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How Liver Syn3rgy Helps Support Liver Health

How Liver Syn3rgy Helps Support Liver Health

It’s been some time since I introduced a new supplement to the patient store, patients, and subscribers.

Part of it has to do with the effort my wife Emily and I have focused on building North Carolina Physicians For Freedom.

Some of it has to do with how fast our office has grown.

And some of it has to do with my decision to only introduce supplements that I believe our patients need.

One of those needs is getting our patients something that can help their natural detoxification processes, and the best way to do that is to help support the health of the liver.

Your liver, as you likely know, is one of the most important organs for detoxification, though it isn’t the largest.

Your skin is the largest organ associated with detox.

But, your liver is tied to many other processes. It does most of the dirty work of detoxification.

And this is why I created Liver Syn3rgy.

Liver Syn3rgy is a blend of 3 intensely studied herbs that are known (and have been known for hundreds of years) to help enhance liver health.

I believe short of moving to a country where there aren’t any chemicals and eating the cleanest foods imaginable, this is one of the best tools in the proverbial tool chest for aiding the liver in its quest to purify your body and dump harmful toxins.

I’m going to go through the ins and outs of how the ingredients work as well as show you how when they’re all combined together you get a best of 3 worlds approach to getting maximum detoxification.

3 Ingredients For Superior Detox

I’ve written about detoxification and why things like cleanses and detoxification programs are both a boon to your health, but also not as helpful as some people may lead you to believe.

Essentially, detoxification works only when you feed your body with foods and nutrients that are going to work synergistically to help you get rid of toxins.

If you eat well (by my definition) then there’s a good chance your body’s detoxification processes are being carried out efficiently.

If you sleep well and stay hydrated, even more so.

And if you participate in activities like sauna, or fasting, you’re definitely at the edge of the fold for detox.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use more support.

The fact of the matter is our environment can play a big role in the number of toxins you carry and it doesn’t matter how many good things you do the burden of toxins may pile up.

And that’s where Livery Syn3rgy and its three ingredients come into play.

Liver Syn3rgy offers the following:

250 mg Milk Thistle (80% silymarin)

125 mg Black Seed (Nigella sativa seed)

125 mg Korean Ginseng extract


Again, I’ve written on all of these ingredients separately but never before have they all appeared in one, easy-to-swallow capsule.

Today you’re going to learn about how they work and more importantly why they all work together so well.

1- Black Seed:

Black seed is from the southwest of Asia. This little flowering plant has a long history of use as medicine for all kinds of different therapeutic purposes, from helping boost immune function to working on blood sugar.

We know now that black seed may help protect the liver from damage so that it can continue to detoxify properly.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that black seed extract was able to protect the liver from damage caused by a chemical toxin.

Another study in the World Journal of Gastroenterology showed that black seed oil was able to improve liver function in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This didn’t cure them of the disease but offered them better liver function.

And a review published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine offered enough evidence to conclude black seed has the potential as a natural treatment for liver diseases (though not a cure).

The driving force behind black seed’s protective qualities is likely owing to black seed’s antioxidant activity. They believe that by reducing oxidative stress it gives the liver the ability to continue operating close to full capacity.

2 - Milk Thistle:

As I mentioned earlier, the liver is the largest internal organ in the human body.

The main thing it does is filter the blood (it also regulates hormone production, blood sugar balance, and fat absorption).

Milk thistle has been used for centuries to help give the liver “extra juice” in detoxification.

Some studies suggest it may have a profound impact on liver health.

For instance, the journal Molecular Carcinogenesis published a study highlighting how a compound found in milk thistle called silymarin was quite useful in enhancing the detoxification of some forms of harmful radiation.

It’s likely the presence of silymarin is the main reason milk thistle works so well to improve liver function.

Some studies suggest that milk thistle may provide acute relief for individuals with liver issues. According to the World Journal of Hepatology, milk thistle supplements may slightly increase life expectancy in people with cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholic liver disease.

Again, it doesn’t cure the disease but gives the liver a chance to get closer to normal, regular function.

And As WebMD writes about the benefits of milk thistle:

“[a substance in milk thistle called] Silymarin is said to keep toxins from attaching to liver cells. It also holds free radicals in check. These unstable molecules are byproducts of your body’s functions. But they can harm healthy cells and lead to health issues.

Medical research on milk thistle and liver health has led to mixed results. Studies show that silymarin may help ease inflammation and promote cell repair. This may help ease symptoms from liver diseases like jaundice, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and fatty liver disease.”

I put extra milk thistle in Liver Syn3rgy to ensure it does what I think it will do.

3 - Korean Ginseng Extract:

Korean Ginseng extract is one of the best-known and most widely-used supplements on the planet and has enjoyed centuries of use in traditional medicine throughout Asia.

One of the many benefits of this powerful herb is its ability to support liver health. The South Korean government has even gone so far as to give it a certificate of approval that says claims can be made around using Korean Ginseng as a liver treatment (though we don’t have that here in the U.S.).

Some of the evidence they used to reach this decision included a study where professionals at Geumsan Ginseng Herb Industry Promotion Institute “gave 2.4 g of ginseng extract per day for 12 weeks to 60 men and women between the ages of 19 and 70 whose liver levels were slightly higher than the normal range.

After 12 weeks, ALT, which increases with damaged liver cells, decreased by 15.7%.”

Researchers believe a compound called ginsenosides is what improves the function of the liver.

Ginsenosides have been found to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver, which can help prevent damage to liver cells. Additionally, ginsenosides have been found to improve liver function by increasing the production of liver enzymes and reducing the accumulation of fat in the liver.

They All Work Together

Of consequence is understanding that all of these ingredients and the compounds inside these plant-based ingredients perform differently inside of the liver.

Kind of like a home-building company that hires multiple subcontractors to do different tasks on the way to making a home, each ingredient and each compound does something so well that the totality of their combined effort gives the liver enhanced support so it can detox like God designed.



Talk soon,

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