstream.



Talk soon,

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