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I’m Breaking the Silence on an Enormous Medical Conspiracy

I’m Breaking the Silence on an Enormous Medical Conspiracy

Hi there,

My name is Dr. Bruce Lantelme (that’s Lan-telm).

I’m the founder of Robinhood Integrative Health as well as a founding partner in Health As It Ought To Be.

This is my first time writing to you, and I hope this message finds you well.

If it doesn’t, if you’re subject to recurring health problems you can’t quite figure out, then I hope our website serves a resource to help you experience a healthier tomorrow.

I have a very specific reason I’m taking the time to write to you today. My mission is to help you understand why both Robinhood Integrative Health and Health As It Ought To Be came into being, and how both Dr. Wiggy and I plan on affecting the future of medicine in a meaningful way.

Before I delve into the topic at hand, I feel it important to let you know who I am and why I feel I’m qualified to speak into the complex issues of medicine, pharmaceuticals, disease, and health. You’ll want to read all the way to the end because that’s when I reveal a secret most physicians would never dare conceive to be possible.

Here’s Something Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About Themselves

When I was a young child, I was visited at home while quite sick. The attending physician was friendly and knowledgeable, and within a few days, I was back to feeling well.

It was at that point in my life I decided I would set forth and make it my life’s mission to become a physician so I might be able to deliver the same kind of care I experienced.

This decision set me on a course that would have me attend Davidson college on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina. Upon graduating, I attended Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC.

After graduating, I did my Family Practice Residency in the US NAVY and then traveled with the Navy where I spent the next 12 years living out my dream. I spent that time in Yuma, AZ, Charleston, SC, Iwakuni, Japan, Memphis, TN, and even did a short stint in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I achieved the rank of Lt. Commander while serving, and in 1992, I settled my family (a wife and two young sons) in Williamsport, PA.

In 1996, just a few years after moving to PA, I relocated my family to Winston-Salem, NC where I started working with Aegis family practice. Aegis was under the operational authority of Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, and I practiced family practice including obstetrics until 2011.

What you just read was my path as a physician, and it was marked with highs and lows.

However, not only was I a physician, at one time I was also a patient.

You see, in 1993 I was diagnosed with cancer. I was startled because at the time I was quite young, only 36, and up until that point had been quite healthy. My dad said the reason I developed cancer was owing to all of the Sweet and Low packets I poured into coffee and tea.

I dismissed what he said and went forward and received traditional treatments for my cancer.

This experience is what would set the stage for a drastic change in my medical career.

I Had to Learn THIS The Hard Way

After radiation therapy, I found myself both wondering and lamenting about what had transpired. Radiation treatment left me weak and sickly. I couldn’t believe this was the best possible way to combat disease.

After being treated for cancer, I resumed work and am proud to report 22 years cancer-free.

With every year that passed, I realized that my goal of helping bring people back to health was becoming increasingly difficult.

I noticed that when patients came to me and I prescribed them the typical treatment regimens for their conditions, I was doing little more than maintaining their disease.

This revelation changed my trajectory in medicine, but it didn’t hit me like a hammer. It was a slow realization that crept into my consciousness.

I realized I was just “treating” patients.

Yes, some got better, but I would see many of them fail to improve. This wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to be a doctor whose legacy consisted of bringing people to exist at a “decent” level of health.

I wanted people to get better.

To accomplish this, I had to figure out why people were getting sick.

And now I know.

Yes, This Information is Being Kept Hidden From You

All that I have ever done is attempt to help people feel better.

That’s it.

What I had to do was open my eyes to the current state of medicine and call a spade a spade. Medicine today… despite all of its wonderful advancements, is doing people a huge disservice. Today, it’s assumed to “fix” someone, you give them Pill A and Pill B and send them on their merry way.

I was certainly of that mindset at one point.

If you came to me suffering from Acid-Reflux, I knew it was the food you ate causing the problem.

However, I just assumed we could try out several antacids until we found one that worked for you, and then you’d be “all better.”

Likewise, if your son or daughter came to me suffering from symptoms of ADHD, then it was a foregone conclusion your child needed a pill to combat ADHD.

As my perspective began to shift and as I started  to look at medicine differently, I began to see medicine had been “hijacked” so to speak, and I was willing to look at “treatment” in an entirely different way. The streams of thought, or the approach to the medicine I practice now can be nested under several umbrellas. These include functional, integrative, alternative, orthomolecular, holistic, and anti-aging medicine.


You see, traditional medicine is often very good at acute crises, such as a severe infection, a myocardial infarction (heart attack) in progress, a fractured hip, or sometimes cancer. Yet it lacks the ability to take a step back and look to see what role our environment and our behavior plays in the development of most chronic illnesses. And, for the most part, those at the upper echelons of health management want to keep it this way…(I’ll explain in the next article).

Modern medicine has chopped up the body and farmed it out to organ system management.  Medicine acts as if the hands are not related to the eyes, or the brain is not related to the gut. Thus, there’s an overabundance of specialists who are still left clueless when it comes to treating the conditions they’re presented with in their office.

Even Paul of the New Testament made this observation when trying to illustrate a spiritual point when he referred to the church as being part of one body.

In traditional medicine, symptoms are treated. In traditional medicine, a diagnosis is made and a drug is prescribed.

What isn’t being asked with the right frequency, “How did this patient get to this point?”

I’m sure many physicians ask themselves this questions in passing, but collectively, most are shrugging their shoulders and writing a prescription to be taken down to the local pharmacy as they move on to the next patient.

Practicing medicine in this manner is largely responsible for skyrocketing chronic conditions. Much of modern-day healthcare expense is maintaining chronic illnesses and not reversing the causes or preventing them in the first place.

Dr Mark Hyman of The Ultramind Solution says the following: “Today, medicine is in a serious predicament. The way we understand health and disease no longer reflects biological reality or the biological laws of nature. We need to understand that diseases are not fixed things that you catch or that just show up out of context but are related to the environment, your diet, genes, and lifestyle”.

Truth be told, this is a designed conspiracy.

I said it, and I mean it.

There is an unquantifiable amount of collusion between powers-that-be which has contributed to the modern health crisis you observe today.

Please keep an eye out for my next article, and I’ll show exactly how this has come to pass, as well as what you can do to reclaim your health.

In Him,

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